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In the story hamlet there was one of the most influential speeches and also one of the most confusing speeches that I have ever heard. In the movie hamlet said the speech because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to die or not so he said the speech.  
The way that this speech effects our lives today is in the way that people always refer to the speech for influence if they want to do something bad our if they are depressed. In the speech he says to grunt and sweat under weary life that means that you should work hard in life to do well in life.  
This speech is influential too me because it teaches me about death and reason why people should kill them selves or maybe they shouldn’t kill them selves. An example of this would be "to be or not to be" this says should I live or should I die. This effects me in many ways because it reminds me of me not in the way of should I die or should I live but should I do something or should I not like in football should I make the play and get all the glory or should I let my friend make the play and let him make the glory. That is how it would affect me in some part of the speeches.  
In the speech the writer uses reputation an example of this would be "to be or not to be that is the question. To die to sleep for in the sleep of death what dreams may come." The reputation that they keep using is the reputation of death the jeep saying death is just like a long sleep and they just keep repeating it over and over.  
This speech can inflence alot of people.It can doit by haveing people never give up on anything anand just keep trying because if you want to suceseed in life you have to work very hard and never quit. That is what this spech is saying about all these things in life.  
Just like many other speeches this speech is ahead of its time because they write about many thing in life and how sleep is like death so it is aheadof its time.


































This is by far, the most quoted poem of Lord Byron's.  The most notorious Romantic poet and satirist. Byron was famous in his lifetime for his love affairs with women and Mediterranean boys. Byron's first published volume of  poetry, Hours of Idleness, appeared in 1807. A  sarcastic critique of the book  in The Edinburgh Review provoked his retaliation in 1809 with a couplet satire,English Bards and  Scotch  Reviewers,  in which he attacked the contemporary literary scene.  
The poem it self "THE FIRST KISSOF LOVE".This is one of his earlier poems . . . at the age of  17 or 18 . . . and even then,  Byron had been "in love" so many times, it is hard to tell to who it would apply to. A little trick the Byron uses in this poem especially is, Metaphors. One example of this would be:"whose bosomswith phantasy glow," This is just one of the many metaphors that are in this poem. The one thing I noticed first read this poem was that there were no similies.  
Another trick that i saw in this poem was a rhyme skeme.The skeme is every other sentence has a different letter the only letter that stays is B all the onego all the way up to H. This means that every other sentence has a different word that doesnt rhyme with the one from the prior two sentces.
The last trick that i saw in this poem was that all of the word were in moderen english. Well not all of the words were moderen but the majority of the words i had heard before i saw them in this poem. Which isn't even really a tick the only thing that it was, was moderenized which makes it a lot easyer for the reader to read.
In conclusion this is one of his first poems ever written. If you ever wanted to pick up a desent girl this would be a very good poem to chose to read to a girl or even send to. Byron was one of the best poets in the 18th century and even today many people think he is still one of the best.



































Contemporary literature, started in 1950 and has not ended to this date. It will not end for a very long time because this age seems to keep changeing. From music to novels from short storys to poems. As this age gets older more and more peots.artists, and novelist keep coming out with more and more storys,poems, etc. Also more kids are starting to write so there storys and poems are coming out also.
We will just have to wait till this age comes to an end so we can write about a whole different age. Untill that times come we will be here talking about this age.
 The Play that I have chosen is "Cats" it is a play that was based on a book called "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats". The play writer was Andrew Lloyd Webber. He was a man born in the U.K. his first play ever made that was published in the U.S. was "OLIVER!" back in 1963. Something that you should know about this play that it is not  just any play it is a musical. Cats is a musical in two acts about a tribe of Cats who gather once a year to choose a member of the tribe to be reincarnated. The musical showcases characters from all walks of life who are metaphors of characters from different parts of society. Some of the chacters that are in this play are Munkustrap,Carbucketty,and Old Deutoronomy. Jack Kroll from Newsweek says: "[CATS is] the most extravagant musical ever to hit Broadway from a foreign shore! The brilliance
of CATS is that it keeps and augments the popular appeal of a children's book while transmuting it
into something bigger and more resonant. If ever there was a show for that mysterious entity, the
‘whole family,' this is it. First and foremost, CATS is a show, filled with theatrical magic, brilliant costumes, marvelous tunes, a singing-dancing cast that seems transported by the sheer joy of
performing."  He is basicly saying that this is a great play for the familt to see. As we can see in plays nothing really changes from shakespeare to webber the british people come up with fantastic plays.
