expletus est

for excellence in writing






essay the first
















Top Honors: Michael Clark, Great Grandfather Charlie

Honorable Mention: Jay Spahr, Stolen Honda

Honorable Mention: James Tobin, Must Do











Top Honors: Patrick Totten, Dear Mr. Hopkins

Honorable Mention: Robert Macrelli, Dear Mr. Arnold

Honorable Mention: Richard Regan, Dear Mr. Gardner





for excellence in theatrics:

      Best scene: F class, 5.3

      Best screenplay: D class, 5.5








Top Honors: Paul Politsopoulos, "Fire, Famine, and Slaughter"

Honorable Mention: Dan Adjemian, "Ghosts"

Honorable Mention: Richard Regan, "The Horse's Last Drunk"


essay the second












essay the third










essay the fourth