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It was a hot summers day on the beautiful island of St. Croix. While on the porch of the three bedroom house, probably drinking a freska. My grandmother decided to right a prayer, for what reason im not sure. She could of had a rough week or things weren,t going the right for the family. So she wrote a prayer.  
My grandmother was a very religious person on a sunday everyone in my family would be getting ready to go to church. Listen to the word of God for three hours or so and then hang out for another hour. Talking to people out side of the church seeing how people are doing and the latest gossip around the island. When my grandmother died the family went through the house just looking for things that we could remeber mother my. My mother found a prayer and decide to bring it to Boston Mass. Were it was in a special place in my mothers heart.  
The prayer is like anyother prayer but because my grandmother wrote it, it means alot to everyone in my family. My family loves my grandmother and when she wrote the prayer in a way she was talking to my hole famiy. Trying to let God look over us all while we walk this earth and are able to live another day.  
The prayer that she wrought is in three sections. Morning prayer, Grace before meals, and grace after meals. Its intresting that we were doing the Cantiberry Tales in class because the prayer that my grandmother wrote was like a ryhming, rithmic prayer. " Father we thankyou for the night, and for the pleasant morning light ". You can see how my grandmother made things ryhm in a way that was used many years before her time.  
I ask my mother when she thought the prayer was written, she said " it was written a liitle before i was born so that would be 16-17 years ago. I asked her if she saw any changing in the writting she said "no".
I also asked her what she thought about the prayer. My mothers response is that " it means alot to the family cause we are very religious people. Who believe in one god that has got us through many things as a family, and we know we could not do these things without god". This prayer as you can see means alot to my family even though it is very old and a faded peice of paper. It tells a story and shows were we come from.






















In the movie Finding Forester, the story takes place in a poor neighborhood in N.Y where this smart kid named Jamal finds himself being one of the most talented basketball players and also a very smart student in school. The top in his class academic wise. He was asked to come to one of the best college in NY full ride on an academic and sports scholarship. Jamal would play ball with his boys in the park, write outside of an apartment building where William Forester one of the most well known writers of all time. Jamal and his boys decided to be stupid and dare Jamal to go into forestera apartment and steal something out of the apartment but Jamal gets caught and realizes who the person is and decides to give back the knife that he took from the house. He asked him what he could do for the damages. He told him to write a five page paper on why he stole from his apartment. This is how the tory starts soon forester realizes how talented jamal reall is so when Jamal ask's him for writing help Forester sas yes, but only on a coouple of conditions. The first was he could not tell anyone about forester. The second is that he could not take any writing that was typed in his hous, to be placed as an assignment.  
   Some of the quotes that i got from the movie are funny and at the same time make you think about real life."The rest of those who have gone before us cannot steady the unrest of those to follow". I think this is talking about death and how the people who are dead are at peace with god, and hopefully we will be like that when our time comes. It makes you think about how you want your life to be like.  
 Another quote is "No thing- that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head.  The first key to writing is to write, not to think".  I think this a big quote because alot of people have trouble writing an idea or what they want to say.But if you just write what your thinking and worry about the spelling and grammer later your writing should flow more clearly.  
  The last quote i will be sharing is" In some cultures its good luck to be wearing something inside- out. And you believe that? No, but its like praying: what do you risk". I think this is the best quote that i ave heard in my life. In a way it describes how i feel about God, and how were not shore if he is real but we pray to him everyday. It makes you think out side the box.  
     In conclusion, I  think that the movie finding forester was a great one, it shows the difficultys of growing up in the ghetto and the believing and wineding up in a top notch college.



































One of the most influential writers of the 1600’s was not William Shakespeare, even though he was well known. The plays that Shakespeare wrote for the theatre’s had everything the people were looking for at that time, conflict, back stabbing, and murder. So why might you ask am I doing a sonnet. Shakespeare was the renaissances man of writing, in other words he could do it all, sonnets, plays, and poems. In Sonnet 146 he uses a lot of: analogies, personification, and metaphors to give insight in how he feels throughout the sonnet. The reason this sonnet caught my eye, is because it showed me how he was feeling, over flowing emotion, that everyone can appreciate and understand where he is coming from. For instance “Poor soul the centre of my sinful earth” or “Dost thou upon thy fading mansion spend”.  
     In the first line of the Sonnet, “Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth, these rebel powers that thee array; Why dost thou pine within and suffer dearth, painting thy outward walls so costly gay?” I believe that Shakespeare is referring to his own body and how he is sad about what he has been doing to keep his outward appearance. In actuality the stuff on the inside is really what counts in life. I think many people are really concerned about their body in society, and sometimes it takes away from how sincere a person is on the inside. A lot of people look at what they see, before they look at what they have to give on the inside. I think Shakespeare comes to realizes this and tries to express it the very best way he can. Another quote that is not in this Sonnet but fits this quote to a T is “You cant judge a book by its cover”.
     Another line that caught my eye is “Eat up thy charge? Is this thy body’s end? Then, soul live upon they servants loss.” This is a very important part of the Sonnet; it displays how people are now, and how if the body is killed your soul is still alive. Many religions believe that once you are dead; there is an after life that you go to. Whether it is at the right hand of the father, or if they are reincarnated. This shows that Shakespeare had a pretty clear idea about how the body  is and  that you have a soul, and understand that we keep living after we are dead. This also shows that Shakespeare was somewhat religious and educated even though he did not go to college.
 The last quote I will be using is “So shalt thou feed on death that feeds on men and death once dead, there’s no more dying then.” This quote gives a very powerful ending to the Sonnet, it says basically that when you die there is no coming back to the body on this earth. SO you should look forward to the eternal life which you will be one with God, and not have to worry about dying again.  
 Looking back on the Sonnet I believe that Shakespeare was angry about how people were not respecting themselves as an individual, and worrying more about how other people see them in there physical appearance. This is why he showed much emphasis on the soul and how it is the core of the body and the body is a outer encasement for what we are really as people of all different races and ethnic backgrounds.





























We have all been there in the boring British Lit. English classes talking about love poems and words that are insugnificant for the modern day average teenage student. My moado was need to go to sleep read an epic ! So since we have all been there im not going to boor you with bad material but give you the best that british Lit. has to offer.
      For novels I will be doing Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by J K Rowling. This a very big novel, full of adventure, thrills,and suspense that leaves you on the heals of your feet.Children from all over have learned to appreciate a book that made you think about what would happen next, and made you want to read more. I think this also brought Britain up to a high standard for children’s books.Publishers Weekly calls it "A delightful award winning debut from an author who dances in the footsteps of P.L. Travers and Roald Dahl."  This also made kids enjoy reading children’s book, and appriciate good works and authors.  
      Songs bring many people to listen not just to melody, but to what they are trying to bring across for you to listen to. I choose Eminem song Stan that he sang with Elton John, at the Grammies. This was big for Eminem because he was said to be denounced as a homophobic.