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I, like everyone, was asked to select a memorable speech from a movie or book, and the speech that I selected was a speech from the motion picture, “Michael Collins”. This speech was given in the setting of a large, riled up, Irish crowd. In the center, is Michael Collins talking about how to defeat the English and get them out of their country. This speech captivates the anger and the frustration of the Irish Country men. This is a memorable, effective, and hard hitting speech.  
     This speech had particular meaning to me because I'm Irish and I understand the fight for independence that those people (my people) fought. Also, the way that Liam Neelson (the actor playing Michael Collins) delivers the speech is key to the performance. The Michael Collins look alike delivers a faultless speech which, takes hold of my emotions and has a hard time letting them go. Another reason that this speech moved me emotionally was the way that the people broke out in a riot and rallied around Michael Collins and his words.  
     The effect that the speech had on the listeners was a far less emotional effect than it had on me. Instead emotions where replaced with anger and anger with violent rebellion. After that I find it needless to say that they found his words inspiring.  
     For me, it is hard to make any connections to other things because this situation was blunt and obvious. He was making a speech to invigorate and captivate his soon to be soldiers. This was to inspire them to fight and he did just that. The writer wasn't making any unobvious parallels to other things, he was telling it like it is and did a good job of it.  
     Although this speech was just a foreshadowing of future leadership roles of Michael, it is none the less vital to the scene and the movie. He shows that he has the power and will to stand up to the English Empire and show the true force of the Irish people.




























 For my essay I selected one of the most famous plays written by undoubtedly the most famous play write and poet ever to walk the face of the earth. Perhaps you know who I’m talking about it was William Shakespeare who was, let me reiterate, the most famous poet and play write ever. The Work that I selected was Shakespeare’s Othello. Known possibly as his best tragedy Othello was only one of a slew of remarkable tragedies including Macbeth, Hamlet etc. These works where all written from around 1600 to 1610. What exactly does this play do for the reader? Through words Shakespeare took the feelings of jealousy and hate in both Iago and Othello and gives the reader similar feelings. You would feel Othello’s jealous not just read it. He does this all through a series of monologues and soliloquies through out that play that lay out the plot step by step yet never reveal more than was meant to be revealed.
        The first question I face is, how does someone create true feeling within a person through written words. Well the answer is simple; Shakespeare was (a common phrase used in English class) a master of his language, English. An example of his capturing of our emotions is a few of his final word ”Perplexed in the extreme; of one whose hand,
like the base Indian, threw a pearl away”. He’s saying that he was confused when things became intense and in the confusion threw away his pearl, his woman, his Desdemona. When I read that I automatically make the connection between Desdemona to his pearl or his beautiful treasure. Also from this quote I got the feeling that he was saying that in the fray he grew confused and gave away or threw away a jewel because of the influence of others. He lost it all in the uncontrollable fray.
      Another obviously interesting and pivotal element to this play was the use of soliloquies to foreshadow or to reveal what was on the speakers mind. One example used in the play is the seemingly insignificant moment when Amelia finds the handkerchief. She shares with the audience her odd interest in the small object that her husband Iago has been pressuring her to steal for quite some time. But this foreshadows events to come when it is used as the key piece of evidence by which Othello finds Desdemona guilty of infidelity. However little does Amelia know that this small piece of cloth that was found strewn carelessly upon the floor would be the cause of her death in the near future? Its little details like this that maintains the audience’s unfaltering attention and interest in the story. Because they know that any little detail could be the downfall of one of the characters
      Once again it is proved repeatedly through out the play that through his words Shakespeare took the feelings of jealousy and hate in both Iago and Othello and gives the reader similar feelings. You would feel Othello’s jealous not just read it. He does this all through a series of monologues and soliloquies through out that play that lay out the plot. From the revelatory soliloquies to the emotional beginning, middle and end I can not find a single inkling of negative criticism for his work here. I hafto confess that I’m not exactly an avid Shakespeare reader and this is only the third tragedy of his that I have read ever but I was not the least bit disappointed with the reaction of enjoyment and emotion that the words selected evoked from me and actually found reading it a wonderful experience. I think that I can finally say that after reading three tragedies that this was by far the best to have been read by me.







































