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When I was told to look for an important piece of writting in my family I knew that my aunt Mary would have a good letter for me because she saves so many important things.The letter that I searched for was addressed to my Aunt Mary. She wrote a letter to Mrs. Joseph P. Kennedy, and this was the reply. Mrs. Kennedy could not write my aunt back but one of her secretaries did to thank her for her letter. Norman Knight was the secretary.  
This letter was written on December 31st, 1969. Mrs. Kennedy appreciated my aunt writing to her. She also wrote so my aunt would know that she received the letter. This letter is very important because the secretary of Mrs. Kennedy writes it and she is a very important woman of history. A secretary of a mother of a US president wrote this. This letter means a lot to my family.  
When I asked my mother a few questions about this letter she did not know much about it. She believed that it was just a regular letter, which it was not, when she first picked it up. When I asked her why it was saved she replied "maybe the letter is involved with some great news of the family." As she read through she realized and understood that it was a letter from the secretary of the president's mother. She thought the phrase of " with Mrs. Kennedy's every good wish" was something that she had never heard before.  
This letter has major importance to my family. Even though a member of my family did not write this letter it is more important because it is from the Kennedy family. The original letter that my aunt had written to Mrs. Kennedy can not be found but this letter shares the great importance in my family. The letter holds good history this is why it is important to my family.  























The speech in the film "Any Given Sunday," narrated by the actor Al Pacino. Al Pacino delivers a powerful speech at the begining of the game in the team's locker room.  The speech inspires the players to open the game strong, and come out victorious. The coach of this team (Al Pacino) was known to be unsucesful  but in the end he pulled through not only for himself, but for everyone else too.  
 The speech made in this movie was not only suspenseful but also inspiring.  It makes you in a way feel sympathy for Al Pacino .  He makes the players want to win the game for him, and for themselves.  He makes the audience understand what foreshadows the sense of victory he feels.    
 In this speech he uses a metaphor.  He compares his knowledge of football to his life.  Oliver Stone makes the speech seem greater than it is.  He adds the extra sense of touch to it that it needed for it to be a  successful speech.     
 It was written in a form of expressing anger.  The anger towards the football players helps them to win the game.  The team gets fired up by the speech, and gives them a motive to win the game so that Al Pacino would keep his job as head coach.  The people in the locker room change their attitude because the speech had such an impact on their thoughts of the team.    
 The speech is ahead of its time.  It foreshadows the victory of the team .  It helps them to win the game which was important to the team and the coach. This speech is great and it helps the team to win thier upcoming game. The speech is something that can help you get fired up to win and this helps them win the game.



























In this poem entitled "To King James" written by Ben Jonson, he makes a comparison between a king and a poet.  Ben Jonson is known as a dedicated follower to William Shakespeare’s work, as well as this poem coming from the seventeenth century, in the year 1616.  He uses a standard rhyme scheme of "a" "a" "b" "b" etc.  The comparison Ben Johnson makes with the king and the poet is an ordinary topic coming from the duration of the seventeenth century time period.  
Ben Jonson uses specific rhyme scheme to deliver his point of comparison to his audience. He delivers the basic format of poetry by rhyming words like “bear” and “wear” at the end of the stanza.  The format of the poem is only under the same rhyme scheme, to show that he follows that patterns of poets before him. Jonson has lines so that the audience understands he is a follower of the great William Shakespeare.
Jonson shows in this poem how he can compare and contrast two different things. He, being a poet, compares himself with a king which is obviously an honorable job. “But two things rare the Fates had in their store”, says Jonson. His comparison to a king shows that he is devoted to his audience like a king would be devoted to his people and his land. A king has his crown passed to him by a king before him and Jonson shows that his crown was past by the great William Shakespeare.  
The style that Ben Jonson has is very original and separates him from other poets. His originality makes his poems better to read, because you have to look at them in detail. He touches his audience with the words he speaks that are inspired by poets before him. His poetry is not like any other poetry because he uses inspiration but also adds his touch to make it a different kind of poetry.
In conclusion, this poem is written by an original author of great inspiration. The words give a comparison to writers and kings, which makes it very interesting. Under a basic rhyme scheme, Ben Jonson still delivers his words to shake his audience. The king that he is in this poem makes this poem a very good one to read. I would recommend it, because of its greatness.



















The era that will be studied in this English textbook is called "The Untouchable Era". This era is untouchable because it uses all of its past inspirations to create a new generation for young scholars to study. This era consists of songs such as “Goodbye” by the Spice Girls. It contains plays such as “Will You Take This Woman” by Maurice Callard. The novel in this era is by Woolf, called “Mrs. Dalloway. The short story by P.G. Wodehouse is called “Joy In The Morning. The poetry in this chapter has poems like “Love Again” by Phillip Larkin.  
The Spice Girls came out in a pop era that was full of boy and girl groups. Their first smash hit “If You Want To Be My Lover” also labeled them as a girl group. The song “Goodbye” separates them from their label that they were given before. “Find out for certain love is gonna be there for you, You'll always be someone's baby Goodbye my friend” They take a more serious approach to a song that may have earned them respect by artists in their short career.  
The play I choose for my era is “Will You Take This Woman” by Maurice Callard. This is a very important play because the main subject is marriage, which is something that a lot of people deal with.  The fear of marriage and to move out on our families is something that we deal with as we grow older. A subject that has been strong over the long years of literature and still remains strong needs to be recognized in this unit.  
“Mrs. Dalloway”, by Virginia Woolf was the novel that was chosen for my era. The story shows the inner thoughts of the main character Clarissa. "The strange thing, on looking back, was the purity, the integrity, of her feeling for Sally. It was not like one's feeling for a man" This shows that the story is told by her and helps the audience understand what she is thinking. Her inner feelings that she keeps masked inside are important because it helps shape her personality in the story. This story is important because it is an original idea and a very good novel.
The short story in this unit is “Joy In The Morning” by P.G. Wodehouse. I think that P.G. Wodehouse is a very good author and has good short stories. This fictional story serves up to be a good story as well as a funny story. The story is important because it brings laughter to a unit that does not always have to be serious, because people like to laugh and be entertained. With a much loved character Jeeves, the story is a favorite by fans of Wodehouse’s work. I think that P.G. Wodehouse has a creative style of writing, this is why I chose this short story.  
Phillip Larkin’s “Love Again” was the poem chosen for my era. The poem is a free verse poem that describes love. “Or find it funny, or not to care, Even ... but why put it into words? Isolate rather this element” In this poem, Phillip Larkin describes something that is always on the minds of people, and helps to make human life on earth. Love is something that people live their life for and I think Larkin does a very good job at explaining love to people in his poem.  
This era, called the “Untouchable Era” is untouchable because with all of these great writers, it makes it hard for much improvement after this era. These works of art help to express the originality of 20th Century British Literature. All these works of art deserve to be studied for their greatness and expression in artistic ways. This would be my era for 20Th Century British Literature.