Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America



















My Family's Proudest Moment

As I searched for a story that is an old and cherished one in my family I decided to write about something that not only shows one of my families proudest moments, but also, one of our nations proudest moments. In this time of crisis that our nation is undergoing I think it is extremely important for young people to have some pride in their American heritage and to start showing it.

Choosing this story wasn't easy to do because of the abundance of proud moments on both sides of my family, but I believe that this one is a great example to show how proud I am of all my family Members. I chose a well known story that my parents constantly remind me of because of how it fills them with as much pride as it does to me. When World War II broke out my grandfather, Joseph Ferris, was still a young man with a whole life ahead of him, however, like most young men of his generation, his life was about to be drastically changed forever.

He was called to pick up arms for his nation when things looked bad for the Allied Powers in the war. Although many men served in this war, very few can say that they fought in more than one of the many theaters of this war. Joe was called upon to fight the Axis Powers on both the European and Pacific fronts. Hecourageously traveled halfway across the world to fight on foreign lands for his nation.

Joe's bravery is a great example of American sacrifice and pride. He sacrificed the youth he still had left and fought for the nation he loved. He proudly went into combat and traveled to distant, and foreign lands because he cared about his nation so much. Young Americans today need to look at stories like this of the past and reconsider how lucky they are and how proud they should be to live in the USA This story of courage and bravery is a great example for me to realize how lucky I am and how proud I am to be an American.












It is a average occurrence to find yourself mind boggled by nature's wonders, there are natural treasure all over the world. However, nature, like everything else in life has unappreciated and unknown beauty that is unique and special. As Thoreau stated "Most men, even in this comparatively free country, through mere ignorance and mistake, are so occupied with the factitious cares and superfluously coarse labors of life that its finer fruits cannot be plucked by them". They are of my backyard is no mystic waterfall or enormous canyon that is known all over the world, it goes unnoticed and overlooked everyday. My yard is an average American one, with rocks, trees, grass, scrubs, and other plants, and over the past two weeks I have studied and observed it, to find that it is indeed just as important to nature as any other natural wonder.

During my observations the yard had no drastic changes, in fact, it is almost a mirror image of the yard I started observing two weeks ago. One constant observation I had was that this yard had barely any interaction with the outside world. Now I truly understand what it means to be unappreciated in nature. Animals are the only life form that interact with it, and even that is limited, especially in this cold weather.

So why is this and so many other "forgotten areas" neglected by the outside world? Should it be rejected because it doesn't seem to have an important role in nature? I have found out that this and many other spots are indeed no natural wonders, however these forgotten natural spaces have their own beauty. It is a very unique beauty and it gives the natural spot it's American identity and purpose.

My spot has gone unnoticed and unappreciated for too long, now I have recognized that it is just as important and unique as any other part of nature. I have also realized that it represents American nature to perfection because of it's beauty and uniqeness. I know that it will no longer be over looked by me or even harmed or littered by me because I have a new understanding and respect for this natural treasure.











A Horrible Sandwich

      It was an average Monday morning study until I laid eyes on the most disgusting eatable object

I've ever seen. When Cliff came back to the table with it, he was actually pondering over whether to

eat it or not, however the group convinced that it would be harmful to his health if he did.
     "It doesn't look so bad," said Cliff  "It looks eatable to me."
     "Cliff, your making me sick right now. Please, for the good of the table, throw that disturbing

thing away." Remarked Brian.
       The sandwich was an absolute culinary disaster, it was a piping hot combination on bacon,

eggs, and cheese all surrounded by a pale, unhealthy looking bagel. It is normally a crowd favorite

in the cafeteria, but today was certainly an exception. For some strange reason, however, Cliff

couldn't realize that this sandwich was a disaster. We tried and tried to convince him to do himself a
favor and throw it away.
      "That piece of work is an embarrassment to everything that the C.M. Cafeteria has ever stood

for." , I told Cliff as I tried to keep my distance from the awful aroma of the eggs.
        After about five minutes of attempting to change Cliff's mind, but his hunger still lingered for

the sandwich. Finally he made his mind up, he was going to try it dispite our point of view. After

one bite he realized his terrible mistake.
       "Awww, that's no go, get this thing away from me!", Cliff proclaimed about two seconds after

the bite.
         Immediately after the bite, he realized his ridiculous mistake and he was cursing at the

sandwich on the way to the wastebasket to throw away this disgrace of a sandwich.











     Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" is one of the most renowned American poems ever, and it is very deserving of this status. Poe uses extrodinary language devices and perfects his poetic style in this poem. "The Raven" is a poem that tells a captivating story and at the same time is a poetic masterpiece. Very few poems can be considerded a novel or can contain such a moving story, but "The Raven" is a pefect example of this.

    "The Raven" has two main characters, one is the raven itself and the other is a deranged man who thinks the raven is speaking to him. Many people feel that this physcotic man is a
representation of Poe himself. This man's emotions are strongly translated by Poe; "Eagerly I wished the morrow;- vainly I had sought to borrow", this line shows the man's uncomfort and paranoia. I firmly believe that Poe uses this man as a symbol of himself, because Poe was also very mentally unstable.

    The other main character in the poem is the raven itself. Poe personifies the bird as a dark and scary character who is also very mysterious and drives the man insane. He is very repetitive, constantly repeating the word "Nevermore" is what drives the man crazy. "Prophet! Thing of evil!- prophet still, if bird or devil" is a quote that shows the darkness and evilness that the raven represents.

    The literary stlye used in "The Raven" is very well known as some of the darkest scariest styles ever used. Poe wants his poem to come off as dark and frightening; "What this grim,
ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore" this line shows Poe's attempt to keep the poem frightening.

  "The Raven" is a poem that will be world renowned forever because of the passion that Poe has in his writing. The literary style he uses and the captivating characters he has are what makes this poem so extraordinary.