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When I got the first essay assignment I automatically went to my grandmothers.  She was everything you want to know about the past. In her house she doesn’t believe in throwing anything away. So when I asked her about this assignment she went nutz going threw every little box of papers. Until she drew up a letter from my grandpa to her. My grandparents are rich in old history.
My grandfather was just a regular guy from Revere, Ma, the Italian part of the North Shore. My grandma was from the Irish part of Lynn (the city of sin) Ma. They meant on October 2, 1934 that was their first date together. My grandfather knew not of what was to follow in the later years.  
December 7, 1941 when the japs struck Pearl Harbor like most of men his age they rushed all the way to the recruiter office to sign up for the Marines. But my grandfather had a girlfriend to worry about him if died. So on February 24, 1941 my grandfather was sent off with his friends to the Islands of the Pacific. While my poor grandma was waiting for him when he came home.  
 This special letter came around January of 1943 and it said things like “ I am soo worried” and I want to come home honey”. It was  really interesting letter to see the letter that it was not about winning the war it was about her my grandma all about her. How he was worried that he might not be alive to see her again. He loved her that much that he prayed every day that my grandfather and my grandma would see each other again.
So that was my Old English text from my family. It was old enough and the oldest thing that I have is my Birth Signature from when I was just born on September 14,1987. So I give thanks to my grandma that she took my time to help me out with my project.


























Heaven and hell have been big un catholic things to talk about over the years. We all have been told that if you do something  you will go to hell. William Blake did just that he read into the catholic church on how to be able to let just about anybody read his story. On how the church in the first place didn't think non priests should be able to read is a very bad idea Blake says. He talks about how hell is not just a bad thing for some people.  
The main themes in this piece of literaure are that that if you dont put something out there you will never get anything back. "She whose face gives no light, shall never become a star". That quote is a very well know one because if you dont give something you will not get something back in return. That is a the way for alot of differnt types of people. Then he tells us that we the people have to do something on our own. Not my all of the people that are doing it for us. He is talking about the Roman Catholic Church.
He talks about when you are dead you must forgive everybody for everything. "The cut worm must forgive the plow". He is talking about say if your body shots you by not meaning to. You have to my Blakes mind forgive him for what he has done wrong. You should have enough but not to much Wiliam Blake says because if you have to much, you will be greedy. So, to cruve that idea you have to have some much money but not tons and tons of it.
What William Blake has done that all of the other authors have not is join the idea of heaven and hell and put them together. He talks about having limits on what you can have and not have. All of the other author said this if you talk about hell you will go to hell.  




































Irish and British poets, have for the most part rising up on the last 50 years or so. There are some very well know authors from Joyce whom I am going to be quoting from a lot to others like Seamuy Heaney. They come from all sorts of different backgrounds, from severe poverty to the most elaborate house and riches. But they do have one thing in common, that is the love for writing and they all have the gift to express it. We as normal people can not take that for granted.  
The first part is the song, U2 is a very traditution Irish Band, they have sung some of the most beautiful songs, but then have come to some of the most songs in history. Sunday Bloody Sunday is one of those. "How many lost how many won" is how the Irish felt in that stage of events to unfold. The next example is a poem by James Joyce titled Camber Music, it talks about how nature should out weight everything in life, but it doesn't in this time and place
The story part is important to all of the authors in the British History. After the Race by James Joyce is an important one because it explains that it is okay to fail at something but you have to bring it back up on the next try. It gives an impression on how real life must have left like in Ireland in those days. He really wants to express his "homeland" and enjoy the traditations that have been passed down by many years of family.  
The most part of British Writing has to come from is the modern play. Movies and such are different forms of the old school play performed in the theater. The Poet against a young man is a daring play about a man coming of age and knowing what must be done and what can not and will not be done. It takes place in a well to do rich Irish home and the young poeit. The play by one of the most important parts of British literature."O if not, the eagles will come and pull out his eyes."
Todays Materials of British writing,are totaly different from the one's that ever put on 100 or ever couple hundred years ago. The modern world has undated to have a new generation of young and thoughtful writers. The European way of writing is way differnet from American writers and that is the beautiful way to look at it.