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On my way home from school I started to brainstorm who I could ask for a piece of written work from the past. I started calling different family members and asking them if they had anything I could use for my class. I called countless aunts, unclesand cousins to see if they had anything I could use for this English assigment. Then when I got home I had asked my mother if she had anything I could use for this essay. My mom handed me a letter dated 1997 that was written to my family. The letter was written by a friend of the family. It was written as a thank you for our friendship and kindness. She felt the need to express in writing how special and significant our involvement with her had become. The reason this letter was saved was  because it described something that effected  another human being in a way that was never anticipated. Nothing was truely done out of the ordinary and only involved concern, respect and copassion for another human being, The letter showed how cold things can be in the world when simple kindness, respect and involvement could create such a special message of gratitude and acknowledgment. The simple thing that was done should be the norm in all-human interactions, however we all know this is not the case. I had tracked down my sister to ask her a few questions about this letter. Caitlin who does you thinks wrote this letter? “I am not sure it could be from an aunt or uncle”. How old do you thing this piece of writing is? “Maybe three or four years old”. Are there any words you don’t know? “No they all seem formulary to me”. If this piece of writing was in a museum what would the guide say about it? “He would say that this person was very thankful for something that some did for them. For not really reading the piece of writing my sister figured out what the over all message of the letter was.













Seems like these books get heaver every year”, says Marley in the Christmas favorite A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens. This is a story of a man who has forgotten the meaning of Christmas and needs three spirits to remind him what Christmas is all about. This story is one my favorite Christmas stories and I am sure there are many other children of all ages who love it as well.  
In a dramatic scene of the play Scrooge is awakened during the min-night hour of Christmas Eve by an unsuspecting but familiar figure from his past. Scrooge, however, was shocked that his acquaintance from the past was a ghost!  In this scene he effectively uses the script to create an atmosphere of surprise on the stage which is dramatic. During the beginning of this scene when scrooge doubts what he sees, Dickens effectively uses dramatic pauses, to emphasize the emotions that Scrooge is experiencing. I feel that this leaves the audience speculating as to what Scrooge is going to say even before he opens his mouth. Throughout this scene the pauses which the audience do not probably notice, is what impacts their emotions in response to the dialogue between Scrooge and the ghost of Marley. Dickens uses these pauses in just about every line throughout the dialogue in this scene.
 In this part of the play I think one of the scarcest parts for the character of Scrooge is when he had just been awakened by the ghost of his old business partner and good friend Marley. Then Marley starts telling him that he will end up the same way as a ghost in chains if he does not change his ways. He must have been feeling really bad about himself at that point in the play.  
 Dickens gives Scrooge a second chance in life by making a deal to change the way he is living his life. Just like in life we get second chances. we could change the way we do things just like scrooge did by changing.



























During the renaissance there were many great writers that stood out but there was one who was the most famous in my opinion and he was William Shakespeare. He stood out from the rest in many different ways in particular with his writing style and willingness to change and experiment with it, which gave him unique characteristics and styles of writing for the times.  
Shakespeare was a gifted and well-known writer who like many artists struggled overtime. His works have continued to be used and respected by schools and famous theatrical companies throughout the world. His plays and works that are considered the premium of theatrical experience remain a tribute to this special man.  His “Romeo and Juliet” is one of his most well known and loved pieces of work that he created and improved upon from other writers work. Actually the original form of “Romeo and Juliet” that he worked from was a poem by Arthur Brooke.
 There are many themes within the screenplay that no one writer of that time period had ever really touched upon before, such as the act of one taking their life for love. In the play Shakespeare dares to show love and passion devoured by the tragedy and hatred between their two families, expanding upon the original poem in only a way Shakespeare could. He uses the feuding families as a test for the two lovers and makes you hope that their love will pull them through. It seems that this pure love was doomed from the beginning.
  No other writer from the same time period created works like Shakespeare, nor anyone after him. At the end of the play when Romeo commits suicide because he thinks that his lover Juliet is already dead and Juliet kills herself when she actually wakes up to find Romeo dead and then kills herself demonstrates a tragic irony in Shakespearean style.   
  No other writer of this time period can match his creativity and dramatic endings. That is why Shakespeare is in a league of his own.  

























The 20th century has been an age of inspirational ideas and trends of thinking. A new age of imagination has marked the turning point of thinking out side the box. Now it is an age of creating things that have never been thought of and saying thing that has never been said or may not have been acceptable by society’s standers. This age includes works from George Orwell a play such as phantom the opera written be mark Leeper the music of the who and short story from Seamus McManus and A.E Houseman. All of these works have gone out side the norms of their social construct and  what people think is supposed to be .
The song that I have selected for the twentieth century was by the band the Who they wrote the song who are you. This song was a smash hit during the 70es and continues to be a favorite among both adults and youth today .The reason I picked  this song was because it challenges the norms by asking question the primary question being “who are you”? I think that this is most likely the best quote from the song asking a very important question that most people would avoid and have trouble asking.
George Orwell’s thriller 1984 was a scary look into the future from the past and much is relevant to life today. This book shows what the world could be like within a communist government where individuality is challenged. The novel shows the negative aspects. It shows how good free countries have it today.1984 show communism as it could if the world was under the rule of it.  
Phantom of the opera is one of the most popular brood way shows ever. Mark Leeper who wrote the opera with the theme of a man falling in love with a woman but his physical appearance was hideous. The physical appearance was only skin deep to the woman. But the woman ends up falling in love with him. But towards s the end in a dramatic finish he dies trying to save her. This challenges the idea of how we portray we live our lives today.
The poem I selected was the Loveliest of the trees by A.E. Housman. This poem is about birth and the development of the child and shows that something so small can grow up and be something big and significant to the world.  The theme is that they grow up fast and you can’t get the years back that you have missed “twenty will not come again”(line 6).  That is a good quote for the 20th century that it will never come back again.
Seamus McManus the bewitched fiddle  
Is a classic Irish story about a man who lived in Ireland and was trying to support his family by playing his fiddle in the streets during the great potato famine, which hit Ireland? This short story shows how desperate people had become in order to feed their family. This was the story of the desperation many Irish families during that time period.
The reason I have chosen selections is because in each of them they show something different about the 20th century whether it be good or bad. These are the stores, songs, plays and works of literature that show the 20th century, as I would want it to.