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This letter that my great grandmother wrote to my great aunt Dolly in the 1950's was about the birth of my mother marilyn. That My great aunt Dolly was the only member of our family left that still lived in Canada. My great grandmother wrote to my aunt every month about telling how my mother was doing in birth.
My great grandmother wrote to my aunt for every child that was born. This letter that my great grandmother wrote about the birth of my mother, uncle, and aunt was significant becasue they tell the story of my whole family , but this letter was very special. This birth was about my mother and how she was the third child. In the letter it said that my mother was doing ok. My great grandmother told my great aunt Dolly that my mother was born by cesarean.
The people wrote letters because it was expensive to talk on the telephone and there wasn't any technology like there is today for communications. There is a passing of an era and new technology is good but the letters tell more detail and a story of the history of the family that you can't get any other way.



























The speech shows a lot of suspense, terror and fear from the movie: The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the ring, because "Victory was near.... but the power of the ring couldn't be undone". That quote means that it was difficult to destroy the ring because it was very powerful.  
In this speech the author uses repetition to emphasize a point. The first repetition he uses is: "The hearts of men were easily corrupted them". The second repetition that he uses is:"It poisoned his mind". The first quote means that the ring corrupted him.The second quote means that it corrupted his mind and then poisoned it.  
In this speech it has the same affect on people today. Here is an example: If someone had money on them and the person didn't want it anymore.The person gives it to a group of people and you were in that group. Then you decide to take all of the money. This is called greed.























William wordsworth wrote resolution and independance. The time period was during the reinassance. The work that wordsworth wrote was about life and how to live by it. The significance is how to write so much of how to live. Some of the things that wordsworth uses in his poem are the rhyme scheme, the 10 syllable for each line trick and for every other line he rhymes it together the pattern he uses is ababbcc.
In this poem Resolution and Independance wordsworth uses a very significant work of his story. He uses rhyme that is very sufficant that inspired me to have this poem be my essay the third. A trick that he uses using the rhyme scheme is that he makes the words in a great tanza that give s great rhymes and every other line rhymes and that is a very significant art that wordsworth does.
The second trick that wordsworth uses is the 10 syllable. That has a great affect on me the reader and any other audience that is reading his poem because he uses fantastic posture in his writting. Plus he uses superv phrases that go so well to the poem that he is creating.
In conclusion I hope to read more of william wordsworth poems and to write more of these because I really like reading his poems so I can be a better writer and create my own poems.




























In my song i chose come together by the beatles because in one of there lines states "one thing I know is that you got to be free come together right now over me" What I think that mean to me is that there will always be some bad times, hard times, and mostly sad times but after that we can always stick together when we need some comfort and create happier days.  
In my poem called the Aunade by Philip larkin is about him and what he should do with his life before he dies. First he talk about himself coming home every night half drunk but then there is always a aftermath and then thats the time when he won't get any other chances and will die.  The happy part of the poem is when he writes: Being brave/Lets no-one off the grave./Death is no different whined at than withstood". When you die you know it is going to be the time to come and you will not have to worry.  When the time comes there will be sadness and happiness because you are with God. It was first to published in 1696.  
In my short story called Happy Days by Samuel Beckett and I chose this material because it fits well with this unit.  Happy Days is about a woman who is sad in her mind but she knows that in a way she's happy for other things that she has in her paradise.  Gene Weingarten in the Washington Post said, ""Happy Days" is said to be about the power of denial."  He means that she denies that she is sad but for the most part she is happy for living in paradise. It was  published by Grove Press on December 1970 the review was by Matiin Esslin which he quoted "An unforgettable listening experience."  
In my drama that I chose was The Entertainer by John Osbourne. Set in a British seaside resort in 1956 during the Suez Canal crisis, "The Entertainer" focuses on a fading music hall performer, Archie, who's trying to stay afloat in a dying business. Part of his desperation stems from his own character flaws: He's a womanizer, a drunkard, a liar, a cheat. The tragedy is that he knows all this about himself and can't or won't change. It was published in January 1973.  "... twangy finger- ing-and back-without missing a blistering, lyrical lick. That he's a student of Jimi Hendrix who habitu- ally incorporates the southpaw's riffs, as well as muf- fled cottonpicking and angry ... (peering out from un- der a ten-gallon white hat, accompanied by his power- strumming missus, Tanya Rae, a string bassist and ... tile virtuosity the balance needed to make him an all-around entertainer, not a hayseed shredder. Originally a cassette sold at shows and then a vinyl release in Britain, the self-produced 12 ..." by Ira Robinson.
In my novel that I chose was George Orwell 1984. 1984 was simply a great work of fiction with little chance of actually becoming a reality. The frightening truth is that to a large extent, it already has. The terabytes of information compiled on every citizen already exist.great idea for protecting the country from terrorism after 9/11. In reality, it gives the government carte blanche to acquire and use information on any citizen at ANY time and for any reason without anyone's knowledge or consent. The published Palgrave Macmillan in september 6 1970. "
Criticising the conservatism which has characterised much of the work in this field, the authors offer this new range of methods as a starting point for obtaining richer and more grounded explanations of organizations" and it was written by John Hassard.  
The English language changed a lot in these 50 years.  One change was Another change was that they have worked on different pieces for different accasons. I hope You enjoy reading The Hppy Days Aftermath and I will contininue working on great titles like this one.