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Finding the earliest piece of writing was a very tough job.  I had found early writings from my mother, but I wanted to find a piece of writing that was really early.  Then one day while i was looking at old pictures I stumbled upon a little cardboard folder that contained alot or pictures and letters from my dad's grandfather.
It was Thursday November 17, 1927 and Charles Walker had just sat down to write a letter to "Gigi." He grew up in New Haven, Conneticut He talks about his baby sister Jean who is now starting to get cute.  He stayed after school one day to watch the football team practicing.  He was  a very big fan of football.  He would have liked to play but his mother told him that he couldn't.   He also talks about his brother Ray and says that he has got Gigi's letter.
I find this fascinating because this is my grandfather who I never got to meet and I get to read a letter from when he was a nine year old boy.  My father was extremely happy when I had found this because he had never seen this letter.  When I found it,it also had alot of pictures with it when he was in New Guinea in World War II.  This letter is also still very mysterious because my father does not have a clue about who Gigi is.  He knows that it is someones nick-name,but can not figure out who it would be.
The reason that this piece of writing was saved for so long was because my grandfather died very young.  He died when my father when my father was young also.  I never got to meet him so this serves as a way to see what he was like when he was a child.  
Some differences in the speach in the letter are that he says "mother."  Today if you say that your friends will make fun of you,most of the time you call her mom.






























The speech that Mays Gilliam makes in the movie, "Head of State",  focuses alot on the audience.  He knows what the people are going through because he is one of them.  He is poor.  He expresses anger towards the people that are stealing other people's pensions. This speech is inteneded to be funny.  If you listen closely to the words though, you will realize that this is a very deep speech.  The speech that the author wrote is intended to express the things that people in more poor communities go through.
  The speech uses repitition when Mays Gilliam repeats the words: "That ain't right."  He says: "Now if your children's school has old ass books, but brand new metal detectors, that ain't right."  This speech helps the people start to fight.  This also gets the people motivated. They support him because what he says is the truth.
Another trick that he uses is a paradox.  He says: "You thought you was gonna leave your kids a will now you gonna leave them a won't."  This speech was written to be a little comical, you can see that with this quote.
  This speech is ahead of its time because we have not had a president like this yet.  Most of the presidents we have had have a lot of money and don't know what it's like to struggle.  They say they will help to get the poor off the streets but they have never been there themselves.  This speech shows a man running for president that has been there.  Since he has been there he can help the people get more money and also help them get good jobs.  This speech is written to appeal to the people in less fortunate communities and it does.




























P.G. Wodehouse is one of the Contemporary writers.  The period of the Contemporary writers is from 1945-present.  He wrote the story "The Truth about George," and he may be one of the greatest Contemporary writers.  He manages to make a humorous story and still keep it interesting.  
One of the themes in the story is self-esteem.  George does not have good self-esteem, which leads to him not being able to talk to people.  Not being able to talk to people leads him on his journey.  "Mainly mental and is caused by shyness, which is caused by the inferiority complex, which in its turn by suppressed desires or introverted inhibitions or something."  In normal words, George has bad self-esteem.  
Another one of the themes in this story is perseverance.  George puts in a lot of hard work trying to make him stronger mentally.  "I uk-uk asked you a sus-sus civil quk-quk-quk, are you d-d-d-d-def."  Even when someone trys to ignore this man he stays with them and trys to get them to talk.    
A third theme of this story is love.  This is what George had needed all along.  "And since that day George, believe me or not, has not had the slightest trace of an impediment."  Once he found true love named Susan he was cured of all speech impediments.    
"The Truth about George" is a story that has many themes.  It has also done what no other story has by making it all about a man with low confidence.




































A lot of major events were happening in the late twentieth century,ranging from violence in Northern Ireland to the Cold War.  The title of the chapter in the text book of called "Extremely Good Literature."  The five pieces of British literature that I have chosen are "Sunday Bloody Sunday," "Considering the Snail," "Crime Wave at Blandings," "The Field," and "The Return of the King."  
One great song from this time period would be "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2.  It was a popular song.  One man said: "Sunday Blood Sunday is one of U2's angriest songs" and continued to say "Listening to it, I can attest to smirking widely as I hear the passion in Bono's voice."(amazon)  Another man said: "This album has four standout tracks and Sunday Bloody Sunday is one of them."(amazon)  This song gave the people hope and made them realize that a lot of people were there for them.  "Broken bottles under the children's feet, Bodies strewn across the dead end street, but I won't heed the battle call."  This song is referring to all of the violence in Northern Ireland and begging for peace to happen.  
One great poem from the Contemporary Writers is "Considering the Snail" by Thom Gunn.  "He snail pushes through a green night, for the grass is heavy  
with water and meets over the bright path he makes, where rain has darkened the earth's dark.  He moves in a wood of desire..." I think that the snail is a metaphor in this poem.  The snail may symbolize Jewish people.  When this poem was written the world was still talking about Hitler.  The Jews goal was to be treated like any other religion in the world.    
  The short story that I have selected is "Crime Wave at Blandings" by P.G. Wodehouse.  This tells a tale of a senior citizen that finds an air gun.  He had not had one since he was a little child and decides to have some fun with it.  This story is basically saying that you never grow up.  It shows an older man going around playing with an air gun, which is usually played with by young children.  One man while reviewing this book says "Wodehouse is the greatest when it comes to light-hearted stories that poke gentle fun at our human foibles." (amazon)    
  The play that I have chosen is "The Field" by John B. Keane.  The main character in this play has a downfall as in a "Shakespearian" play.  One critic says: "Read and see this play and admire an ordinary man who is eloquent and persuasive enough to challenge the powerful Irish trinity of God, Law and Society. A hero before his time for all time."(amazon)  
  The novel that I have chose is "The Return of the King" by J.R.R. Tolkien.  I chose this book because it was a big part of British literature and is also a big part of American literature.  The movies have just come out in theaters and are a great success.  This story is the final chapter in a trilogy and probably has the most action involved.
  In the past 50 years there have not been enormous changes in English.  It has not undergone anything big like changing from Old English to Modern English.  It has got less formal.  When my parents were kids they were more polite to their parents and adults in general.