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For me it was hard to find something in my family that was written. It was difficult because most of my family lives out of state and some out of the country. So the best thing that I could find was a book that was owned by my great grandparents who gave it to my mom. This book is so old that it does not have a publish date or a copyright date.
     This book has so much significance to not only the people that live in my household but the rest of my family as well. When ever someone from my family looks at this book, right away they think of Carl and Louise Friedlander, who were my great grandparents. My great grandmother used to paint and the illustrations in this book are absolutely phenomenol, and they remind people in the family about her. She used to take great pride in her paintings and hang them up all over the place.
     The title of the book is Rubaiyat of Khayyam, which was rendered in the English verse by Edward Fitzgerald. The English in this text is pretty modrn because it was rewritten in English, but you can tell that it was not originally written in English because they use names like Jamsh'yd Sev' n-ring'd. In conclusion this piece of text is so great and I admire it. I really hope that my mom passes it down to me. I really get a lot out of this book wheather it be me remembering things about my great grandparents or me asking my realtives about them.



























The speech that I chose was taken from the Disney movie - "Angel's in the Outfield." The speech was delivered by George Knox. George Knox was the manager of the Angel's baseball club. This speech was delivered in the locker room after they had just lost. The speech was delivered because manager Knox was so fed up with losing. It was delivered with so much force and anger. "One more loss and I'll do this! AHHH! I'll hit each and every one of you!" The speech hurts some of the players, makes them feel worthless, and some of them do not continue playing.  
     The author of this speech uses repetition. "One more loss, one more loss its gonna be the win!" Then later on in the speech the author says (which was already quoted) "One more loss and I'll do this! AHHH! I'll hit each and every one of you!" Then after this speech was given the Angel's baseball club went on to win the World Series.  
     A second trick that the author uses to make the speech more effective is what is known as a metaphor. "You all got your heads so far up your butts; you can't even see the light of day." The author uses this metaphor to try to get the players to start doing better by using constructive criticism.    
     The players took the speech and turned around their everlasting losing streak and did what they could do. They went from an excruciating last place team to winning the World Series.



















  Coleridge was a writer in the late seventeen hundreds and the early eighteen hundreds. He wrote a lot of peoms, short stories, and letters during his time. Some of his famous works are "The Dungeon", "Crsitabel", "Frost at Midnight", and many others. One famous peom that I chose to work on that Coleridge wrote was "The Lime Tree". In this poem Coleridge uses this amazing metaphoric language. Another aspect that I find very interesting in Coleridge's poem, is his characterization.
     A trick that the author uses in "The Lime Tree" are metaphors. I would argue that this poem has some of the best metaphoric language I have seen thus far. It amazes me after I read this poem and then think about it, how realistic it seems. "Behind the western ridge, thou glorious sun shine in the slant beams of the sinking orb." What this does to the poem and what no other poems have is the sense of feeling that you could almost feel, touch, or taste the things that he says.  
     Coleridge's ability to characterize certain things in "This Lime Tree" is just remarkable. I would not argue that Coleridge is the best at characterization. However, the way he uses characterization and when he uses it is just great. I would argue that the way he uses and when he uses characterization that he would be at least in the top three with a couple of others. "My gentle - hearted Charles", one example of characterization, small example, but yet so powerful. If you were to think about what might gentle - hearted meant, there could be so many powerful meanings that really explain a persons atitude and who they are.
     When I first saw this poem, I wasn't jumping for joy, as a matter of fact it didn't really mean anything to me. As I read and really broke this poem down, it suddenly became one of my favorites. After reading a few poems of other authors of the eighteen hundreds, without a doubt in my mind, I could definately say that Coleridge is certainly one of the best.































  The late twentieth century was a period of time where British literature, music, and drama really took a huge step forward from what it used to be. It was alimost like they stepped up to a bigger and better league if you will. Literature, music, and drama are all most certainly part of anyone's every day life. These reasons are why I concluded to call this marking period "A Whole New World." Un this chapter of my text book I am going to disect a song, a play, a novel, a poem, and a short story.  
     One song that I chose was "Two Worlds" by Phil Collins. When this song was produced, It was immediately entered into the Disney movie "Tarzan." This song is obviously very appropriate for that movie but people have their own intake on it. In "Two Worlds", Phil Collins texpresses that it is important to not let tragic happenings (war) get to you too much. "Build high the walls, build strong the beams, a new life is waiting but danger's no stranger here." In my opinion, this quote means to bounce back from terrible tragedies but be cautious.
     A play that I chose was "A Couple of Blagaurds" written by Malachy and Frank McCourt. "A Couple of Blagaurds was created by Malachy and Frank McCourt. These master raconteurs have laced their experiences growing up in Ireland and their escape to America in a vaudeville of comedy, Irish songs, and a gallery of rogues, relatives, fools, and petty tyrants -priestly and otherwise." - Los Angelas Times.
     The poem that I chose was "In Flanders Fields" written by John McCrae. McCrae wote this poem iin honor of Worls War I. "We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields." This quote is very powerful and goes straight to the heart. It is pretty straight forward and it is powerful because to know how the people felt who were dying for their country.  
     Graham Greene's novel "The Quiet American", published in 1951, was liked with a passion by many. This novel was about a man named Pyle who was fighting in the Vietnam War, who basically didn't see the war as either the Americans or the Vietnamese did. He wanted everyone to see the war in a "Third Way." "The Quiet American is a classic novel that deserves to be read and reread again by many; this book is one of the greatest works of the twentieth century." - Amazon.com.
     The last section of this chapter is going to be a short story section. The short story author that I have chosen is Sean O'Faolain. O'Faolain is from Cork, Ireland and most of his stories are usually about Ireland or living life in Ireland. One short story written by O'Faolain "A Bird Alone", is about Elsie Sherlock who dies tragically in the "Parnell Crisis" of the 1890's. "The tragedy of Cornelius Crone, who set his mouth against God" (304)
     Ever since the late twentieth century, its almost like English has taken a huge step forward. This is the reason why I chose to name this chapter "A Whole New World" because English intervenes with your everyday life and pretty much since the twentieth century English has had the power to ligit change the world in my opinion. I think that also since the late twentieth century a lot more people are more attracted to British literature. All of these factors are major contributions to how British literature has changed since the twentieth century. Also all of these factors are major contributions to why I chose to name my chapter "A Whole New World."