   The song that I have chosen to write about is a song that was written in the early 1990's. It is a song that was written by one of the most famous groups of my generation...The spice girls. The name of this song is calle "spice up your life". This song talks about how the group them selves is such a great group and how this song will take you where you want to go and also it is say that it will have you danceing. These girls are not just talking about people in the U.K. they are talking about everyone in the whole world. That is what makes this song what it is. This song is deffinatly one if not the best song that the spice girls came up with. The reason why I say this is because it is such an up beat song and it will make you want to dance. But not only that it sends a positive image about the spice girls saying that they are for the whole world it also sends a message saing taht everyone one should be positive and dance and have a good time.
The novel that i have chosen is a great one its auther is J.R.R Tolkein. He is an auther that has been through a lot includeing a rough childhood and the great deppresion. All of these thing have caused this man John to write fantastic novel. Such as the trilogy of "Lord of The Rings". But I have choen only one of the novels from that great trilogy the name of the book is "Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers".  This novel was one of the first that john made he began the trilogy because he studied greek mythogy also anglo saxon history. The two towers is full of creatures that seem to be mythological. The seen of this novel is supposed to be middle earth. Some of the main chactes that are in this novel are... Frodo is the central figure of Book Four and he is the keeper and bearer of the Ring until the final chapter of The Two Towers,Aragorn (Strider): a member of the Fellowship, Éomer the Marshal: the leader of the Riders of Rohan,Gandalf: a wizard who plays a major role in the trilogy,Gimli: an axe-wielding dwarf who is a member of the Fellowship. Those are just some of the main chacters. Major themes in this novel are. Knowledge,Heroism and Honor vs. Cowardice and Deception and fate. This story sends a good message themessage that this novel sends even though it is a fiction novel it sends the message that people should never give up in there goal and they should always finish what the start and to never give up like fordo does in this story "The Two Towers"
The short story that i have chosen is one that was written by a woman called Magaret Drabble. A woman born in 1939 an that is still alive today. She was born right after the great deppression and right at the begining of WWII. She atended Cambridge UNIVERSITY. Even though at first she wanted to be a actress she still made it as a sucessful writer. The short story that i have chosen to write about is called "Ice Age". This book was first published back in 1985. This story is about a man named Anthony Keating, this man was born in a middle class family it explains about how he is growing up and he has a tough life. Then he gets to a point in his life when he gets wealthy and marries.He has a heart attack, which forces him to take life easy at his country home. The reason why he does tis is because he is haveing troubles physically and finacially. That is why he ahs a heart attack. The reason why this novel is called ice age is because it is from a man that starts off with a great life gets a better life goes to prison and loses evrything and how he is supposed to survive on his own like Frederic Kolman CSR from Goodyear says "Ms. Drabble analyzes the sinister economic conditions that have brought Britain's problems in. Materialism has had a negative impact on people's lives. The economy and materialism are unpredictable forces to the individual, who relies exclusively on them. Finances hold anxiety. Therefore, men like Anthony live with disillusionment. Materialism requires a value system in order to comprehend and cope with daily life. Yet, society has thrown away its cherished values. It is no surprise, then, that Anthony says, 'I have learned nothing.' The sense of values in life can mean the difference between the rootlessness of Tim, an out-of-work actor, and Kitty Friedmann's well-knit family. Anthony achieves the realization that faith is necessary to Man, but by then he is a doomed man."
The poem that I have chosen is a poem written by a man called T.S. Eliot he was man that we did not get to go over  this year he is such a good writer. The poem that i have chosen by him is called "Whispers of Immortality." This poem is about life it is about what is really underneath the skin in the poem it says "And saw the skull beneath the skin" what this is sayin is that anyone can seewhat a person is really thing or feeling it is expressing what Eliot is thinking and it does a very good job at it. I would recomened this poem for many people but by age the youngest would be 14 because i think they would be the only people that would get it. The reason for that is that it even took me a while to work with it and figure out wha it was about.  I have learned how to get underneath people wuth this poem it has touched me. even thoough the poem is a little graphoc it is till a good example of what gooes on underneath.
In conclusion i have learned that even when one thinks that the end of the contemporary age is over, its not this age will go on forever becuase nothing will ever seem to stay the same no matter where you are on the world. I would hope that more people would come to understand this in the future because it is uch and improtant age that will be here for years and years to come. I hope to read more in my next couple of years at CM also as i go on to college it will vewry interesting to know what and how the wold changes every single day.