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When I asked my mother about the first modern English that was written down in our family, there was none except for a signature of my great great grandfather Antoni S. Sousa on his Naturalization papers declaring him a United States citizen. His signature also allowed his children to become American citizens too. It wasn't until December 31, 1957 that my great grandmother Maria Soares Sousa came to America with her family to become citizens. My grandmother was only 13 years old at the time.
  This article came to text on July 30, 1906 when my great great grandfather went to a court session for his naturalization into the United States. The court session was held in the state of California in the county of Sierra.The Naturalization papers were signed by a Harold M. Midkiff of the American Consul. Sadly Antoni Sousa died in the Azores on November 17, 1939. However this document was given to my great grandmother to come to America. She did many years after.
  I asked my grandmother "Why was this document saved?", she said,"This document is important to the family because it was an honor to become an American and I thank him for giving my family a better chance to fullfill their lives." Later I asked my little brother "What would you say if you saw this document in a historical museum?", he replied, "That would kinda be cool to see something in our family be put in one because people could see what was done like to get into America in the old days."
  Now knowing what this document means to me family, I am thankful that my great great grandfather came to America to give this family the best of opperatunities.

























The speech was Morpheus' speech to the people of Zion in the movie "The Matrix Reloaded". The person delivering the speech is Morpheus who is the captain of the ship the Nebuchanezzer. This speech takes place in a cave in the city of Zion. Morpheus says this speech to motivate the people to prepare for war against the machines. At the end of the speech the people are excited and have a big party. The people of Zion are ready to win the war. This speech was written to motivate the people to get ready for battle, and it was made so that they are not afraid to die for Zion.  
 The speech Morpheus gives got the audience to pay attention and make them feel like they are also fighting for Zion. This became inspirational to the audience to every day life sticking up for what they think is right. This is how the audience was moved from Morpheus' words.  
  The speech that Morpheus gives to the people of Zion is very inspirational. It is inspirational to the people because it gives them faith to live the next day not in fear, and to keep on struggling for what they want the most. Zion's people are motivated to go to war and not lose. They are motivated to live and not be afraid. Morpheus' words made the people of Zion feel proud and so they celebrated for a victory.  
 This speech was written for positive motivation and inspiration. the words in the speech did this by making the people stand for what they believe and keeping their faith to survive. Morpheus emphasized the word "we" a lot. he says "we" because as a whole they must fight and celebrate together. Unity is what will beat the enemy. Morpheus also says "I" a lot too. He brings out what he believes to make a point to the people. The trick that is used is saying "we" because the people of Zion think that by unity "we" will make a difference.  
  This speech is ahead of its time because Morpheus is says that they are fighting for the past and the future. The speech is also ahead of its time because it talks about humans fighting machines for their freedom. This is why the speech that Morpheus gives to the people of Zion is ahead of its time.




























 George Gordon, Lord Byron is from the age we know as the Romantic Age. During this time people wrote about humans and their interaction with the environment. George Gordon Lord Byron wrote many poems and short stories that helped evolve literature to what it is today. One of these poems is called “She Walks in Beauty”. The poem “She Walks in Beauty” shows imagery, figurative language, and similes. Through imagery, figurative language, and similes this poem brings ordinary things into extraordinary life.  
   In George Gordon, Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty” uses imagery to spice the poem up a little. The imagery in the poem brings the poem to life and makes it more interesting to read and the reader can picture what is going on in the poem. An example of imagery in this poem is: “Of cloudless climes and starry skies”(pg690). This is a use of imagery because the reader can picture the starry skies. This is an example how imagery is used in this poem.
  Another device that George Gordon, Lord Byron uses in the poem “She Walks in Beauty” is figurative language. Figurative language is used to distort the words to make them more interesting and George Gordon, Lord Byron purposely does this in the poem. An example of figurative language in this poem is: “The smiles that win, the tints that glow”(pg690). This shows the use of figurative language do to it shows the distortion of the words smiles that win because a smile cannot win something. This is an example of figurative language in the poem “She Walks in Beauty”.
  A final device that George Gordon, Lord Byron uses in the poem “She Walks in Beauty” is the use of similes. The simile that George Gordon, Lord Byron uses in the poem is: “She walks in beauty, like the night” (pg690). This line describes that the way the woman walks is like the night and its features. This is a good example of a simile in the poem “She Walks in Beauty”.  
   This is one of the best romantic pieces of literature written in the 1800’s. I say this because no other poet or author wrote the way George Gordon, Lord Byron wrote like at the time. George Gordon, Lord Byron used a different literary device that other writers did not and that is what makes his literature stick out from the rest during the 1800’s.  



































