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  This turned about to be much harder than I expected looking for an old text from someone in my family. I didn't realize that not only my parents spent all their lives in Lebanon but their parents, brothers and sisters did as well. I, my brother, and my sister are the first generation of my family to live in America.
     The earliest text in English I found was one of my sister's reports. I could only find one of my sister's reports that she did when she was younger. It turned out to be a report she did on the Wife of Bath. My sister Julie wrote this on the fourth of December 2000.
     This was interesting to me because we are doing this right now and it was the only thing she wrote that I could find. This report isn't only about the wife of Bath, however it also includes a little bit about the Prologue. My sister wrote this when she was a sophomore at Fontebonne, right now she's a sophomore at Boston University.
     I showed my brother my sister's writing and he knew right away it was from her. He also said that he didn't understand what my sister wrote about. He had no idea who the wife of Bath was or what the Canterbury tales is. He asked "Did Julie make that whole thing up?"
     When I looked at what my sister wrote four years ago, it was basically the same thing as something I would have written. Every sentence in her report made sense and I would use it now it I was in the position to. My sister ended up getting a ninety-five on her report. She is a really smart person, I wish I was as smart as her.

































The speech I am writing is from the movie Pearl Harbor and it is Franklin Roosevelt’s War Message. Franklin directed this speech to the joint session of Congress to inform them of the position held by the US government after the premeditated attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941.  The purpose of the address was to formally declare a move to war with Japan. This speech was written by Roosevelt to convince the congress to support him in his decision to enter the war. It showed how it was an attack that killed many people and has been well thought out, “ It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or weeks ago.”  
 This speech was intended to bring anger into the people. When I heard this speech, it also made me feel anger toward to Japanese because it was a cheap attack. It almost made me want to go into the army myself and help fight the Japanese. One person next to me started crying because she was so sad.  
 One method the writer used was the trick of stressing words. He stressed the word “attacked” and words like “sudden” and “unannounced” to remind the people that Japan used deception and premeditated their attack. With confidence and his powerful position of Commander-in-chief of the army and navy, Franklin stated his decision for war. He talks on behalf of the people of America and the US congress, stressing that the war goal is the people’s goal. The screenwriter reinforces these words by making them louder than the other words he said.  
 Another method Roosevelt used in his speech is an allusion to God.  Roosevelt uses “so help us God.” In his speech as a motivational technique to further persuade the people in Congress and the United States that the move to war is just in God’s eyes and therefore right. In this perspective, the move to war appears like a retribution for wrongs done, and it takes away from the aspect of war being cruel. This is also an allusion from the constitution, which also has “so help us God” in it.    
 This speech is ahead of its time because the United States has gone through similar conflicts recently. An example of this is what happened on September 11th 2001, and what we did after the suicide bombings. Also the title for Time Magazine about the suicide bombings was “A Day of Infamy.” This was obviously taken right out of this speech and it was written over 50 years after Franklin’s speech. This is what makes this speech ahead of its time.
























    Shakespeare’s writings were one of the most famous of all that were written during the romanticism ages. He wrote in the sixteenth century and had some very famous plays, sonnets, poems, etc. Some examples of those are Romeo and Juliet and sonnet 29.  Shakespeare is my favorite writer of the romanticism ages and is the most popular. In Sonnet 29 he shows his best works of a simile and rhyme scheme.
     The first form of writing I saw was his use of a simile. I found two simile’s in this sonnet,  “Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,” “Like to the lark at break of day arising.” In this sonnet Shakespeare seems lonely and upset and he shows us this through his simile’s as well as the first two lines of his sonnet. “I all alone beweep my outcast state.”
     Shakespeare’s rhyme scheme in this sonnet is very much like his regular rhyme schemes. It is ABABCDCDEFEFGG. This is almost an iambic pentameter, but lines 3, 9, and 11 have an extra syllable in them. Shakespeare does most of his sonnets this very same way.
     In conclusion, Shakespeare was the best writer of his time to use rhyme schemes, similes, and iambic pentameter. Shakespeare made 154 sonnets and did them all mostly the same way. No other writer has been as consistent writing sonnets as William Shakespeare has.



































I felt that the late 20th century was the "Age of Entertainment." I have found five texts that help support that name. They are a short story, poem, novel, song, and a play. They are what I felt the best of the time as well. They are The Spice Girls "wannabe"(song) Ian Flemings "The man with the Golden gun"(novel) Seamus Heaney "The cure at Troy"(play) James Joyce I Hear an Army Charging upon the Land"(poem) and Andre Dubus Jr. "The Fat Girl."(short story)
The song "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls showed the most entertainment out of all at other songs around this time. It caught England and the whole world by surprise and they just  couldn’t resist in singing the lyrics. They have a quote in this song that goes "If you wannabe my lover you gotta get with my friends" saying that friendship is the most important thing. Also "If you want my future forget my past" which means that the past is pointless and the present is where it's at.
The novel the man with the Golden Gun is the best of the Best. It was written by Ian Fleming who created a whole series of James Bond Movies which were all successful at the time. Few will argue that The Man with the Golden Gun is the silliest of all the James Bond motion pictures (Casino Royale excepted.) Not only was this novel full of action it is also very funny as well, that is why I thought this was the best to have for this age fo entertainment.
The play "The Cure at Troy" was one that I felt had a lot of entertainment and excitement in it. It also teaches you about Troy and what happened. "The Cure at Troy," translated by Seamus Heaney offers a delightful translation of Sophocles "Philoctetes." With a compelling tale from ancient times laid out before him, Heaney applies colloquial speech diction to the play. This accessability offers the audience a window into the basic moral struggle occurring at the heart of the work. A finely crafted story draws the reader to the characters. A worthwhile read." It is obvious that this reader thought it was a great play as well as I.
James Joyce's "I Hear an Army Charging upon the Land" seems to be very artistic. "I HEAR an army charging upon the land, And the thunder of horses plunging, foam about their knees" Nobody does this as well as Joyce and that is why he is the best poem writer of this age.
Andre Dubus Jr's "The Fat Girl" is a controversial short story. Some people love it while others simply hate it. I think it shows how exactly people were at that time and a great short story to put into your textbook. He also has a weird rhyme scheme, "Dubus' stories tend to follow the same D-A-B-C-E line. That is, he will introduce the character, summarize the position they are in, and then build up their history to what is often a very powerful conclusion." Although this seems to be controversial I think it will work fine.
During this time there has been a little change, the people of this time do not use the same proper English as the earlier generations have, Also people are nto as polite as they were before. I really hope you chose my five pieces of work for "The Age of Entertainment" because I have spent a lot of time and effort looking for these 5 texts that I felt are the best. I also feel that I picked the most different pieces of literature out there and put them here, ranging from "The Fat Girl" to "The Spice Girls." I appreciate you taking the time to look at this.