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My father Gerald Kelly during his sophmore year of college had to write a paper which was to be presented orally to recieve a grade. This paper was of his family history. The people my father was able to locate descend back into the late 1800's with my great grandfather Thomas Patrick Kelly who was born in 1898.  However, the first born of his family was born in 1894 in Ireland.  Along with the birthdates of his grandparents and great aunts he has the locaton of their birth, ethnicity, and also the date of their death.
This paper written by my father is most likely not the oldest written document in my family. I was unable to contact my grandmothers to see if the had any early text. However, i beleive this paper is capable of taking the place of an earlier written text because of what it is about, which is my family history.
My father wrote a paper in his sophmore year of college. This paper was the be presented to the teacher, which would be then entire grade for this class.  The paper titled "My Family History" includes maps and names of people in my family back to the late 1800's.  His presentation to the teacher was good enough to get my father an A for the class.
The paper includes people such as my great grandfather who was born in 1898.  He was born 1 year after his family had migrated from Ireland to the United States.  His oldest sister, Mary was born in 1894 was actually born in Ireland. Also older brother Jim was born in Scotland in 1896. The rest of the family Andrew, William and my great grandfather Thomas were born in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
This paper differs from anything i would have been able to write. It is a 15 page report about the lives of my grandparents and great grandparents.  This document includes information that i would never have been able to find.  Also this document shows that i was named after my great grandfather Thomas Patrick Kelly which i was never informed of before.
Interviewing my little sister, Devin Kelly was similar to the first reaction. While showing the report to her, she also descovered information about our family that she had not known before, "I didn't know how irish our family really was."  That was said when she saw exactly how many people in our family came from Ireland.






















 The movie I have chosen a speech from is “Field of Dreams”. It is a classic story of a man who is hearing voices and builds a baseball field where he will meet his father.  Terrance Mann speaks the speech I’ve chosen which was written by Phil Robinson.  The speech is at the end of the movie where the main character has to choose between selling his farm and keeping it.  
 The words written by Robinson are supposed to be “moving”, which I find them to be.  He explains how people will come to Ray’s house to watch baseball games. “They’ll come to Iowa for reasons they can’t even fathom. They’ll turn into your driveway, not knowing for sure why they’re doing it.”  Also he explains how they will pay to watch a game, which would help to pay for his house.  
 Also, Robinson shows how exactly baseball is America’s Past Time: “The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers; it has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past.”  This explains that as America changes baseball has changed with it.  As it changes with the times, the American people have remained by it.  
 Finally, in this he shows the trick of alliteration: "Ohhhh, people will come, Ray. People will most definitely come.”  The speech continuously reminds another person that people will come. This trick was used to get across a major point.  
 This speech written by Phil, gives convincing advise to Ray on why he shouldn’t sell his farm and house, that there is a way for him to pay off his bills.  Through this speech he convinces Ray and also shows how important baseball is to America and it’s people.



























Through out the years their have been several brilliant writers. William Shakespear is one of those brilliant writers.  In one of his well written stories such as the "The Merchant of Venice"  Shakespear uses antisemitism which occurred at that time and also includes several new topics. One of these new topics is a women dressing like a man to defend her husband in court against a Jewish Merchant who wants to kill him.
Most writers before shakespears time did not include women as major roles of a story. Throughout the mrechent of venice a woman is a major character. This major character shows the love she has for her future husband as she runs away from her father to get married.
The merchant of venice is a story that includes come of the normal thoughts of shakespears time. With the type of job and how people treated the Jews is shown throughout the story.
It had come to my belief that william shakespear is the first writer to include a women dressing in mans clothing to act as a lawyer. To make sure that her husband would not be hurt by thge jewish merchant she finds a way to defend him.
"The merchant of venice" is a revolutionary story of its time. Not only does it include a woman as one f its main characters, but she dresses as a man. Without a doubt she is the first woman in a story to do this.


























The times between 1950 and 2004 were times of adjustment and war. Each country was somehow affected by war or through a government change. For the book that is being created I have chosen "Crazy Train" by Ozzie Ozborne, and 4 other texts that have a had a major impact on the people who lived during this time period.
Ozzie has had an impact on almost everyone of this time period. His song "Crazy Train" talks about peace and also of love, after years of war and hatred toward other people."The most immediately recognizable song is "Crazy Train," whose distinctive riff has made it a staple of rock radio." (Williams) This song is clearly one of the well know Ozzie Ozbourne's best.
The poem writer Stevie Smith is clearly one of the best poetry writers of the last 50 years. His poem the Best Beast is one of his best. "Provoking" (ingram) is just one opinion of this classic poem by Stevie Smith.
Tim Rice has written several popular plays from the past 50 years. One of his many was "The Lion King". An Oscar win might suggest a score that would need a miracle to be bettered--but this colorful stage adaptation of Disney's The Lion King does so with flair.(Tonks) The play the Lion King is soon to be classic like several others of Tim Rice's plays.
Ambrose Bierce is a fairly new short story writer. However, the short story Death of Kings is a story to be remembered. "Not surprisingly, murder, mayhem and even magic come into play." (publishers weekly)These are characteristics of Ambrose's own writings that make his stories so great.
The Hobbit is a tale writen by J.R.R Tolkien. This story is extremely creative like all of Tolkien's later novels. This novel leads on to the creation of the classic trilogy of the "Lord of the Rings." "This story was originally writen for his own children." (Amazon Review) This alone shows how simple the book is to understand but is still entertaining to adults.
The previous 5 texts are important to the people of the past 50 years. These are exceptional works and deserve to be remembered. These selections are clearly acceptable for a text book.