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I was told to find a note of something that is old. I had talked to my mother in whom she was actually going through old notes and files of my father. When she was doing this she had found various love notes between my mother and my father. She had giving me three of the letters and I had chosen one out of them for this project.  
 The letter I have chosen is about my mom writing to my father. In the letter my mother had writing about two pages to my father in which she had done that day. I had noticed she has very old way of writing compared to peoples writing today. They used a unique way of writing back then and they were in their late teenage years.  
 I have noticed in the note that my mother had written, she had said that she picked up two records. What I found significant about this was that we don’t see much of those theses days we either see Cd’s or Mp3’s, which there was no such thing there. She wrote about hanging with her friends, which is something we still do today. I found this an interesting note to my father when my parents were first falling in love.  
   I had asked my brother to hold this letter in his hand and asked him "Who do you think wrote this" and he replied "probably mom's writing." I had asked him "What would historians say about this document" he replied "A woman named Judy had wroten a letter to her lover I guess"
























In the movie “We Were Soldiers” Lieutenant Colonel Harold "Hal" G. Moore Addresses a speech to the 7th Cavalry of the United States before they went into war. He had told this speech to his men, that in this war it would be a tough one, but no man would be left behind.  
This speech has an effect on the men by assuring them dead or alive they would not be left behind on the battlefield. The way it is written is to insure all people in the Army that America will never leave a man behind no matter dead or alive.  
 The speech intends to focus on the army itself. It focuses to inspire all the men to have each other’s backs on the battlefield. No man would be left alone. It inspires the army to work as an army of one on the battlefield. It motivates all the men to have courage to face the enemy with no fear at all. It makes everyone assure that no matter what race or sex you are that you are in the strongest army in the world and will not left behind no matter these factors.  
 The speech had an impact on me to think about how these people must of felt. It made me feel excited  to see them form as an army preparing for battle. During the speech I could feel that Randall Wallace was trying to touch the audience in a sympathetic way and also a climatic mood.  
 This speech is written to make the army not fear the enemy as much as they might be doing. The army needs some sort if inspiration and courage to fight in this dangerous war. The people of the 7th cavalry had been recruited from their families and friends to fight in this war in Vietnam. The leader Lieutenant Colonel Harold G. Moore says that he will be the first to step on the battlefield and will be the last off the battlefield. When he says this he means he will lead everyone into the war and make sure no man is left behind and he would be the last to leave.  
 This speech overall can make the world realize we are all people and we have many differences but if we could all put those aside we could all work as one to make this world a better place. The only thing is that the world back then as today hasn’t worked that way except the United States. I think have made the most progress in becoming one with each other and not minding our differences and unite as one.  



















William Wordsworth was born in thingyermouth, Cumberland, and grew to be a leader of the Romantic poetry  in England's lake district. And had many different influences from the French revolution and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Wordsworth has a good view on comparing things in nature. He takes an everyday thing and compares it to the common man. The one I like best is "A night thought".  
"A Night Thought" is a rather short poem I have read from Williams Wordsworth's poetry. It is a short three paragraph poem that contains eighteen lines in it. I found this poem rather interesting and the lines that clearly stuck out to me was "Oft is she hid from mortal eye" in this quote it explains that no man can really see the moon for its more unique then they know. "Far different we--a froward race" appealed to me also because it shows us as a different form of beauty and also unique as the sun but also we take the little things for granted.
This poem "A Night Thought" has a very simple but unique rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme William Wordsworth had used when he wrote this poem was the simple ABAB...Etc scheme. Rhyming every other line in the poem.  
The poem consists of many comparisons and it is between the moon and the everyday person. In the poem it seems that the moon is more of the better thing because people are so greedy sometimes and take things for granted. For example they take the moon and nature for granted.  
William Wordsworth has many poems but I think this one is a very unique one to me because I too take simple things for granted, as too most of this world we live in today.



























During the late twentieth century many things had occurred. I have concluded that this time period should be called the "Period Of Unrest" The song that I think that best fits this time period is the song "Aces High" By Iron Maiden. This song has to do with wars and battles that lead to my title "Period of Unrest".
 The song "Aces High" Describes a battle Britain had before encountered. Which was named Battle Of Britain. In the song it shows men preparing for war and take off in their aircrafts. An example of this is at the beginning when he says "There goes the siren that warns of the air raid, Then comes the sound of the guns sending flak, Out for the scramble we've got to get airborne, Got to get up for the coming attack" This perfectly puts a picture in your head of an attack and a last minute preparation.
"Heart of Darkness" by Joesph Conrad has been considered for most of the 20th century not only as a literary classic, but as a powerful reflection of the evils of imperialism. It reflects the harsh repressions carried out in the Congo by the Belgians in one of the largest acts of genocide committed up to that time. Conrad's narrator encounters at the end of the story a man named Kurtz, dying, insane. “African critics like Chinua Achebe have pointed out that the story can be read as a racist”(
www.lang.nagoya-u.ac.jp/~matsuoka/Conrad.html)The title, they argue, implies that Africa is the "heart of darkness," where whites who "go native" risk releasing the "savage" within themselves. Defenders of Conrad sometimes argue that the narrator does not speak in Conrad's own voice, and doesn’t show his true views.
The play  “The third man” by Carol Reed’s I choose to put in this chapter of British literature. This play was written in 1949. It was written after World War II and was a story of social and economic corruption. This is a play about mystery and also a love story and keeping it exciting it is a thriller movie also.
The poem I had chosen is “Freddy” by Stevie Smith (1902-1971). This poem talks about how this Arthur misses her “Freddy.”  What I mean by this is in the poem this quote stands out to me “Freddy and me can kiss” (Line 29) This clearly shows that this aurther waiting for the person “freddy” to come to her and she really wants to be like him and she seems like she would love him forever. I say this because of the last line “For his love and mine” (Line 33)
The short story I have chosen is the story called “Captain Blood” by Rafael Sabatini. The pirate Peter Blood who starts off as a physician becomes a pirate because of his sense of injustice. George MacDonald Fraser states “One of the great unrecognized novels of the twentieth century, and as close as any modern writer has come to a prose epic” I see this short story as a pirate lovers short story. I had read this book earlier in my life and had enjoyed it.
There was many things being produced during the twentith centry. I see these five things to be the most out going things that may spark people's interest. The five things have to do with advanture or war, This is why I decided on the "Period of Unrest" for my paper.