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I've actually a more suitable text being that the letter that my mother wrote to my father was in an another language.
The earliest form of writing that I found in english is a paper that my dad has written for school. When I aswked my father about it he didn't know what I meant , so I asked him again then he began to understand. so he took me to the basement and showed me some papers that he had for a while. I found that he has kept a lot of his papers that he has had for a little while.
When My dad showed me the l;etter I wondered how old it was. Thge paper was about poverty in America. He talks about how AMerica is the most establishged country but yet it has it own problem. This paper is over 13 years old. The paPER SHOWS How much work that he put in this paper. It is showing that even when my father tells me to try hard I feel he doesn't undersatnd but he does.  
When I showed this to my sister I asked "How old do you think this is." She looked at it and she said at least 10 years old. The next question I asked my sister is "Why did he write this paper." She said most likely for school." The final question I asked was "how do you think he did." She said "at least a c"
 I learned that my dad had to try hard in school just like me. He put in a lot of hard work and dedication. I learne da lot about my father. I learned why he valueues educataion so much and why he want me to suceed just like he has.  




















The speech was a speech from the movie "The Breakfast club." "The breakfast club is about teenagers who had Saturday detention together. They didn't know anything about each other before going to detention. In the speech all the kids were writing a letter to the principal talking about their experience. The speech was written out of anger and frustration. It took place in Shermer, Illinois. The speech showed how the kids felt, and how Saturday detention changed them.
When I saw the movie "The breakfast club" I said to my self that it was worth seeing. The movie showed how teenagers really felt and did a good job of showing not everyone in high school is secure about themselves. Everyone who saw the movie at least had one character that reminded of them. The speech showed suspense when they told the principal exactly what they felt. They show no fear when they said they didn't care what he thought that how they felt about other people too.  
The speech has an example of a simile. John Hughes writes: "You see us as you want to see us..." They mean no matter what we say or do, you will treat them as you want to see them. The metaphor was well placed because if you want tol see them as a nice then he'll see them as nice. mut if he feels they are bad then he will look at them as it is a bad.  
Also in this speech Hughes includes an example of a figure of speech. You see this example when he says, "We think your crazy." what they meant by that was they thought that he had no sense. They felt that he didn't know what he was talking about or he has no sense. The kids also use this to show exactly how they felt at that particular time.
The speech was definitely ahead of its time. It was a movie that really showed how life was as a teenager. It shows a lot of life's ups and downs. Really the main idea of the story was that life isn't great or what it is cracked up to be.


































       During the romanticism age there were a lot of great writers. William Wordsworth is definitely no exception. In the poem "The birth of love you see some of his best stuff. In this poem the birth of love Wordsworth uses symbolism, rhyme scheme and metaphors. Wordsworth is known for his classic poems and this one is no exception.  
In this poem Wordsworth uses some pretty good metaphors. He is a classic author because of his descriptions. He compares the birth of love to the birth of having a child. Till Venus cried, "A mother's heart is mine; none but myself shall nurse my boy"(1) you can clearly see that he compares the begging of love to birth of a child. Also he shows the pain that you can feel from it and how to be carful."Then TENDERNESS with CANDOUR joined, And GAIETY the charming office sought ;"( 1) Wordsworth uses comparison to express how he feels. And how an average person would fell in the same situation.
 Another thing that words worth does well is use rhyme scheme. He has a very precise rhyme scheme that he uses. He uses an ABAB type rhyme scheme. WHEN Love was born of heavenly line,
What dire intrigues disturbed Cythera's joy! Till Venus cried, "A mother's heart is mine; none but myself shall nurse my boy,"(1). Now this rhyme scheme is a very traditional rhyme scheme. And he was one of the early writers to use it.
The final trick that I'm going to discuss is symbolism. Symbolism is representing things through works. William Wordsworth shows a lot of symbolism through his works." Alive to all a mother's pain..."(1) in this quote He shows the actual pain that some could feel from love and giving birth to a child.  
That is the analysis I found on the William Wordsworth poem.Wordworth in a lot of his poems has trademarks. In this one it is clear to see his rhyme scheme. That is why he will forever be known as a legend.
































In the age of technology (1950-2004) there have been a lot of great pieces of literature written. It just wasn't in novels but in music, poetry, short story, and plays. In the “age of technology” we have seen a new type of writing than any other time era. In music the best song was "Yesterday" in Poetry there was "On Ballycastle beach" in novels there was "Wide Sargasso Sea," In short story there is "Girls" and in play there is "Phantom of the opera"
The song "Yesterday" is a song written by the Beatles in 1965. The song yesterday stresses the importance of leaving the past behind you. The song says whatever happens in the past should stay in the past and live in the present. You see this the lyrics "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away Now it looks as though they’re here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday. (Yesterday) In these lyrics The Lyrics emphasize that it seemed so far away but it is still here in a way but to try to live through it. This song was on one of the Beatles records played by record players. This shows the new technology.
The poem "On Ballycastle beach" was written by Medbh McGukian. The poem was written and released in 1988. The poem talks about experiences on this beach. You can hear the description in "In a more protected time—like one who has gradually, unnoticed, and lengthened her pre-wedding"(28-29) Here you can he talking about the city he loves and also he is using tricks. He uses similes. You see that he uses them to make a comparison about time how fast it moves.
In novels there was "Wide Sargasso Sea" written by Jean Rhys. The novel was written in 1993. This novel shows a lot of alliteration which makes a story interesting. "Only cruelty could check them;" Jean uses alliteration to express to get his point across.  The story stresses about feminism. This expresses technology because technology help spread the message of Feminism movement."    
In short stories I feel the best story is Harold Pinter's "Girls." In "Girls" you see a lot of imagery. The book got good reviews. The book is about girls who had to get along. These girls don't really get along well but they try and succeed to get along and become better people.  
I feel that the most important play from the "age of technology" is Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the opera." "Phantom of the Opera" Is a story about a great musician who doesn't want to be seen. This is the best story because the story is very witty and also very advance. This play uses a lot of technology when you see it live. You see a lot of lights and sometimes cameras.  
Those are the most important pieces in the age of technology. Each piece of literature shows technological advances and how literature has raised a lot more. Literature became a lot deeper and also the thinking of life has changed. So I hope people agree with my choices because that is how I feel.