Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America






























When my mother was a little girl her mother use to tell her a story, and it was about how lucky she was to be in a family. My mother use to lie in bed and listen to this story and she imagined the things she was saying. She uses to say, before you go to bed pray for the people who are going to bed and donít have anything. You should be grateful that you rest your head in a warm house, donít go to sleep hungry, lucky that when you were born there was nothing wrong with you. She used to lie there and she was very young and didnít think anything of it but as she got older those things she said mean more than what they did when she was little. When I was a little boy I use to go to bed and my mother would come in and tell me a story. She would say the same thing my grandmother said to her and I thought nothing of it. I would say sure and go to bed thinking nothing of it. As I grew up I start to be thankful for the things I have and that the story now means more to me than it did when I was little and it means more to my mother because she is the one taking care of me. So when I get older and have kids I will tell hem this same story that she told me, and my grandmother told my mother. It will mean more to me when I am older and I have to support a family and that there lives are depending on me to take care of them so be thankful for the things you get.
















"Whenever I sat, there I might live, and the landscape radiated from me accordingly." I lay on the bench in my backyard, and looked up to the sky. When i looked up, a massive tree towers over me, covering me with its blanket of shad. This tree is a tree of power, a tree of strength, a tree that would take twenty men to take down, a tree that stretches from the ground to the sky.

 I watched this tree for many days, writting down what I heard,saw and tasted in the air. The tree had branches like a maze going in every direction, like arms reaching out to touch . A tree with leaves falling, falling like snowflakes from the sky. A tree not for climbing, but for shad, shelter. Birds build their nests in the branches of the maze. A tree that dies every year, and comes back to life. This tree is a symbol of power and strength, and stands tall in the back of my yard overlooking my house.

  The tree is a part of my house, when we bought the house, it was there. I dont know when it was planted, and who planted it. What made them pick that exact spot and why. When I am older and i have kids and no longer living in the house I'm in now, I bet the tree will still be standing tall. This tree is a natural spot in nature that will live to see many changes in its lifetime that I will not be around for and able to see the things it has seen.










One day John and Bill where walking to the store. Bill says to John, What do you want to do tongiht. John says movies maybe, I dont care. As there walking to the store, they see a man walking down the street, with a sly walk to him. The man is wearing a top hat, with a suit and a cane. He stops the boys and say "how you fellas doin today" Bill and John both say not bad. The man introduces himself as Earl and says "lovely day out today huh" Bill says ya it is much better than the snow we had the past couple of days. Earl says to John and Bill can I ask your oppion on something, they both agree. How do you like my new gold teeth, I just got them done. Both the boys started laughing in ahh, over the mans teeth. John says at least it is something original, Earl says ya thats what I was going for. Bill says well you shore have it now there is no way someone could miss you. Earl says great Im glad you boys agree with me. Earl says well I must be on my way now or Im going to miss my bus, Earl says it was nice talking to you guys. Bill and John say bye, and watch the man start running down the street for the bus. All of a sudden Earl lost his footing on a patch of ice and slipt and fell on his head. Both Bill and John came running over and asked Earl if he was alright. Earl replied by laughing at the whole ordeal. Bill and John helped Earl up from the ground and dusted him off. Earl said I cant thank you boys enough for your help. Bill and Jonh tell him not to worry about it. Earl says well i must be on my way now and thanked the boys again and stuck out his hand and shook both there hands. Earl said to the boys here is a little something for your help and the boys didnt know what he was talking about. Earl turned quickly away and left and both the boys looked in the hand and realized that Earl had slipted them each a hundred dollar bill. Both the boys started jumping up and down in joy and Bill asked John so what do you want to do tonight, John said something expensive. Botht the boys realized there help paid off.












ďA Noiseless Patient SpiderĒ is an excellent poem by Walt Whitman. In this poem Whitman takes the life of a spider and puts it into his poem by taking daily acts the spider does to survive. He wrote poetry to convey his passionate belief in the spiritual unity of all forms of life.
     A noiseless spider doesnít go on the hunt it waits for its pry to come to it. The spider stands isolated hiding in a corner. The spider hides in the dark space where it can not be seen working noiseless. It surrounds itself in oceans of space, were it builds its maze of web, waiting patient for something to come by. The spider waits as it ventures in its web as its continuing to build his bridge, his home, his hunting ground, where he sits patient waiting noiseless.
     When his pry comes by it gets stuck in its trap and the spider launches itself striking quick and noiseless. His web has held up after all the building the spider has put into his trap. ďAll the work the spider has put in to building its home, it is now complete until someone walks into it or a gust of wind comes he has to start over building a better stronger one.Ē

     The spider is like us in a way, we stand isolated in a corner, lost in oceans of space. The spider that is only a small part of the world just like us, doing its own thing. Walt Whitman was a patient man, who was noiseless just like the spider putting his words into poems to be read. When we read his poem we get a picture of a spider, but we donít know what kind of spider he is talking about. It could be a powerful spider that can kill or a tiny spider that you donít even notice. Whitmanís passionate belief for all forms of life, he is just not talking about the spider he is talking about the surrounding of the spider, which deals with nature. When a spider kills it has been waiting patient for its food but yet it doesnít eat its pry when it attacks it saves it for later being patient.


































      The word sport has to do with exercise, physical skill, strengh, and endurance. Players put time and effort to try and become the best they can be at the sport they play. Founded in 1975, United States Rugby is composed of 37 Local areas. More than 43,000 players belong to high school, collegiate, and senior level rugby clubs in all 50 states. Rugby is played in more than 100 countries, first in England and grew worldwide.(USA Rugby Football Union)
     On May 5, 1874 it was the first recored game on American soil. There were no records of the match and no one knows who won the game. This sparked an intrest in American soil nation wide. As American rugby's popularity began to grow, rugby soon became an Olympic sport. Shortly after the 1924 Olympics, rugby was removed from the Olympics and the sports growth in America began to collapse.(International Olympic Committee)
       The men's national team is made up of the very best American rugby players. Eric Weissel Oval looked at the fans at a sold out game. "Surrounded by people on roofs, houses, boeling clubs, and looking through and window that gave them a brief view of the ground." After the game people were coming up to me asking to sign there shirt."I was proud to be a profestional player." "Never in my life has someone wanted me to sign something so they could remember my name." "People look up to me for playing the sport I love."(Thecko)
          The collegiate all-american squad is selected from the American athletes who play professional rugby overseas and the best amateur club players from within the United States. John Mac " I am from Ireland and play rugby, never have I see the love Americans have for the game they play with a passion." Moving over here as a school teacher, I play on club teams for fun. They play not for fun, they play hard and extreme like there is no tommorrow"  "Americans take things, and play to a different level, not like we played over in Ireland." They would take your head off if they could.(Geoff Foster)
          The under 19 National Team is called the U-19 National Boys Team. Critics dont agree that they should have this team. " They train the player to his full ability teaching him how to play the game." All the time they are teaching and training players, it is outragous the money Americans will pay. "Players will pay anything to see their son make it to the top." Some times it just takes hard work and if you have that drive to achive your goal. This league is just a "big money maker" that has no point when they could learn to play like everyone in the past has learned.(Javed Hamidi)