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On a warm spring evening my mother was in her room getting ready to go out for a meeting which she was not sure what was going to happen. At the meeting the Clerk of the Senate of Massachusetts was giving something out. It was for my mother. After dinner, my mother left to go to the meeting. Little did she know that the clerk was giving a citation of recognition to her.  
  The Clerk of the Senate stood up to make a speech. “ I am here to give out an official citation in recognition of volunteer service to the senior citizens of Medway, to Stacey Galvin.” My mother was shocked but happy. She got a huge envelope, which had inside it a citation from the state. The citation extended its congratulation to her and its best wishes for continued success.
      This citation is more important to my mother than it is to me. It is important to me, however, because my mother got recognized by the state in front of a room full of people. It shows that she is important not just to me and my family, but to the state, too. It also is important because my mother did not volunteer her service to get recognized or to get paid. My mother did this out of the goodness of her heart. This shows that my mother is a generous and caring person.  
      My brother had seen the text, however, it had been a while since he had saw it so I asked him some questions on it. I asked my 10 year old brother Matthew four questions. The first question that I asked him was, Why do you think the text was saved? Matthew responded, “It was memorable and like, it was, like, special to her.” The second question that I asked my brother was What is its importance to mom? My brother responded, “Because, like, she got it from the state, and, like, she likes because its important.” Another question that I asked Matt was, how hold do you think it is? To this question, he responded, “well she’s forty three, she got it in 1998, its 2003, so its, like, 7 no 6 no 5 years old. Ya, 5 years old.” Finally, I asked Matthew, how old our mom was when she got the citation. Matt responded by saying, “she’s 43, it’s fiver years old, so she was 37 no 38 years old. Some of my answers would have been similar to my brothers but it would not have taken me so long to come up with the answers to the last two math questions.  































 “Remember the Titans,” is a movie, which is written by Gregory Howard. Coach Herman Boone says the speech at Gettysburg Cemetery. He says the speech to try and motivate his team to come together as a group. The school system has mixed a black school with a white school, which is causing havoc both within the school and team. The speech has a very positive effect on his team, which does come together and wins every game.  
      Gregory Howard’s speech is both inspiring and emotional: “If we don’t come together, right now on this hallowed ground, then we too will be destroyed.” The quote means that if they don’t come together, they will be destroyed as people and as a team. The intended effect is to get his team to feel foolish and to come together. On the audience, the actual effect is that the team should be ashamed and feel foolish because they are fighting the same fight that should have been resolved years ago.  
      The speech said by Herman Boone uses several tricks. One trick is emphasis, which he puts on one line more than other: “You listen and you take a lesson from the dead.” This quote means the dead can teach things that no one else can. Another trick is alliteration. Alliteration is the repletion of letters, in this case using the same quote it is the two “l’s.”  
      Within this speech there are several analogies giving reference to the Civil War: “This ground, this is where they fought the Battle of Gettysburg.” This quote is citing a battle in the war. “Smoke and hot lead pouring right through their bodies.” This quote has to do with deaths of soldiers in the war. I believe that this analogy is used to give the perspective that football is and can be war. Also, I believe he applying that war can kill and tear apart people and if they don't stop fighting they will be torn apart.
      This speech is ahead of its time for several reasons. One is that the author is comparing things that happened in the past. Also, the speech was said by President Abraham Lincoln at his Gettysburg Address and is having an excerpt said at the Gettysburg Cemetary some hundred and ten years later by a coach of a high school football team. This is how the speach is a head of its time.



























