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Michele de Nostredame, know in Latin as Nostradamus. Was born on December 14th, 1503 in St. Remy, France and was given an education by his Grandfather Jean. He was taught math and astrology. He learned three languages, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. He was the oldest son in his family and had four brothers. He was a Physician in a time when people were plagued by many diseases in France. Not very much was known about him except that he got his education from his grandfather.
     For the most part of his life he was known to have tried to help all the people who were sick. He did go to school to get his bachelors degree for medicine in 1532. He was also known for being an astrologer that he did not have a degree for. He is most famous for his book “Centuries” that he wrote in cryptic four line quatrains. He does not have many accomplishments but he became well known when he predicted the King of France would die an accidental death. Four years later King Henry died in a tournament he was playing, later angry mobs of people tried to kill him but he escaped.
     One of  Nostradamus’ greatest predictions,” In the year 1999 and seven months, from the sky will come the great terror king, he will return the life of a great Mongol king before and after warfare happily rules”. Many people fear the end of the world would come. According to his predictions this was to happen around the year 2000.Most people did not believe in his predictions. Unfortunately, until some of them started to come true.
     Nostradamus was a close friend of Julius-Cesar Scaliger. He stayed in his home in Agen.That is where he met his wife a young girl of high estate. The couple had a son and daughter. Unfortunatly the plague hit Agen and killed his wife and two children. Shortly after this tragedy he had a bad argument with Cesar and the friendship was lost forever.
     Nostradamus was a famous prophet and also an astrologer. He produced a yearly Almanac called the “Prognostications” which he started sometime after 1550. Some of his Predictions that make him a writer out of time, he was predicting the future when he predicted J.F.K was going to be assasignated, he also predicted the events of September 11th, physically he was living in his time period of the 1500’s but  mentally he was living in the future. he would go to his grave not being understood, people thinking he was bad or evil, yet they didnt know how great of a man they had.