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Horton Foote, the screenwriter of this movie is attempting to recreate the tragic story in the novel. In the movie To Kill A Mockingbird, one of the main characters Atticus Finch, a lawyer defended a black man in a racial related case gave a big courtroom speech. The speech was an absolute risk to his reputation. Tom Robinson was his defendant, a black male, Atticus Finch being a white male. His speech took the whole audience by surprise because of his will to defend a black man. At the start of the trial it was obvious that the crowd and jury was in favor of the white female, Mayell Ewell. But as his speech continued attitudes changed for the people involved in the scandal. The effects of the speech started to take its toll.  
  Foote tries to keep the audience in suspense. He tries to make you react to racism and the determination of bringing a colored down. In this speech by Atticus Finch sends chills into the bodies of the Ewell Family. The young lady (Mayell Ewell) that was accusing Tom Robinson of beating her was starting to feel guilty. She started panicking and getting scared. Also her father was getting nervous. Atticus Finch spoke fear was going through their bodies. When Finch emphasizes on the word "guilt" Mayell gives a frightened look. The evidence was making Mr. Ewell nervous. What this speech sends is: fear, suspense, and anger.  
Foote uses foreshadowing in this courtroom speech. Also he uses writing tricks in his work. Harper(author)says: "Now I say "guilt", gentlemen, because it was guilt that motivated her"(Atticus Finch). This sentence represents alliteration.  
This speech also uses allusions to the Bible. This is because this is a racial related case. But Atticus Finch acknowledged that Tom Robinson was black and continued to defend him. This is treating all men equally as said in the Bible.  
This speech is ahead in time because a white man is defending a black man and is trying not to discriminate. He tries to avoid any evil or hatred towards a person with a different race. In this day, 2004, this is in some way portrayed. People avoid hatred and evil done to others with different race. This movie is still relevant today because America still goes through and has to deal with racial problems.



























William Wordsworth(1770-1850) was one of the many great writes of thr Romantic Age(1798-1832). EWordsworth demonstrated that poetry is a form of artistic expression. His poems were written for the common people and written in the common language. William Wordsworth was known for his classical poems. In the poem "To My Sister" he expresses his love to his sister. "To My Sister" has many examples of  rhyme scheme, symbolism, and meter.
One thing that Wordsworth work is known for are his rhyme schemes. He uses the same rhyme scheme in mostly all his poems. He uses an ABAB rhyme scheme. An example of his rhyme scheme is his first stanza of “To My Sister”. “ It is the first mild day of March: (A). Each minute sweeter than before (B) The redbreast sings the tall larch (A) That stands beside our door" (B). This rhyme scheme is noe extremely common in most modern day poems.
"To My Sister" has examples of symbolism. Symbolism is the use of somethiong to represent something else. Wordsworth uses symbolism in most of his works. " Love, now a universal birth" , and "It is the hour of feeling". In this line love is usesd as a symbol for universal bitrh and the hour of feeling.
This poem is a example of a meter poem . A meter poem has a rhythmatical pattern. "Then come, My sister! come, I pray, With speed put on yor woodland dress;". These lines show how the poem flows in a rhythmatical way. You can test this by scanning the line for its stong stress points and weak stress points.
Wordsworth had many writing tricks put together to make this poem. Wordsworth will always be known for his writing stlye. He wrote for the common people in the common language. Wordaworth will always be rememberd as one of the great writers of the Romantic Age.






























This century everything was advanced. The new technology allowed us to branch out on what was started before us. The differences are obvious. We made advances in music, literature, and technology. This essay sums up the excellence of the 20th century literature, songs, short stories, plays, and novels. The 20th century contributed to the great history of Great Britan.
In the 21st century the best band was the Beatles. Their lyrics and their melodies were catchy, and the whole world during the twenty-first century knew most of their songs by heart. The Beatles became recognized very quickly world wide as one of the best band in history. Throughout the 21st century, many artists became inspired by the Beatles music and did their music over. John Lennon wrote the song “Lucy in the sky with Daimonds”. LSD was the initials of the song. This is the name of a drug that they were accused of taking. John Lennon did not deny that the song was inspired by experience with acid.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone” is J.K. Rowling’s first book out of the series. J.K. Rowling offers up equal parts danger and delight, and any number of dragons, wizards, witches, and death-defying challenges. J.K. Rowling was once on welfare in Scotland, and was the first Billionaire author after her fourth book, which is 752 pages. This exciting, action filled book was purchased all over the world. “The most creative and original novel out there” says The New York Times Book Review.
  Ted Hughes, a British poet was born in 1903. He served as Poet Laureate to Queen Elizabeth II from 1984 until he died in 1998. As a major poet, he has been widely praised for his portrayal of nature in all its fierceness and primitive cruelty. Hughes uses verbal violence finding links between its universal force and the human condition. His first book of poetry  “The Hawk in the Rain” appeared in 1957 and brought him immediate success. Hughes’s fascination with nature and animals can be traced throughout his works. He eventually studied anthropology and archaeology because of this interest. The poems in “The Hawk in the Rain” are not about cozy little animals though, they have lines such as, “ I kill what I please because it is all mine” and “My manners are tearing off heads”. The Hawk is personified and speaks for itself. Other lines of the poem are: “Bloodily grabbed dazed last-moment-counting Morsel in the earth’s mouth, strain toward the master- Fulcrum of violence where the hawk hangs still.”9 Hughes has been called the most important figure to emerge on the British poetic scene since WWII.
The play "The Cure at Troy" was one that I felt had a lot of entertainment and excitement in it. It also teaches you about Troy and what happened. "The Cure at Troy," translated by Seamus Heaney offers a delightful translation of Sophocles "Philoctetes." With a compelling tale from ancient times laid out before him, Heaney applies colloquial speech diction to the play. This accessibility offers the audience a window into the basic moral struggle occurring at the heart of the work. A finely crafted story draws the reader to the characters. A worthwhile read." It is obvious that this reader thought it was a great play as well as I.
"Author!" by P.G. Wodehouse.  "I should risk it," this is a great line because if you don't risk anything nothing will happen to you in life.  In "Author!" P.G. Wodehouse is telling people to risk something to benefit from another thing. This story is definitely ahead of its time. This is an advanced short story because it involves modern day things like Telegraphs.
The 20th century held a lot of British history. I would not be surprised if it is written in history books in the future. Hopefully students in the future appreciate how the 20th century inspired their modern day technology, music, and literature.