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The oldest document that was written in english was a paper written by my sister, Una Green, when she became a freshman in highschool. She went to FontBonne Academy In 1995! The paper that she wrote was written on the 28th of December. The paper was entitled "My Life" because the teacher assigned a paper in which told the life story of each student.
 The paper received an A-, which i think deserved atleast an A or an A+. It was probably given an A- due to the two correction marks made. But even so, two grammatical errors is not bad for a student just entering their first year of high school. The paper is intricatelly detailed with pictures of family and freinds, and also had an attatched essay consisting of about six pages. The paper my sister said was atleast to be three pages, but my sister went for double.  
 When I told my sister about the assignment, she immediately took out a folder that she remembered she had. Out she took a old paper of hers, slightly yellow along the edges showing that it was old. My sister forgot that she had that paper and quickly became light hearted. My sister loves seeing old pictures from school and family because it brings up many stories and memories of the person in the picture. as well as the writings of the past. It was once said by a famous person that" a person might be gone physically but there heart lives on in peoples minds, as well in the writings and pictures of them. which is exactly the case because the pictures contained in my sisters project were not seen in eight years. These pictures contained faces of the past as well as people that have passed on. The pictures told a tale, and brought back happy memories.
When i asked my Father about the paper he said that " it was funny" as the essay was, as well as the pictures. He also said that "it was Interesting" having to do with seeing what my sister did eight years ago. My sister is twenty two and she thought it was funny to see what she did so long ago. It truly was a joyous paper because it was funny to see my sisters writing as to what im doing now. it was only a grade behind me but the paper was a very well written paper. My mother said " I thought it was a great paper". It showed the verywell written skills of my sister! Which of course I think its a great paper as well!
















  A movie that I found really memrable and that was ahead of its time was a besutiful mind. The events in the movie actually happened, but it was the script and the characters dialogue that the genious script writers put into the movie. The script consisted of fiction and non-fiction. The characters and the script really made the movie as special as people would say.
   This film followed the true-life story of John Forbes Nash Jr. (Russell Crowe), the man who established the Nobel Prize-winning Game Theory of economics. Nash's personal trials include marital struggles and recovery from paranoid schizophrenia. These events later shows things to happen later in the movie and the things he does basically shape and mold the whole movie there after. He teaches that a beautiful mind even has its own dark sides. And the paranoid schizophrenia that he suffers from causes him to see people and events that don’t really happen but it they are so realistic that he believes that he is living these things out. Even to this day he sees the people and events that he makes up in his mind, yet he’s still teaching. Since there is no absolute cure for this disease he just has learned to live with it.
  A memorable quote frm the movie that he actually  said in real life was “It is not the thought these days that make you famous, but is how you use those ideas and try them out on the community”. Which basically means ideas that designers and people with beautiful minds that think of such great inventions don’t get the credit that they deserve, people don’t bother to see who actually created the item and the person just goes about doing his job from there. The ideas usually become property of someone elses, and that’s why people arent recognized as much as they should be. The thought that keeps making an appearance is the word “thought” and “idea” which seems to be repetive. But im sure that it basically is normal because the movies title is “ a beautiful mind”.
  This movie was ahead of its time because the people who wrote the script have to be original in what they are doing. The script writers know what people want to hear as well. But there were so many memorable quotes and that’s what truly made the movie. People that wrote this script truly did have beautiful minds themselves. Those people were also recognized because they won an Oscar award, who knew that John Forbes Nash; dream would have come true, especially with a movie about him.
































 The nuns priest tale starts when the knight interrupts the monks tale, Because he does not like to hear about a mans fall from grace. He would rather hear about heroes that rise to the occasion, or have heroic status. The knight then refuses that the monk continues, and instead he tells the Nuns priest tale.  
 The nuns priest tale is a light comedy. It tells of a woman who lives on a farm with her animals. Her prized hens are accompanied by a rooster named Chanticleer. Chanticleer tells the story of a man who predicted his own death and it came true for him. Pertelote, Chanticleers female prized hen thinks that he's delirious because of his lack of sleep so she tells him to get some herbs. A fox then grabs the rooster and they fight it out(the fox is winning) and the owner( the old woman) comes running over getting rid of the stupid fox.  
 The nuns priest tale of Geoffrey Chaucers is a comic fable, I found that it was very light hearted and yet very adult for a story about talking animals. The most adult I found In the Canterbury tales stories. It tells the personality of its narrator, the nuns priest. The tale even though it has talking animals, seem to be a little awkward for such a light hearted story.  
 My opinion about this story was that it was very different than the other Canterbury tales because it used comedy as well as talking animals. These talking animals also had something to say. With what you think about talking animals might be funny for kids, well, this is no kids story even though they might not understand the irony in the words they used in the paragraphing. Such as the rooster "feathered" the hen all night. These things aren't really G-rated If you know what I mean. But none the less it was still a good story to read and to do a story about. I find it very different from Geoffrey Chaucer's work in the Canterbury tales because of the adult themes throughout the story. Because Geoffrey Chaucer was more of a poetic writer, it was very different for him to do this in one of the biographies that came with the story. The author said it was very different for him because he was striving to keep his home and in doing so he had to spice things up!