Through out the 1950's to 2000 the world was spinning on a dime. Many wars are fought, lives are changed, and science and technology has taken over the economy. In Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II begins her rule over the United Kingdom. The name of this chapter is called the Windzorian Age, because all these literary arts take place over the 50 years that Queen Elizabeth II reigns over the UK. These are the five inspiring works of this time:Novel-"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" by J.K. Rowling, Song-"Imagine" by John Lennon, Poem-"A Woman Unconscious" by Ted Hughes, Short Story-"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" by sir Arthar Conan Doyle, and Play-"Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo.
  John Lennon's song "Imagine"was one of many songs that were inspiring. A line in this song that inspired people to live in peace together is:"Imagine all the people living in the world in harmony."This perticular song is about people of all cultures and differences living together in peace with no threat of violence, racism, and war. John Lennon's song inspired people to get along with one another and to abolish violence not only in Britain but world wide. John Lennon's song "Imagine" had inspired the people at this time and do to the inspiration the world is one step closer to becoming a peaceful place to live.  
  J.K. Rowling's novel Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was the number one novel in 1997 to 2000's for children eleven and up. The story is about a young wizard (Harry Potter) who lives with his human family for part of his life and then goes to Hogwart's School for Wizards and Witches. Harry learns how to become a wizard while going through many taskes.Over all this novel is a great book for young children. The book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and its sequals have influenced the childrens literature industry greatly from the time it came out to today. This is why the novel Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is an inspiring literary work that will go down in history for one of the best twentieth century novel of all times.  
  The play "Les Miserables" originally a French play was written by Victor Hugo and then redone by a British playwriter. The play is about a little girl living in tough times because her father got arrested for stealing a loaf of bread. A critic from International Herald Tribune named Sheridan Morley who thought that the play was great says, "I believe that Les Miserables will live on in the West End and on Broadway for many years to come, and this epic recording captures all the excitement of this landmark in the history of the musical theatre."(lentrola.com) The play "Les Miserables" is a play that will be remembered for years do to its outstanding proformances and this epic drama will inspire others in years to come.
  The greatest mystery stories of all time are from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthar Conan Doyle. These short stories a very inthusating and have off the edge of your seat excitement. Sherlock Holmes is a private detective with a sidekick named Watson. Together they solve mysteries that would stump the reader in the end. A line from any Sherlock Holmes story is "Now there there my dear Watson"(pg.34) which would be said when a clue came up or when the mystery would be solved and come to an end. Sir Arthar Coan Doyle's book Sherlock Holmes was a succcessful hit in both British literature and world literature. This work will inspire future generations in creating mystery and suspence novels, short stories, and movies in future years to come.
  Lastly is the poem. The name of the poem is called "A Woman Unconscious" by Ted Hughes. This particular poem was written in the time that the Cold War was taking place. The poem talks about how America and the U.S.S.R. were competing to be the world superpower. A good line that Ted Hughes has in this poem is: "And though bomb be matched against bomb"(line 17). This is a freat line because it is true that the United States and the Soviet Union were matching each other in bombs but in everything else that was essential for a country. I believe that this poem should be put in this chapter because it describes theway of a war that changed the world to what it is today and by reading it there is a different point of view from a person in a different country.  
  Through out the past years the English language has changed, for the better or for the worst history will tell us that. Up and into the 1960's and 1970's the English language went from prim and proper to a slang language. Now with the internet words have been butchered from their original meaning and form. Will this proper language die out and a newer form replace it with in future years to come? With all that is said I believe the English language has changed for the good of society.