William Shakespeare was a famous 16th and 17th century writer. He wrote many plays and poems as well as sonnets. Some of his most famous works include Romeo and Julliet, Hamlet, MacBeth, and many sonnets. I am writting about one of his sonnets, Sonnet 20, "A womens face with Nature's own hands painted." This poem has the usual rhyme scheme. It uses alliteration and some other tricks. I will talk about its rhyme scheme, alliteration, and repetition.  
   The rhyme scheme of this sonnet fallows a usual rhyme scheme. The first quatrain is a,b,a,b. The last words of the lines are painted, passion, aquainted, fashion. The secon quatrain is c,d,c,d. The last lines of this quatrain are "rolling," "gazeth," "controlling," and amazeth" Then there is a,c,a,c. "created," "a-dotting", "defeated," "nothing" are the last words of each line. "Pleasure" and "treasure" are the last words of the two lines in the last cupplet.  
   William Shakespeare uses alliteration several times in "A woman's face with Nature's own hand painted." He uses alliteration in line line two, "the master-mistress of my passion." Alliteration is also used in line four, "as is false women's fashion;" Line nine uses alliteration as well, "And for a woman wert thou first created."
     Repetition is also used in this sonnet several times. William Shakespeare will repeat words or repeat words with another letter like an "s" on the end. Line seven is an example. The word hue is repeated, "A man in hue, all 'hues' in his controlling." Line fourteen also uses repetition, the word "thy" is repeated Mine be thy love and thy love's use their treasure." There are also several words repeated throughout the sonnet. The word "women" is repeated multiple times as well as the words "nature and eyes."
    In conclussion, William Shakespeare uses alot of different tricks in his sonnet. He is one of the first to use so many. Shakespeare uses all of the tricks well and with many examples.

































The late twentieth century was a time of struggles throughout the world with events. However, the late twentieth century was a good time for literature to be written. The late twentieht century is called "The After Years." It is called the after years because it falls after such greater writers like William Shakespeare, Mary Shelley, Charles thingyens, as well as many more.  
  One great song of "The After Years," is the song "Gloria" composed by the British rock band U2. This song is about his true love named Gloria. "I try to speak up, but only in you am i complete." He doesn't know what to do without his love. He only see's himself as complete when he's with her.
   A great poem of this time period is the poem, "Write About Happiness," written by Carol Ann Duffy. This poem seem's to be about a depressed woman who is not happy and is trying to find happiness. "what does happiness look like." Carol can not seem to find happiness any where. She is looking all over and can not seem to find it, she is looking for a thing, a sign that she is happy.
   Ian Fleming’s novel, Live and Let Die, is a fictionous book written about a hero named James Bond. James Bond is a secret agent who tries to beat the bad guys. In this novel, a vast pirate fortune is found who’s contents are being sold off for crime purposes. James Bond and his people feel this treasure is being used to finance the Soviet Espionage system. Throughout this book, James is constantly trying to prove this and trying to get the treasure back.
  One great play of this time period is "Jesus Christ Superstar," by Tim Rice. This play is about the life of Jesus Christ from his birth to his persecution and ressurection. One customer reviewed this play a 5 out of 5. The customer says; "TO HEAR THE GUY WHO PLAYS CHRIST SING GETHSEMANE HAS TO BE ONE OF THE MOST STIRRING RENDITIONS OF A SONG EVER HEARD IF NOT THEE MOST. HE JUST TOTALLY CAPTURES THE COMPASSION AND TEMPTATION THAT CHRIST MUST HAVE FELT LEADING UP TO HIS CRUCIFICTION." Now personally I have not seen the play but have seen the movie version and totally agree with this critics review. It is an inspirational movie and is amazing how in-depth Tim Rice gets into the life of Jesus Christ.
    Allan Sillitoe wrote many great novels and short stories. Sillitoe was a rebelious author and one such short story is "The Ragman's Daughter." In this story, Allan is rebellious and feels like he has nothing: ""If I lost all I have in the world I wouldn't worry much, If I was to go across the road for a packet of f*gs one morning and come back to see the house clapping its hands in flames with everything I owned burning inside I'd turn my back without any thought or regret and walk away, even if my jacket and last ten-bob note were in the flames as well." In this quote, he shows that he feels that he has nothing and would not care if he lost what little he had.
   The English language has changed since the 1950's and is changing at all times. One word used in "The Redwing's Daughter," that I don't think I have ever heard used like that is "f*g." Now, the word f*g is used to mean gay and is more slang. This is an example of a change in the English language.