   Good morning or afternoon or evening. I’m writing to you to suggest for your British literature textbook what should be included in the modern lit. Passage and what it should be called or titled. I will suggest to you five works from the past fifty years and a title for this time period. I will include a poem, a novel, a short story, a play, and a song.
      For a title I have selected (as you will see at the top) the Liberal Era. I picked this because the main philosophy of most western countries including Britton has taken a liberal stance on political issues. Also I think that it is evident in most modern pieces of literature that peopl3es political, social, and cultural ideals are reflected in their writing now matter what their intent may be      
 My suggestions, It is my belief that for a poem the textbook should include Seamus Heaneys poem picking black berries. This poem should be picked because it reflects the twist on traditional Irish writing style seen in all of Seamus Heaneys writing. The reason  you should choose Seamus heaneys work is because Seamus Heaney is the most important poet of the 20th century because of his defining distinctive style.  
 For a novel I suggest the novel the lion the witch and the wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. This is the novel that should be selected because all of the novels by C.S. Lewis exhibit a great style of writing unable to be found anywhere else. But particularly his chronicles of Narnia that are a set of a number of novels (including the lion the witch and the wardrobe) are world-renowned as some of the best fantasy novels ever written.
 For a short story I suggest that you include the story by Rafael Sabatini called captain blood. The reason you should select this story is that if there is one thing that people like it’s a story about pirates. Look at movies like pirates of the Caribbean or the novel treasure island both tremendously successful and both had pirates in them. This one is no different. Like others of Rafael’s short stories this was made into a movie that though successful did not even approach the success that the short story had.
 For play I suggest the screenplay or script for the motion picture Shakespeare in love. This script is interesting in the way that it explains (in a fictional way) how Shakespeare came up with the idea for his most famous of plays, Romeo and Juliet.  This is the kind of play that gets you thinking and that is why it would be an important addition to the textbook.
 Back to the poem. I’d like to take an opportunity to elaborate on my reasons given to select this poem. First off you must understand the poem, this poem is about how back in Ireland there is always one week where Blackberries begin to popup.  “At first, just one, a glossy purple clot” and then it goes on to talk about how they would pick the berries. But then near the end the story seems to take an odd and negative twist that no one really wanted for the story. These black berries that he was so graciously savoring in the beginning of the stories begin to rot and ferment and go bad so they can’t eat them. Around here the entire poem goes from a nostalgic poem appreciating that familiars taste and smell of fresh black berries that might have been a fond memory from his childhood, to  a poem of sheer disappointment and sadness at the loss of the blackberries and then he talks about how he wishes that he could have saved them and wished that they had not rotted. Knowing what the poem is about I think that it is clear why this poem is clearly a piece that belongs in a text book.
      Now a bit more on our novel, the lion the witch and the wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis. This novel was written in the 19 hundreds and is a reflection of other works of his and his friends such as J.R.R. Tolkein who wrote a similar series in lord of the rings with epic battles, evil witches and wizards, and clear cut good and evil. In the story there are 3 young school kids who are very bored and stumble upon a mysterious wardrobe closet and realize that it is actually a portal to a place that non of them have ever heard of, Narnia. Another dimension or another world if you will.That is why this should be considered for the novel featured in the liberal era section of your British lit text book.
     Now about our song. The song that Was chosen by self was the beatles piece let it be. This song was at the pinacle of the musical reformation of the time. As we all know the beatles are recognkized as one of the best if not the best band ever to play music. This song is a true repersentation of what the beatles where like at their very best. This song was written by Paul McCartney who sang wrote and played bass for the band. The song is about how The mother Mary would come and assist him in times of need. LAter on in life people found out that this was more than a lyrical representation of what was really going on. It was Mary who led him when he was tempted to go astray.
     Thank you for listening to my suggestions for what is to be included in your enlish text book. I hope that you will agree with me on what the most important pieces of literature where over the last 50 years. I also hope that you will refer to me again when ever I disagreeistance may be found helpful.