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The speech I chose was from the film "the Hurricane" . The Hurricane is about a boxer who oneday was in a club and was acused of  six accounts of murder. The speeches perspective was presented to the jury out of fustration and confusssion. In the speech the victim(Ruben Carter) tells the court about his experience in jail and growing up as a child during the time 70's while racism was a big issue. The speech gave the audience a gratifying amount of audience to free the detainee.           When I observed the movie "The Hurricane" I thought that everybody should be apart of such a great performance. The movie displayed how growing up being an African American  was hard. And how it was even harder being a wealthy African American. You see back then being successful was more of a negative aspect then a positive being. I felt as if I, in some way have been put in the position to prove my innocents.The speech showed the hurt of being held in captivity for half of your childhood and most of your adult life. At the end of the speech Ruben came to the conclusion that all he wanted was freedom and a second chance in life.                 The speech has a tendency of using the word I. this is to notify the jury that I (Ruben Carter) was senteced, proven guilty,and put in jail for 20 years for a crime I did not commit. I is repetative along with the words my and me. These also show that everything that is refered to in the speech was experience by Ruben Carter.       Also in this speech Ruben uses the words justice and truth, By using these words he tries to gain the attention of the jury. He told his life story in a few brief paragraphs and infact proved he was innocent from the begining. Even as a little child Ruben was proven guilty before trial. He was often judge by the color of his skin and his enviroment he grew up in. As he told his story in court the jury listen and  mourned over how a human being could be treated like an animale they made the decision to release Ruben from prison and lat him claim his innocence               In conclusion, I believed that this movie change the way i lok at things . I have learned that time is held as a value .If Riben did not have patience then he would have never found him self facing the court and getting a second chance. I have al so learned that being who i am and what my people fought for is a thing that should be kept in my heart at all times. This was a great movie and it was definitly ahead of its time. For Example when he said " Justice that's all I ask Justice". then justice followed and the truth was brought forth . After the Trial Ruben "The Hurricane" Cater was named the Lightweight champion of the world and was retired with honors.




























William Blake is from the age we recognize as the restoration age. He often wrote about extrinic beings or the paranormal. Blake wrote many poems and strories that involved evil actions and untamed forces. One of his precedents using these specimens is in the poem "The Proverbs of Hell". This story shows symbolism and metaphors this poem brings "Hell on Earth".    In Blake"s poem "The Proverbs of Hell" uses symbolism to pep the reader. The symbolism composes a illustration which  makes it more realistic to the reader. An example of sybolism would be "She who desires but acts not,breed pestilence". This is use  of symbolism because the reader can portray a person. ( Women in this case) only desiring there whole life and never put forth the time to make that fond hope come true. The person basically lives and dies without ever reaching acheivement. They just stargazing in life living in Foul's paradise.   Anothers gimmick that William Blakes uses in his poem is metaphor an example of this is the line "Enough or to much" he compares the two beings enough and too much by giving the women an option "Enough or to much". In other words he gives two choices by comparision of the two words.  In conclusion I think William Blake Makes an excellent writer. He gets really in depth with his writings and the author expresses his thoughts and feelings concernig the subject which it is being directed too.Blake appeals  to both the reader's emotions and sense  of reasoning.