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   When my mother was was about six years old, when she got her first pets. They were pedigree Doberman Pinchers. My Grandfather gave mymother, her sisters,and brothers. the pupies were about six weeks old when  my mother had gotten the pups. the black coated pup was Rafiki in the swahili language that ment friend. the brown-red coler coated pup was Simba, wich means lion. as the years went by my mother got more and more attached to the little things! They were so apart of the family, that my grandma would prepair food not just for the kids and my grandfather, but  the dogs to.my aunts loved the dogs so much that they let the pupies sleep in their bed with them. The pupies had a pretty big backyard for the dogs to roam but they were never allowed to be left unattended outside of the fence's perimeter.
    Years later, as my uncle had opened the door for a friend who had come to visit; Rafiki was right beside him when he saw an oposing dog on the other side of the street. He dashed out to greet the dog when he was stopped by a taxi in the middle of the street.  
    My mother and the rest of Rafiki's family (including Simba) laid him to rest in , The back yard where all of the wonderful memories of the dog were. This tragic incident  marked the first time my mother ever lost something that she held so close.


























  Alfred Tennyson was born in 1809 and died in 1892. Tennyson lived in the town of Somerby in Lincolnshire.He was the fourth of twelve children.Tennyson's father sought to it that he started his education process at an early age.
    In 1827 Tennyson entered Trinity College in Cambridge, where he became close friends with Arthur Henry Hallam. Hellam encouraged Tennyson to publish "Chiefly Lyrical" then two years laters "Poems" was published. In 1833 Hallam died. Tennyson, through his grief published "Memoriam"  
dedicated to his late friend Hallam.
    Tennyson in 1883 was knighted by Queen Victoria for his highly acclaimed poetry and was the first to be titled "Lord" and was the second by a English poet. In Tennyson's  poems he used similies, metaphors, and symbolism.  
   "The Charge of Light Brigade" was written by Tennyson to memoralize the six hundred and thirty-seven men in the calvary in the battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War. This poem summarizes the events of the battle. In Tennyson's poem he stresses maetaphors and simalies examples of these are "the valley of death", "the jaws of death", and  "the mouth off hell" are few examples of the many metaphors he used.  
   The last stanza of "The Charge of the Light Brigade" "When can the glory fade? O the wild charge the made! All the world wonder'd. Honour the charge of the Light Brigade, Noble six hundred!" This stanza can also be applied to those that travel over seas to protect the United States of America and those that gave their live and rescued in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.
   In conclusion, this poem was inerresting because it taught me something new and that history does repeat itself. I thought that this poem was ahead of its time because  it honors the soldiers in away that was never before heard of. Even thought they might not of won the battle Tennyon honnors the men for their bravery.That why I think its ahead of its time.



























 In my own word I would describe the 20th century as the century of imagination/dreams etc. This was a time when the social norms were being broken women were changing there dress code , the form of speech was changing people began to use more slang terms,sex appeal was showed ,expressed,ad talked about more, and  more things began to evolve as time went on.  
  Sir Elton John grew up in the midwest in the lat 60's, and the radio inspired him to become a inspirational singer .Sir Elton's son "the pregnant dog is back"  broke the barrior between propper english and words that are not supposed to be heard aloud.  this is just  one of the five examples of the evolution in the 2oth century.
  Ian fleming was born in 1908 and grew into a writer who would  have his readers left motionless in hisd words wich left tham in a black hole of imagination. Ian Fleming " you only live twice" is a more resent edition to the long seriesof james bond novelties, all his novels were turned into motion picture movies. he is not always credited but i say he's the father of action, spy movies. his books are what started it all.If it wernt for him sluething movies wouldn't be the way they are today.
  Muriel Spark was born in Scottland in the year 1918. Her Short story " the girl i left behind" contributed to the evolution to the 20th century by showing people how to exprss their emotion.  she gave people a sence of pride, selfconfidence in ones self.
  Harold Pinter( " a comment on a the war" ) is a  british plawright who expresses his feeling on the US's dominant power, and the hazard it was  to the rest of the world. Harold pinter showed the world the fredom to say or do what ever the pleased , freedom of speech. He showed the people  the freedom of expression without persecution.
  Seamus Heaney was born april 13 1939 , his poem  brings forth togetherness through tragic times .  His poem "casualty" can be aplied to 9-11, one of his quotes from his poem can summerize the whole partnership that took place after the tragedy, " Lapping tightly till we were braced and bound like brothers in a ring but he would not be held at home by his own crowd whatever threats were phoned.
  All of these  writers, poets, playwrites contributed to the evolution of the 20thcentury. and some of their  contributions are the reasons why we live life the way we do today.