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The speech on courage by the Cowardly Lion from "The Wizard of Oz," was made in 1939. The movie took place in Oz. The movie was filmed in Hollywood. The effect the speech had was it showed that the Cowardly Lion had no courage. The speech shows what courage is. It does this by having the speaker ask a bunch of questions, "Where the answer is courage."  
What the speech does to the audience is that it shows that the Cowardly Lion has no courage. This speech has no terror or fear in it. The Lion's motivation is that he wants to have some courage. The Lion makes people feel sorry for him because he wants courage very badly.  
The speech was spoken by the Lion. The word that is repeated is courage. This method is called repetition. The author also uses a rhyme scheme where the last word of each line rhymed.  
This speech is ahead of its time because nobody expects a lion to be able to talk. The current event and current situation the speech speaks to is our troops in Iraq because they show a lot of courage to go oversees and risk their lives for us.





















For my essay the 3rd, I chose "Romeo and Juliet", by the 16th century writer, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is probably the greatest play writer of all time. He wrote such plays as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, etc.
One theme that Shakespeare uses in Romeo and Juliet is love. Shakespeare uses this theme by showing even though both their families hate each other, that Romeo and Juliet still loved each other deeply. Romeo and Juliet is the first play to have someone die for their love for someone else.
Another theme Shakespeare uses in Romeo and Juliet is war. While the two families were at war, Romeo and Juliet were the only two from either families not fighting. What that did was show the love they had for each other, that even though their families were at war, they still wanted to be with each other.  
In conclusion, William Shakespeare uses a few different themes in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare uses these themes very well together. He mixed two opposite themes and put them in the same story brilliantly. Shakespeare is the first writer to mix two opposite themes together in one story.