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On September 3, 1955 Grady Herman Donald Jr. was born in the Nashville General Hospital. It was a cold a saturday morning in Nashville, Tennessee. Clara G. Phillips Donald had wrote all of my father's birth certifcate. Grady herman Donald Sr. was the father of him.
After all the 48 years this little booklet is still in good condition. A couple weeks ago my father showed me this booklet and I was amazed to look at what he had look like as a child and read some of the things he did. Most likely I did the same exact thing as he did when he as was growing up. This was the earliest text that he could find unless we traveled to New York and got alot of information about our ancestors, who were slaves, but that wasn't necessary. This text shows my fathers life from age 1 to 5.
This writing was held in precious and scered place in the back of our house in a glass case, where nobody would go. I think this text means alot to my father and my family.
In conclusion to my essay I ask my little 11 year old brother a few question about this text. I covered the booklet up and went to my brother and asked him numerous of questions. One of the questions were who's do think it is and why? His responds was "Dad's because it is in perfect condition and he had already seen it before". Another question i asked was why was it saved?" He said because it was the history of my fathers beginning life from age 1 to 4. The last two questions i had asked him was what do you know about the person who wrote this and if this appeared in a musuem what would a tour guide say? For the first responds he said "All I know is that my grandmother worte this during my father's first four years of his birth. The answer for the question were"The tour would say this was a famous piece of writing of Grady H. Donald, Jr. of his early birth years, from birth to age 4".
These were the only four questions I could ask for my interview becasue the text was written in modern english and my brother could understand it. Also the other question I suggested were too easy for him to give a responds too.























I choose a speech from Michael Jordan's Autobiography, because out of the speech there many quotes that I liked, but I selected only three because they are the ones that stuck out to me. The quotes are "If you accept the expectations of others, especially negatives ones, then you will change the outcome". The other one is "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed". The last one is "I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don't do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results".  
Michael Jordan gave this speech after winning his fifth NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls. He gives this speech because he is going to retire from the game of basketball, but not for long. He comes back with the Bulls to wear a number 45 jersey, and he returns in 2000 with the Washington Wizards.  
These three quotes have a powerful and motivating way to get across many readers. The reason for Jordan giving these certain quotes is because, he got cut from his Varsity High School team his Sophomore year. During that summer he worked on his game dramatically and became of one of the best players as a Junior and Senior, not only in his school but through out America. If other people read this autobiography, I believe they will have a strong passion if they ever cut from a team, to work on their game a lot and be the best player on the team.  
The quote "If you accept expectations from others, especially negative ones, then you will never change the outcome” (?) means a lot to me. The reason for this is because, I feel if you let people bring you down and not improve on your game then you not helping yourself. But if you do improve your game then they won't say another thing to you and you will feel better about yourself. That is what I believe Michael is trying to say in that quote. The other Quote "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed". This quote means to me is that, if you haven't reached your goal, then never give up until you reach that certain point. The last Quote I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don't do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then i can expect half-hearted results". This quote really inspires me to give my best effort every time I play basketball in practice, because if I slack just a little bit then I will get negative results in the game. And that is why I always give my best effort.  
One Analogy of the three quotes is "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed". This is a analogy because it is comparing something that happens in everyday life. If people are not happy at what they have achieved then they won't stop till they get it.  
The last analogy would be "I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don't do things half-heartedly, because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results". You can compare this to studying for a test. If you don't study what you need to know then you fail the test, but if you put all the effort you have then you will get a superb grade on the test.  
I strongly and honestly believe these Quotes will help me succeed in life. The reason for this, is because if I ever fail to do something i can just rely on what Michael Jordan said and that will motivate myself to do better in life or what i am trying to accomplish.
































Geoffrey Chaucer is one of most talented poetric writer that ever lived in the 1300's or the medevil period. Chaucer wrote about mainly poems, and many fictional stories. Geoffrey Chaucer writes about what people talk about in his community or in other communities but also he tries to writes what people might like or bring happiness to their day. For instance, The Canterbury Tales has many stories in it, but i had selected "The Man Of Law's Tale" out of the Canterbury Tales. The reason why i have selected the "The Man of Law's Tale" is because i found the title of the story interesting, But the title has nothing to do with the story.
The Man Of Law's Tale is also another 10 syllables rhyme sceme just like the other stories that are located in The Canterbury Tales. A ten syllables rhyme sceme is when each line has ten syllables and ten beats to go along with what Mr. Chaucer is saying in the poem or story. For instance, an example of a ten syllable rhyme sceme is "Thow blamest Crist, and seist ful bitterly He mysdeparteth richesse temporal. Thy neighebore thou wytest synfully, And seist thou hast to lite and he hath al". In these four lines he talks bout how Constance will try to make the Sultan convert to her religion.
Last but not least Goeffrey Chaucer uses and spells a lot of word differently than use modern writers. Also Goeffrey gets most of his ideas from hearing other people talk in his community about things that were happening or topics that were very important. Some of the words Geoffrey Chaucer interpets in his poems and stories is word the "EV" which in our language mean "have". A couple of more words that he writes and is hard for us to understand are thy which is equally to the, neighebore which means in our language neighbor and thou which is similiar to the word though. But in The Man of Law's Tale of The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey writes these poems and stories to bring happiness to peoples days, and to give them laughter once in a while. Also most of his stories were true and most were fictional. I believe that this story was fictional in most ways and non-fictional in other ways.
For my Thesis, The Man of Law's Tales consist of basically one main character and her name is Constance. Constance is a Christian and is ordered and demanded by her father to go to Syria and marry the Sultan. But the Sultan must convert to the same religion as her or their will be a lot of legal difficulties, and which he does convert over to christianity. But on the other hand his mother is supportive of his decision swithing religion and she kicks Constance out of the country Syria. Towards the end her Christian faith protects her from being killed by an tremendous amount of people.  
In my conclusion, what I am basically trying to write about is how things were very different in the 1300's or the medevil times. And one of the main important things that were different were alot of poets, and Geoffrey Chaucer is one of them. Chaucer writes in a different language than us and he writes what people talk about in his community, but not only that he writes things to bring a smile and happiness to peoples faces. So for my conclusion I think that Geoffrey Chaucer was one of the best poets that lived in his prime time.



































