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  For the earlest text i could find was a letter writen to my grandmother from hear friend Jud, he was in World War II. When i went down to ask her about an old text the only thing she could find was only about 15 years old. But about 10 minuets later she came to my house and showed me the letter from 1943.
         The letter talks about how he hopes to see her in the future and explains what is goin on in the war.When he says that the thing he enjoys most about the letters was when my grandmother sent him a picture of her and how he looks at it each time he leaves the camp. He also shows how much he enjoys the writing between them and he hopes to keep it up throughout the war. Jud says that the only way to keep intouch with the outside world is through mail. That is very interesting because something mite happen in the family or other places around the world and they mite not find out till weeks after it happens. He then talks about one of there friends that was also in the war and how Jud was with him when he was shot during the war. At the end of the letter he writes where he is stationed and then he hopes for my granmother to keep writing letters.
     The thing that i found most interesting was how on the envelope they didn't say directly where it was coming from, incase it came into enemy hands on the way to my grandmother. This is the earlyest text that i could find in my family that has been writen and saved over the years.



































"People will come" by the Terrence mann in the movie "Field of dreams,"  the speech I have choosen. This speech is said during the middle of the movie when everything is starting to happen. The man wants to let Ray know that even if you can't see it you can still belive in it, it will come ture. This is one of the biggest speeches during the movie and it sets a goal for Ray that people will come if you belive.  
     One trick that the author uses in the speech is repetiton he keeps useing "people will come". This is a modivation for the audience because this puts them in a good mood because they know that at least one person belives that "people will come". When writting this speech Phil Alden Robinson used the phrase "people will come" three times during the speech. This saying is the most important three words throughout the speech. Those three words ment so much to Ray and what he had spent all of his time doing.  
     Before "Terrence Mann" said this speech no one belived that the baseball field would bring anyone to this farm in Iowa. But after that, the man who built the field, Ray, started to belive that people would most definitely come. This speech gave Ray the modivation to act and also gave him an insperation to keep letting the baseball players play on his field.































  When I was serching for a sonnet for my easy this was the first one that popped out at me, "Mine eye hath played the painter, and hath steeled". When I saw that it was from William Shakespeare I knew that it should be a good one. Shakespeare was a writter in the 16th and 17th century. We read some of his other sonnets in school and I liked them so I wanted to read another sonnet we did not get to. In the sonnet I noticed that there was a very good rhyme scheme to it.  
     In this sonnet I found two forms of writting the first one is repetition witch is one word used many times. The word that Shakespeare used alot in this sonnet was "mine" or "me'. He used these words seven times in this sonnet. The reason why Shakespeare had to use these words so much was because he was trying to get the message of love across in this sonnet. The "painter" was the person falling in love, he needed to express his felling for that person.  
     The second form of writting that I found was alliteration. One form that I found in the sonnet was right in the first line, "played the painter". Alliteration is repetition of the same sound at the beginning of two or more stressed syllables. Shakespeare put his eyes as the painter to gaze and memorize his love.
     The last thing I want to talk about in this sonnet was the rhyme scheme. It go's ABABCDCDEFEFGG, most of Shakespears sonnets or poems have a similar rhyme scheme to it. In some of the sonnets or poems there is a complete different way of finding the rhyme.
     In conclusion to this essay I enjoyed reading "Mine eye hath played the painter, and hath steeled". If you ever are looking for a good poem or sonnet this is the one to read. The only thing you might have to do when you read it is to read it a few times to understand what Shakespeare is saying.


























 The Twentieth Century was made up of many different types of literature in Britain. The name that I would like to call my section is the “Fabulous Fifty’s”. It will include writings from James Joyce “An Encounter”, John Osborne “The Entertainer”, Elton John “Candle In The Wind”, Philip Larkin "The Whitesun Weddings", and "How the duke of Windsor betrayed the allies" by Martin Allen.  
   One song that had a huge impact on Britain in the late 1900’s was “Candle In The Wind” by Elton John. Elton first sang it after the death of Norma Jean AKA Marilyn Monroe. Then in later years Elton changed the words around after the death of Princess Diana. In Britain this song means a lot. “Your candle burned out long before your ledged never did” is a famous line from the song.
    A short story that was written in the 20th century was "An Encounter" by James Joyce. The story is written in a bigger book called "Dubliners" also by James Joyce. Some of his stories from the 20th century are Britain’s finest. In the story the kids are longing for and adventure in school. When they finally go on one they meet a man that asks them about poetry. This story has a good plot and he kept me into it the whole time.
     A poem that was written in the 20th century was  "The Whitsun Weddings" by Philip Larkin. This poem was written in 1964. "And down the long cool platforms whoops and skirls I took for porters larking with the mails". Whitsun means second Sunday in may, when lots of marriages happen in England. The Poem talks about a man who is riding on the train for the longest time and sees a bunch of couples getting on the train after their wedding's.
     A play that was written in the 20th century was "The Entertainer" by John Osborne. This play was written in the 1960's after World War II. This play is a slice of history showing the decline of England through three generations of this very dysfunctional family. Even though this is a very short play, it means a lot to the people of Britain.
     A novel that was written in the 20th century was "How the duke of Windsor betrayed the allies" by Martin Allen. This was published in December 2002. It was written about World War II (1935-1945). It talks about how Hitler messed up and betrayed all of his people.
     These stories, poems, and songs I think best describe the late 20th century in England. Over the years the writings became better, and more of the authors came out with more stories or poems. I hope that you enjoy reading the "Fabulous Fifty’s".