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Last weekend, My mom and I were trying to find an old text that was written by someone in our family, but we werer haveing a tough time because we moved not to long ago and a bunch of our stuff is still packed away in boxes. Also we useually kepp most of our older belongings packed away and we dont use/look at them alot. Eventually, my mom came across an old journal that she had written about fifteen years ago. It was a diary of a baby.
This text is very important, and holds alot of family value because it was written by my mom when I was a baby right after I was born. She wrote about almost everything that I did as a baby on a day to day basis. My mom also wrote in the journal about other things that were happening and my dad and other friends or family members and what they thought. This makes the text even more important because not only is it written about me, but it also has other people in ,and involved in the text.
Compared to modern english today, it is almost exactly the same, if not exactly the same as modern english today because it was written only about fifteen years ago. I think that if a historian saw this text in a meuseam in one thousand years, even if he couldent read it all, I still think that he would think, and be able to tell that it was a journal of a family about a baby.






















A speech from the Movie Brave Heart, though short is a powerful and very meaningful one. The speech is given right before a major battle between the Scottish and the English. The english have overwhelming odds but William Wallace( Mel Gibson) to the scottish army.They are in fear and don't want to fight the english but he gives them hope and replenishes there courage by thelling them to keep hope.
     The intended effect of the speech is to still up sadness but also pride and courage in the audiance making them almost feel like part of the army that he is speaking to. The actual effect is just what was intended in that he really stirs up ur emotons. Even though u no its just a movie it really makes u feel like your in it.
     Tricks that the auther used when Wallace was giving the speech was that he started talking to the men about the reasons that they should fight and not run. He convinced then do fight and not run by talking to them about there futures "They mat take our lives but they may never take our freedom.” And how they would wish they had fought once they grew old and to not let the chance slip away while it was there no matter what the odds were. This really rieled then because the soldiers realized that he had a good point.
Another trick that was used by the auther was that he used good repetition by saying repeatedly throughout his speech “They will not take our…” and he used this trick to really get the point through that the troops really needed to stand and fight.
     This speech is way ahead of its time because when william wallace is speaking he talks about freedom and how amazingly important it is and even tho the concept isnt new the way he puts it " quote here" is unseen and new comparedm to what these people had thought previously. also the amazing results that he gets from speaking and the product of his speach making the men do what he wanted. There couldent have been many speakers up until today whos words were that strong to have people do there will.



























The seventeenth century was a time period of many great writers. But one who was probably the best was the playwright, poet, and actor William Shakespeare. He wrote many amazing plays that set new limits on the criteria of great works. His writing was revolutionary and helped make the renaissance what it was, and his ideas and trends are still followed today. A perfect example of his genius would be his novel the Merchant Of Venice which today is still one of his well known works just proving how long something so great can endure. It is a romantic satire that really makes you think and keeps you tied into the book and interested the whole time by using different techniques such as satire, suspense, and tragedy.
Besides being a great play and intriguing readers/viewers with its great plot, The Merchant of Venice has a lot of satire used in it. One example is when two woman dress up as men to impersonate a judge and a clerk. This is shown when: “…When we are both accoutered like young men,…” (p.60 line 63). This is especially humorous because during the period of time in which the play was written. Which might not have been noticed, but just the idea of a lady dressing up as men was preposterous which was very funny.  
Furthermore, another trick Shakespeare used was suspense. He used repetition to keep you in suspense when Bassanio went to try to win the hand of Portia and the servants kept repeating the task of choosing the correct casket. This proved to be very suspenseful when Portia says: “…Before you hazard; for, in choosing wrong, I lose your company…” (p.48 line 3). This quote shows how important a simple decision can be which causes suspense. It also starts another trend of authors leaving the conclusion or outcome of a story hanging by a thread which Shakespeare clearly does best out of the other writers of his time.
On the other hand, besides being full of comedy, the play includes a certain amount of tragedy. This is good because it keeps the audience on there feet and constantly interested. Also, it is the first time in a play that a man is forced in a court of law to pay in flesh or to allow himself to willingly be injured at the hands of Shylock which is apparent when he says: “…I rather choose to have A weight of carrion flesh then to receive three thousand ducats. (Money)” (p.65 lines 40-43). An example of this tragedy is when Antonio finds out that he has lost his fortune, and will be forced to give up a pound of flesh, which would touch the heart of any person.  
In Conclusion, between satire, suspense, and tragedy shown throughout the entire play, did their job, weather it is making you laugh, gasp, or cry. Because of the way in which Shakespeare completed these goals, this is one of the best plays ever written. A great piece of evidence that is a testament to this skill is that since The Merchant of Venice, he has been copied many times by either men dressing up as women or vise versa, and the idea of a court allowing for what could be considered inhuman justice. Three perfect popular current movies that show his impact are the satirical movie Mrs. Doughtfire (A man dresses up as a woman for love), The tragedy Armageddon (A man gives up his life willingly), and the suspenseful thriller The Rock (A huge threat sits in the hands of one man who can solve the problem by making a good decision.). These movies use the exact same tricks as the ones used from The Merchant of Venice, but they are just used in somewhat different context, which is proof that William Shakespeare came up with many great ideas still used today but just not used as well as him. And finally that satire, suspense, and tragedy in The Merchant of Venice are used better then in anything else.





























Throughout the past since the 1950's, many different and successful forms of literature have come out of England. It includes extensive pieces of literature such as novels short stories, and plays. It also included many famous poems and songs but amongst the bulk few have proven to be truly influential and revolutionary.
       The Group that I picked as the most important and revolutionary of the twentieth century was the who. The who originated in London England were they became a hit later moving to America. Their debut song "happy jack" started in 1969. Furthermore, The Who has proven there worth by the mass of other hits they’ve had such as pinball wizard, behind blue eyes, and The kids are all right. What’s better that proves there worth is that the group Limp Bizket which is a more current popular group just made a remake of The Whos hit “Behind Blue Eyes” showing what a worthy and truly great song it is. This is a very recent hit and it has been successful as it did when it first came out.
One of the greatest most influential English novels of the twentieth century Is really any one of the three books of the trilogy the "Lord of the Rings" written by J.R.R.Tolkien. Evidence of The great importance of these stories is the size of their popularity and how long they have lasted and now become popular. The trilogy consisted of the three popular books the fellowship of the Ring, The Two towers, and the return of the king. An example of there greatness is that they lead to 3 recent extremely popular and after such an extended period of time.
Additionally, A very famous and commonly published set of short stories were those of sherlock Homes and the most influential/best known of them being the hound of baskerville. Similar to the lord of the rings, Sherlock homes popularity and longevity is shown by the frequency of new versions and publications of it and its popularity on television in TV shows and multiple movies.
Throughout the twentieth century there have been great british poets but none of them compare to Ted Hughes. One of his greatest works was The Thought-Fox which is a complex poem refering to life that set a trend for other modern day writeers like himself.