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When I told my mother about what the project was she had to think for a little bit? While she was thinking I gave a call to my grandmother to see if she had anything. She said to me that she was going to look and call me back. Then my mother said "what about my grandmothers cook book?" I said it has to be in family members hand writing. She said let me look in my mother Home Ec. Book. Then in the back of the book we found a letter written to my great grandmother.
  In this letter it is formed as a poem. My grandmother wrote this in 1933 or so. She was taught by nuns in her school. She was graded on communication, visits, rosaries, benedictions aspirations, and masses. These were prayers she was graded on and written down on this letter.I think she was 8 or 9 years old. There must not have been alot of revisions because it was on peice of construction paper.
 Now I asked my brother who he thought wrote this and he said " I think Mimi wrote it.(Mimi was my grandmothers nick name) He was correct and then asked him when do you think she wrote this? He said "I think she wrote it in the 1930's, he was correct. Then i asked him if this was in a museum in the foture what would the tour guide say about it? He said " I think they would say that the prayers were included in everything and respect to fellow people was the thing to do." I was finished with my questioning.
  This letter was most likely graded in English class and was given to the mother for mother’s day.The grade for the poem itself was not stated. I'm sure this ment alot to my great grandmother when she got it.



























One of my favorite movies is Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. In this movie, there are different races of people, there were elves (my favorite), dwarves, hobbits, orcs, sorcerers, ect. The person who speaks here is an elf. His name wasKing Elrond (Hugo Weaving) how was the king of the elves. This speech was a premonition of what is to come, so naturally it brings thought and wonder to the characters.  
 This speech has a thought meaning to people. It could also have a sad meaning to it. It tells of prolonged life and how outliving everything around yourself. A good quote is "you will linger on in the darkness and doubt as nightfall." In the beginning it tells of what will happen and there consequences for example "if Aragon survives this war, you will still be parted.  
 This speech heavily enforces Death and Mortality. For example "taste the bitterness of mortality." The speech is about the King talking to his daughter who is in love with a mortal ranger (bow and arrow expert) and tells her he will eventually die and you (kings’ daughter) will keep living. A quote "here you will dwell bound to your grief under the fading trees". Those are examples of the enforcement of mortality and love.  
 This speech is ahead of it's time because it foreshadows what is to come in the future. This foreshadowing is brought by the Elfish King Elrond. He prophesizes the times ahead.






























William Blake was a very interesting poet. When I read him I enjoyed his poetry. The poem I am doing in this essay is The Human Abstract by William Blake. The comparisons he used in The Tiger and The Lamb, I've never senn in any authors work. I was very diffrent from the other authors I have studdied. The thing I see that he wants to put into people is conflict and also inteligance and acceptance. My favorite poem of his was The Poision Tree. So that sparked my interest in him and pushed me to having me do an essay on his poem.  
 William Blakes main theme is conflict with his audiance. To me he was a very grim writter because of the topics he wrote about. This was not extremly common in his time for a poem. The poems I have come across in my life were mostly all about good happy times, or if they did not start off good they would end good. The first line in the poem is "Pity would be no more". William Blake shows the bad side of humans in this poem. He tells of the things that could happen if we as humans changed our ways. This qutoe shows that humanity has changed very much. I believe he has hit apon a subject that started in his time and continues to plague us to this day.
 People through out history have tried to blurr there flaws and Blake is not shy in bringing them out. This is why I consider this poem conflicting with people. People must have not liked this poem of Blakes because of his contriversial thoughts. William refers to God in his poem I think." Then humanity takes it root underneath his foot" This shows humans under a superior being which could turn some heads of the readers.
 William Blake was a great poet and is very much still my favorite poet. He wrote about grim things and also refered to a raven, this enlightened me that maybe the great Edgar Allen Poe may have also enjoyed Blake and got the Idea of his best poem from Blake.















My Essay The Fourth is going to have a title of The age of Women. Through out history women have had little or no role in everyday life. Woman were very significant parts of history even though they were restrickted to do anything than Cook, Clean and take care of the children. In the 1950's the woman started to gain social significance after woman started to fight for their rights. I think the 1900's are the age of woman for this reason. The things I will be writting about are Song, Play, Novel, Poem of the time period of 1950-2004.
  The artist of the song I am going to choose is Kylie Minogue. She has had nine albulms out. "Love at first sight"(Vh1) was one of her most reacent songs. The theme to this song is the most widly used theme in the world and it has been for hundreds of years. The song was on her albulm Fever which brought her into the hits chart in Brittan and the U.S.For a short time Kylie was not doing to well but once fever album came out she begun to do good yet again. She was considered "Pop Goddess". She was a very influencial Artist of the late 20th century.
  The short story I will be writting about is by Doris Lessing. The name of the short story is The Grandmothers which was published in 2004. The story is about two grandparents folling in love with two young teenage boys. Then the two woman end there love for the young boys to respect their old age.This book has good reviews and is considered a classic.
  The play I am going to be writting about is The Brake of Day by Timberlake Wartenbaker. The story is about the end of the century and dissatisfaction and unease hits the group of people in the play."Maria Friedman who sweetly sings Jeremy Sam's dull songs..."(1). This means that old dull songs were brought back to life when they were used in the play.
  The novel I am going to discuss is Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie. The book is about a murder hunt. The book is a mystery genre of books. Agatha Christy is a  very well known author of England and is renowned for her fiction and mystery books."Agatha Christie at her very best! Once you pick up the book you just won't be able to put it down. It starts off a little slow, but once Poirot arrives at Nassecombe (the setting of the crime) the excitement and intrigue really begins! "(1). This is a quote from one of her Fans that liked the book and it's plot.
  The age of woman was brought apon in this century and is a dominant part of every day life. Through out history woman have been treated like property and now they are equal to men in everything and have laws thatr protect them. That is the reason I chose the Age of woman for my topic.