1)A violent windstorm, frequently accompanied by rain, snow, or hail.  
2)Furious agitation, commotion, or tumult; an uproar: "The tempest in my mind/Doth from my senses take all feeling" (Shakespeare).  
The reason that i picked the name the T.E.M.P.E.S.T age is because I fell upon it by accident. I was thinking of names and i saw that the first letters of each word created a completely new word. hence it became T.E.M.P.E.S.T. It worked out perfectly because our time can be described as a commotion of things happening through a period of time. T.E.M.P.E.S.T means Television, Electronics, Music, Politics, Economics, Science, and Tragedy. They each have something to do with the time we have lived in.  
Television is important because it's a popular form of entertainment and it has become more popular than a radio and newspaper. Electronics, because with electronics it replaces a lot of things that we used to do by hand as well as made life more enjoyable, as through movies and entertainment and music. Politics, we had the best age of president and also the worst and some in between we slipped and we also made up for things. Ecology, the relationship of the organisms with their environment because that's how we cope to things such as buildings and dealing with other races. Science, we have had giant leaps in medical fields and as well figured out things that our ancestors would have once thought was impossible. Tragedy, such as massacres world wars and terrorist attacks such as 911 suicide bombings.  
As for what should become the popular findings of British literature this wasn't as easy as creating a name for the book. I had to take fifty years of culture and break them down into one book and one song. I could pick the Beatles but the beatles have been done more than to many times. and I could pick Shakespeare but I wont. So Im going to try and be as original as I can, In my paper. So It wont be as easy as it should be.  
As for an author I have picked Virginia Wolfe who wrote all of her books through the things she has seen or thought breaking out of the mold that most authors would do in every book they would write. Her books and various writings had mixed review but they were revolutionary in the time that she lived and had to get some credit. I wish i could say the same about the movie that was made about her. as true as to her life they kept and the stories she wrote, It still was excruciatingly boring, and of course the academy thought it was pure gold because Nicole Kidman played her character, and it seems that Nicole Kidman has a thing for old fashioned nut cases, but she does them well.  
As For Music that is a tough subject because there are so many good artists that have come out of England such as the Beatles and the Spice Girls and if you want to go out of England and get Enya and the cranberries involved then I guess that's ok because there sort of a English province..or around England is good enough. So I picked the band Coldplay who is said to be the next coming of the beatles even though only one of them sings and there fame isn't as big as the beatles are. But none the less they are a good band. one of there greatest hits within Europe and America is a song they created called "clocks". This song makes no sense what so ever but I suppose lyrics don't matter anymore and the beat of the song and what it sounds like is more important for most artists. but I suppose that the song "clocks" captures the feeling of the mood the person was in instead of making sense of the song. and that's what music is supposed to do, its supposed to set a mood for us. That song has won a lot of grammy's as well as the band because of there ground breaking new sound. and that is why I picked Coldplay to e remembered in the future of this book.  
If I had to pick a book that captured the essence of the time I lived in and what people couldn't get enough of I would pick the books of J.K Rowling. But I thought that the controversial book " The Da Vinci Code" was a better book because not only does it have a story it explains the past and how things went on, so not only is it good reading its also a history lesson. It has such things as the painting of the last supper and how it was the authors point of view as well as lots of historical truths that Mary Magdalen was sitting next to Jesus at the time before his crucifixion, as well as she had actually married Jesus and bared children with her. She was also a prophet who helped start the beginning of Christianity.Another point in the book states that the mona lisa was not a real woman. But it was none other than himself! His art dealt greatly with the human figure as well as other things but he wondered what he would look like as a woman at the time of which he would have been twenty eight. He altered the bone structure and gave himself female characteristics, and that is what the mona lisa painting is. So all the movies that were based around the painting of that woman were all wrong, because that woman did not exist.Its a very interesting book on leonardo da vinci.
As for a british play, that was memorable and should be given refuge In this book Is a hard one, because there are so little famous ones, ther was " the hours which was based upon a virginia Wolfe book was a movie, an interesting movie at that. Not my cup of tea as you would say but got prestijuce honoring at the awards.But I feel It was the actress Nicole Kidmans doing that got the movie the fame it got recognized for. As for a memorable play in british history I would have to say the tempest by William Shakespeare. I found it very ironic that the title of my book was also a play written by one of Britains most famed poets. and it just so happens it can work in the book.The Tempest by william shakespeare is a romance/ light hearted comedy.It deals with a royal family and the hygincs the jester of the court gets into.