The title of my essay is called the Exhilaration Era. The reason why i have selected this odd title is because I want to put excitement into the readers of the future. And also I didn't want a plain name.  I would like the reader to come across this title and want to reader about these authors. I don't want them to look at a title and just turn the paper in a hurry; I want them to enjoy this section of reading. In this period of time I will   be talking about numerous authors and their work. The Novel is "A Passage To India," by Forster. The play is "The Circle" by W. Somerset Mangham. The short story is "The Invisible Man written by G.K. Chesterton.  The song I will be doing is "Wanabe" by the Spice girls. Lastly, I will cover the Phillip Larking poem, "The North Sea"                   
   This novel called A passage to India is an superb story to read. It was written in 1914 by the name of an author called Forester. The Novel The Passage To India is one of the best of its times, is because it gets into very elaborate detial about what is going on in the 50 years. In this story it talks about racism and also alot about war time. And not to metion that World War II was going on in the last 50 years, so this book could be talking about what was going on in World War II, but to find this out you must read this exciting story. A quote from the a critic made was "This book is incredible, and one of my personal favorites. It's beauty is too easily overlooked, because elegantly subtle". Another quote is "Every aspect story telling is masterful: he prose is lush and nuanced, and every character is exquisitely drawn. Drawing from the slimmest plots, forster weaves what seemes to be a incident into a complex tapestry of emotion". What each quote means to me is that this book wa the best of its time, everybody should get a chance to read it. This novel has to do with my era because it talks about the last 50 years, and in these years contain war and racism. Which these are the main two themes in the novel.
      For my poem I did "The North Sea" by: Phillip Larking. Reading through this poem I thought it was alright, it wasn't the best thing that you would want to read but it is still good. This poem is the best piece of work of the last 50 years because, it talks about going on a journey or it's destiny being The North Sea. I can compare this to the last 50 years, becasue alot of ships would sail to their destiny. A quote from a critic that explains this poem and the last 50 years is "Larking was right about the flatness, so it would be an exxageration to describe this as a sort of "Mini-Manhattan". But the city gives off the unmistakable air of a place whose destiny has been shaped by the sea".
     The Invisible Man is also a great short story. It is also another short story that explains about the past. the story is mainly about how people see ghosts and they start to believe in them. A superb quote from this story that explains the whole idea is message from a critic which says " I first read this book about thirty years ago and have referred to it often. Man is obviously comprised on vehicles much subtler than the physical body. This work goes a long way to helping us understand those other vehicles and their signifiance to our own growth".
    For my song I decide to choose is "Wanabe" by the spice girls. The reason why I have selected this song is because they talk about having peace and love in the world and that is what we needed back fifty years ago. A quote from a critic explains what the song meant. And this is what he had to say "I thought I would never like avril I thought she was just a new girl trying to act hard. But when I heard her voice I've never heard anying more true I've been that guy on the other end. It made me feel guilty and wrong. I love to hear her music becuase its true and from the heart and she just trying to get out what she has inside. I would never need to see her to know her words and true and if one doesn't believe look at themselves".    
      last but not least I choose "The Circle" for my play by W. Somerset Maugham. In this play the main focus is about a murder case that revoltes in a circle. Bascially everything comes back to the main character. A quote from a critic is "This play is one of the best I have seen in years". It is very dramatic play and in my opionon I think that this play should be on broadway". The reason why this play fits my era is because it explains about killing going on in the last fifty years, and that is what mostly has been going on in the past fifty years.
       For my conclusion I will like to talk about how the english language has changed throughout the past fifty years. I truly believe the language has put in a dramatic change because fifty years ago alot of people would try their best to talk proper but now not a single person cares what they are saying. in todays society peope speak and write slang, and don't speak proper englsih. So, yes the English language has changed dramatically throughout the last fifty years.  But in writing books I don't think the english language has changed at all. But back in the 1800's english literature was alot different from now.