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At last I have found the earliest text that a member of my family has written. After me and my mother's hard work digging in the basement, we arrived on some text of my fathers. The text inculded the date (october 16, 1985). the text was about my fathers letters to and from the colleges he wanted to go to. My fathetr has written this text, and have typewritten it. Of course me and my mother only found the typed edition of his college applicated letters.  
   the english in this text is not very different from the english we speak today. the english spoken back in 1985 is the same that we speak today. there are some word that i couldn't make out because the ink was smudged, so i couldn't read clearly. I could make out most of the words, and most of the words that were in the letter was not different form the english today.
   the story of the letter i found in my basement, was of the time when my father was applying for college. it was senior year, one day in january my father came home to my grand mother (which was crying) to hear that the college had accepted him. the letter he wrote was about the community service and the time and effort into his work.My father graduated form Sun Coast High School in West Palm Beach, Florida. then went to Cenrtral FLorida University.  
    I have asked my cousin what she think this piece of paper was. " the paper looks like it's an old birth certificate. interestine I said. the I asked when do you think it was made or written, she replied,"well uhh it looks like it's from around the 1950 or something like that, why are you asking me this. this is my final question. " make it simple". if you think this was in a musuem, what do you think it would say on the subtitle. " who cares". "seriously, i think it would say the oldest text found in the great clemons family"



























 A movie I found that was rememorable to me, of the topic "bieng ahead of its time". The movie of my selection is the first "Matrix" of the sequals. Although the things in theis movie really did not happen, it has a lot of foreshadowing throughout the script. the characters in this script express the future in the script.
  The speech I have chosen for this well written script is when Morpheus sees or meets noe for the first time. In this scene of the script, Lawrence Fishborne plays the character of morpheus. the arthur uses a trick in this part of the script. The arthur uses a metaphor compared to neo's life and another written play of "Alice in Wonderland". " I imagine, right now, you must be feeling a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole."
  Later on in the script, the arthur uses a trick, he uses the word something in this speech alot. " Let me tell you why you are here. you have come because you know something. somehting you know that you can't explain. something you have felt for your whole life, felt that something is wrong with the world. you don't know what that something is, but its there like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. Do you know what that "something" is. neo then answers with. " you mean the Matrix".
   I think that this a perfect movie for being ahead of its time. In a sense of mind, Morpheus knew that Neo was going to choos the red pill. later on iin the movie and script Morpheus kept believing that Neo was the one to save Zion. like and image of foreshadowing. finding out later on that Neo was the savior of Zion























       During the romanticsim period there were more than a handful of of great writers. Samuel Taylor Coleridge would be near the top of the list of poets and writers. In the poem" youth and Age" Coleridge uses a multiple collaboration of metaphors. in this poem he also uses themes such as friendship, and love
     One of the themes that coleridge wrote about was Love. in this poem it quotes " love is flower-like". this metaphor is one of many tricks that coleridge uses. in my opinion this quote states that love starts of wonderful, grows into something beautiful, but sooner or later it will die out.
     Another major theme in this poem is frriendship. in his poem it quotes "friendship is a sheltering tree". as you can see Coleridge uses metaphors more than once in this poem. the quote states that your friends should bethere for you, they are the sheltering tree when it is rainining.
     My conclusion of this poem would be different from others. the poem, in my eyes, gives advice to young people who are currently in relationships. so yes you could say that coleridege is one of those poets who are ahead of his time.






























 From the year 1950 to our present day life,you could say the world was hanging off a cliff. During these years the world went through two world wars and a near nuclear crisis. also during this time the world went through a huge industrial revolution, which gave it a face lift. Science and technology had ruled the world and the people were it's slaves. For these reasons I have named this chapter "the age of benefited crimes." this was the time when the world evolved around the economy and Industry.
    the Elton John song "The warm love in a cold world." was inspiring to the people during the mid age of the cold war. This song mostly reached out to the children and young adults during this time. the song focus is to the youth because it expresses how love could change a person form who they were, to who they will be. In this song John writes/sings "You picked me up, I've come alive, I'm seeing life in another light."(2nd verse, line 3&4). This quote states that children are the future for our world,so let us change it for them. He felt that there was no need for the cold war. The arms race these two countries had, was a major shock to the world. It gave the impression that the world was coming to an end, due to industrializing technology to its maximium shape in to a  mass destructive bomb.
     This poem by philip larkin is called "home is so sad". Larkin writes this poem to show the struggle the vietnam veteran had to deal with life after the war. a quote from this poem is " Instead, bereft of anyone to please, it withers so, haven't no heart to put aside the theft"(1st stanza, lines 3-5). this quotes that after the vietnam war, the veterans would come back to america with absolutley nothing. the people of america at that time didnt like the vietanm cadets , because the people felt that it was a stupid and worthless war. this is a good example of the struggel of the age of benefited crimes. The government, in the war, didnt benefit anything but american lives being lost. For those who came home after the war, there lives were ruined to, because they had nothing to go back to.
    Cats is based on T.S eliot's old possum's book of practical cats. theis book introduced to the reader different type of cats such as jellicle, mischievious, old, theater, magic and railway cats. to me the play is an example of the united states in the year 2004. the symbolism is all different types of cats, which would symbolize humans. all these humans in one region, but all different types of human races. that probably how america got the name Melting pot. A song in the broadway musical is called "The invitation to jellicle ball" this song is an invitation of all catys to huge party. A line in this song is " jellicle cats are white and black, jellicle cats are moderate size, jellicle cats jump like jumping jacks."(7-9). this states that all cats are equal, just like the american and european states. this is a section were the world benefit from. even thought this play was set on broadway in the 1980, it still effect us today. you could also say that this play was very much ahead of it's time period.