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 The text I chose to use is about six years old but talks about a date which is much older. The text is my mother's certicate of complete description of birth record. This document tells the date in which my mother was born. Also it tells the paternal and maternal grandparents. Her parents' names are given as well.
       When my mother was born she was not in the United States. She was born in the nation of Cape Vedre. Cape Vedre is a small chain of islands off the coast of Africa which gained independence from Portugal. When my mother was little she came to America with her parents. With her other siblings she went to school here in America. In 1966 when she was born she was given her American citizenship because her father was already a American citizen. In 1996 she finally got her birth certificate translated into English.
     By her translating this text she was able to have this on recond in America. Since my grandfather had already became a America citizen, he enabled my mother to have a easy life here in America. This enabled me to have even a better life which I am happy with.
     I asked my brother about the text and he didn't now any thing about it. He thought thought that the certificate was still in the Cape Verdian language and didn't realize that she had it translated in 1996. Though he didn't know it existed he really didn't care about the certificate.
































The speech in the movie was a speech given at a meeting in Richmond, Virgina, which decided if Virgina would join the American Revolution. The speech was given by Patrick Henry. He spoke without any notes and with a loud voice. This speech helped Virgina get involved with the American Revolution.
   This speech invoked the delegates at the meeting to want to get involved the war. It makes the people want to fight for all their freedoms, and not be oppressed by the king of England.The motivation for this speech is freedom in which everyone wants. Henry wants to show everybody that freedom is good and following a king which lives on another continent is stuipid. This speech does what it is intended to do and thatis getting the delegates to vote in favor of helping in the fight aganist British rule.
       In the speech there are many metaphors and references to God. Henry uses repetition to show that God wants the people to fight for their freedom. This quote is an example of many, "Forbid it Almighty God! I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death. All these references show the strong passion in which Henry has for this subject. To also inspire the delegates he speaks of how their brothers are already fighting the war, and needed their help to free themselves of their British pains.  
     Finally I will show you how this speech was ahead of its time. It was ahead of its time because it shows how one can show great passion towards the thing that they are fighting for. It shows someone getting people behind them through speech instead of other conditions. This speech shows how strong speech is, and how it can affect many peoples lives.



















Twentieth-century writers usually used stream of consciousness in fiction without showing it to the reader. Virginia Woolf used this form of writing a lot. She shows her ability to use this form of writing in "The Lady in the Looking Glass." Woolf was the first to use stream of consciousness in her writings. Also the writer put one of her characters into the shoes of another character. This was unique because this was rare to find in the story and helped support the use of stream of consciousness. Another Unique form of writing she used was view one character in two different ways. This is unique because it was also rare.
    Not only was she the first, but one of the best. In her writings she was able to hide her skill. Using stream of consciousness she brought us into the mind of the character "People should not leave looking glasses hanging in their rooms any more than they should leave open checkbooks or letters confessing some hideous crime." She put into her writing the something a person would be randomly thinking about in their mind. The writer was able to bring a new form of writing into the world of literature. Not only was she one of the best, but one of the firsts to take us into the mind of the characters she created.
 The author does another unique thing in this writing. She has one of the characters imagine what might happen if they walked in another characters shoes. The character imagines what the other character would be doing. The character that wants to be in the other character's shoes is the narrator was mind the reader is in when reading this story. "It was easy to the shoes in which she stood." The narrator describes what the day would be like in the shoes of the character. The writer uses this type of writing to spice up her story.
     Another unique thing that this story does is show to different views of a person. Isabell Tyson is the character in which has been viewed in two different ways. First she was viewed as a good women who had everything. She had many friends and many letters from past love interests. But later at the end of the story she is viewed through the looking glass.  " She stood naked in that pitiless light. And there was nothing. Isabella was perfectly empty. She had no thoughts. She had no friends. She cared for nobody. At the end she was viewed as an old, angular, veined and lined. This was unique because this is a rare thing to see.
    All these forms of writing were unique in their own way. They help to boost the story up and show the raw talents of the writer. The writer herself was unique but the techniques she chose to use in this story were unique because they were rare, or a first.





































"Help" by The Beatles was made to protest the Vietnam War. The writer of this song, John Lennon, had a strong feeling on this subject. Lennon wrote this because he felt that war was not the answer in this case and decided to protest against this matter in his music. Using music he was able to get his message out to the people of the world, and the political figures at that time. “Help me if you can, I’m feeling down, and I do appreciate you being around.” (Help) Lennon felt that this was a time to influence others through his music to realize what war was doing to the nation. This song is in this text because it has some of the elements needed to make a literary chapter on modern literature. “The set would be transcendent by anyone else's standards.” (Q Magazine) This showing that this song was had importance during this time period.  
    The Happy warrior by Herbert Read is another example of why this time period included a lot of war in literature. Like many other writers during this period Read served in the war. He was awarded metals for his service. Also during his time as a soldier he wrote poems about the war ant the affects of the war. In this text he shows the young men of war being killed in these harsh conditions. “His wild heart beats with painful sobs.” This is an example of the pain and suffering that some of the warriors endured. Read wanted to show what the warriors went through so that the public can see. The author wrote what was going on around him, like the many others of his time, or at any time period.  
     The next text, "Look Back in Anger" by John Osborne, also shows the theme of the Newfangled Age. “The gritty realism of its setting represented a revolution in the British theatre, one which gave to the play when it was first produced a political and cultural significance which it is hard to comprehend nearly 50 years later.” (litencyc.com). This play like the other texts talked about the things at the time that were hard to talk about. Osborne was the first to criticize the government, but he wrote about it during the hard times in Britain. Though it wasn’t set during the war, it shows hard times, which was what the war brought. “I suppose people of our generation aren't able to die for good causes any longer.” (liteneyc.com). This quote shows the hard times that the working class went through. Osborne’s play is the one the best because it relates to all generations and also shows the theme of war in which this chapter portraits.  
    The short story I chose to write about is called “The Bolsheviks Were Ruthless” by M. Stanley Bubien. This is a tragic story, which is based on the Russian czars. This short story represents the ruthless of humans, and how they will do what ever it takes to obtain power. This is what causes war to break out. The Bolsheviks were so ruthless they eliminated a czar family so that they can get the power. But many of the others who have tried to, failed. They killed all of them but one, a little girl who watched the execution of her family. Like another great text (Animal Farm) this short story shows the ruthless aggression that brings a down to the people  
around. “But details matter not. For my family died that day. Yet I lived. And so, too, do the Bolsheviks.” Bubien clearly shows through his literary skills the effect of ruthless aggression.
   The Good Soldier” by Ford Madox Ford was also a great text that was about war. It is a great text in, which influenced many other texts to come. Also this book contains the theme of war in which was what Ford was surround with. This text shows the reality of the world and how the war was affecting the lives of many people. It reflects the hidden society, which involve sex, betrayal and adultery. “The novel is of great value to anyone currently studying an English Literature course, as the narrative style is a groundbreaking one, which has influenced the world of literature since.” (Global-Online Store) “You see, along with the passion of the chase went a frame of mind that made him be extraordinarily ashamed of himself.” Ford was able to mix all these different ingredients into the text and made a great novel. This is the best example of a text in the Newfangled Age.