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  It was the Fall season of 1974 when my dad was a sophomore in college. And my dad was giving an asignment on how to use a bibliography. Hoping to achieve a passing grade, much reasearch was to be done for this project that would be handed in to the professor. The title he had chosen for this paper was "Who were some of footballs earliest innovators and how did they influence its expansion?"
     The reason this paper was probably saved by my dad for sveral reasons. One of those reasons from me was "Every once in a while I like to reflect on it, what my beliefs were, what my train of thought was when I was in college". Other of his reason were that it was one of his well written papers from college.
       The paper wasn't as difficult to read as I thought it would have been and to see if anyone else had trouble reading it, I asked my brother. He didn't seem to have any trouble reading the paper either. Obviously some of the writing was different from what a student today would write but not as much as I thought it would be different.
       The significance of the paper I think was that my dad wanted to show people how much he loved the game of football. By doing this, he wrote a paper about it with much detail aobut coaches, teams,etc.  
       I think that this was a great oppertunity for students because it gives them a chance to find out how their parents wrote papers in high school or college or even in middle school. It also gives you the chance to compare your writing style with their writing style and see if you both have things in common (writing wise) that you didn't know before hand.



































The speech from the movie "Independence Day" is spoken by the president. The speech is given outside an airbase. It was delivered because they were going into battle with the alien ship that had attacked them in the previous days. This classic speech was given on July 4.  
   After hearing the speech, I think that it has a major affect on the audience that is watching.  Also the movie has a huge affect on the soldiers.  
The movie affects the audience by giving them the view that what happens earlier in the movie affects everthing that follows. It grabs the audience and makes them very interested.  
   How it affects the soldiers is that it gives them a lot of motivation, it gives them hope and encouragement. If this speech might not have been given in the movie, then the way the soldiers may have taken the battle would have been different. They might have lacked the motivation they needed to defeat the alien ship.  
   A quote that I thought explained everything is: "We will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight. We're going to live on. We're going to survive." The quote just lays out everything thats on the line for the soldiers and it gives them everything they need to come home from battle to their families.  
   I didn't see much repitition but the fact that the president kept telling his men that it was July 4th, Independence Day. I think that the reason he kept telling them it was July 4th was because he wanted to remind them that it was the day that the United States was free and that he didn't want them to lose it.  
  Overall, the soldiers came out victorious and everyone was happy. The speech really influenced the soldiers and everything had worked out in there favor. Even though many were lost in the battle, they served and died for their country. They will be remembered for that. This was a great movie.  

























"When you are old" is a pretty modern poem written by William Butler Yeats. Its very different because when writers write poems, stories, etc.. they usually talk about what is happening in the present time. This poem talks about the past and all the memories from it. Its very different in doing this also.  
  The line "How many loved your moments of glad grace" is a good example of how he is remembering the past and everything good that came out of it. I believe many people in todays world feel the same about their past as the man in the poem does.
  The poems shows good use of metaphors. For example "And hid his face amid a crowd of stars" is a good use. Reading the poem gives you a sense of what this man is thinking. The poem also follows a simple rhyme scheme of ABBA CDDC EFFE. This is a very easily read poem.
   In conclusion, I enjoyed this poem and I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a good read. The way the poem deals with things that people can relate to is why I found it so interesting. Not that it was much different, but different as in something new to read.




























   The 20th century was the time of maturity in the way plays, short, stories, poems, and even songs were written over this period. More thought was put into each of these very carefully as the years had gone on and new technologies and ideas had come about. British had made advances in everything, so it was felt that the literature should be newer, maturer. The five texts that I feel best describe "The Age of Maturity" are as follows: Song - "We can work it out" by the Beattles , Poem - "A Memory Of Youth"- William Butler Yeats, Play-"Happy Days" by Samuel Beckett, Books- Death, Men and Modernism by Ariela Freedman, and finally the Short Story- "One Touch of Nature" by P.G Wodehouse. In the following paragraphs I will have a several reasons, examples, etc... on why "The Age of Maturity" should be a section that is printed in a British Literature Book for the 21st Century.
      The song "We can work it out", written and performed by the Beattles(Lyricscafe), is a great  
example of how the person in the song is maturing. British people can listen to this song, use it  
as inspiration , and grow off it to be better people. Paul McCartney sings in the following verse:  
"Think of what I am saying, we can work it out and get it straight....". Clearly these words are  
very powerful and can mean a lot to someone who is having a rough time or going through hard
times. The words also can mean that if you make a mistake or do something wrong the first few  
attempts, you can eventually mature from your mistakes and, as Paul would say, " Work it out".
The Beattles, along with all of these other great hits, can have any impact on someone, but this
song hits home for people when it comes to getting over something and growing from it,  
       The poem  "A Memory of Youth"(csun) is a short poem by William Butler but it's very simple to understand. The poem is talking about how you have to forget your past and try to move on and live life. Everyone has had times where they just want to  
forget what happened to them and move on and that's what the poem is indirectly about. In the first line: "The moment past as a -play" he's stating that life is like a play and it keepsgoing no matter what happens along the way. During times of war that were experienced in Britain, people can look to this as hope that life can finally return to normal and people can live life as they had before the war. William Butler Yeats writes very inspirational poems but this particular one fits what my chapter in this book is expressing.  
      The short story I have chosen for this chapter is "One Touch of Nature"(readbookonline) by P.G Wodehouse. P.G Wodehouse is an excellent writer of the 20th century and his work seemed fitting for the  
theme of my chapter. The story's about a boys strive for his future, not knowing the beholds him. The line:"On this maddest, merriest day of all the
glad New Year he was content to revel in the present and allow the future to take care of itself" shows that he wants the future to takes its course and to see what it has in store for him. Wodehouse's story has the theme that I was looking for the chapter. This boy is maturing and is trying to just wait for the future and to see what happens with his life. He is just taking each day as they come as should everyone.  
    "Death, Men, and Modernism"(Bookfinder) by Ariel Freedman is the novel I have chosen for the chapter. "The Book is an elaborate a nodal point which death, men, and modernity are linked before World War I" is what Ariel had to say about her book.  It talks about the problems in which had lead up to World War I and how they were not prevented. British people can really know some of the problems that had lead up to WWI. After reading this book, people can really look and see how different and how more maturer people are now then they were year's back. The book also states historical and structural concerns that were taken by the British. There are probably several other books that get the point across of what had happened in WWI, but I think this book says the most and is more understood by people.
   My last work is a play by Samuel Beckett "Happy Days" (Bostonphoenix). The play is about how people can go from having the worst day to make things out so that they are happy. This was chosen because this has to do with people maturing. The fact that someone has a hard time and then is happy, they have a maturing way of looking at certain views. People no that things have gone wrong but they try to put everything behind them so that they can finally be happy. After the events taking place in the 20th Century Britain, people there can look at this and take from it, that there are indeed "Happy Days"
     In conclusion, The Age of Maturity is certainly and hopefully something that students everywhere in schools today will like and it will be teached. It gives the students and teachers new material to read instead of reading the same things every year in some cases. British people can look to this section to forget their bad past and live on in the future, Maturing.