Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America

















How My Parents Met

One day after school, I was doing my homework. I came to my English homework and the assignment was to find an old family story. I could not think of a story at that moment so I decided to put it off until my mother got home. Once my mother got home I asked her for a story. We sat at our kitchen table and she told some ideas for the assignment. After fifteen minutes of thinking what story I should write about, I came to the desicion to write about how my parents met. It interested me to learn how I came to be. My mother was working as a waitress in a restaurante in Dorchester called "Linda May's".

My father, who she did not know, was the cook. They had worked for months together and spoke only few words to each other. One day my mother was wiatressing to a group of roudy guys. After one of the guys made a rude comment to my mother, my dad came out of the kitchen and through every one of them out of the restaurante.After that day my parents began to date and a year and a half later they got married. This story really meant a lot to me because it showed me many things about my father that I did not know before. If it wasn't for my father that day me and my sister would have never been, that is what I like most about this story.












An American Will To Survive

     As I was with my dog in my backyard one day. I noticed an old looking bush in the
middle of my yard. It was not the only one in my yard but the fact that it was in the center
drew into gazing apon it. I sat there for a little while and just plainly looked at it for a
while and I did not know why really, I had passed the bush a million times and never paid
any attention to it before this day. Maybe it was the unbelievable warm weather we were
having on that Autumn day, but whatever it was I stared at that bush and began see that it
was supposed to be dead right now. This far into the season it was supposed to be dead
and bare like most of the other things around it, but it wasn’t losing any of its leaves it
was surviving. The bush was fighting everything, all its surroundings refusing to die.

    For the next two weeks I observed the bush’s continuing struggle to survive. Even
when death fell from the surrounding trees and was all around it. I helped it sometimes by
raking the dead leaves around it. This bush is my American place, I saw the American
spirit, I saw the American will to survive through this simple bush. Through refusing to
lose its leaves I saw a strong spirit and will in it, a will that says even when all the cards
are stacked against me I am not going to fold, I refuse to.

    Theareau said “ Time is a river I go a fishing in.” For those two weeks that bush cut its
bait and stopped fishing. For those two weeks time had no effect on that bush.












A group of were gathered around a lunch table last peiod on a Monday. The boys were sharing stories about thier weekends and telling jokes that they knew.

One of the students named steve stood up and shouted "I have a good joke"

"Okay lets hear it." said another student named Will.

Steve took a deep breath then began  " one day a man walked into a bar and sais..Ouch!"
All of the boys sat there with emotionless faces, noone came close to cracking a smile. And sfter about a minute of awkward silence Will stood up and "That was the worst joke I've ever heard , it is the worst of the worst. Don't ever tell that joke to another human being for as long as you live."

And then they all had a good chuckle.












    Emily Dickinson lived a short and secluded life, with many turns for the worse along the way. She expressed her emotions through her secret poems and stories. In her poem "Water is taught by thirst" Dickinson touches on events that everyone goes through in their lives, and the constant feeling that they have after these events. Dickinson talks of the sense of having something great and then losing it, we realize how important those things once we lose them.

    Dickinson reminds us that through everyone's life they experience one of these losses and goes through a period of wanting something that they can't have anymore and realize it to late. "Water is taught by thirst" Everybody does not appreciate what they have until it is gone and we cannot get it back. Something as simple and unappreciated as water is taken for granted, until we are thirsty.

    Dickinson uses examples from ordinary life in her writings, writing about experiences that people go through in their lives. For example "Transport - by throe." Transport meaning pleasure and throe meaning pain, Dickinson says that people go through both times of pleasure and of pain in life. During times of pleasure there is no care about pain. And in times of pain there is an emptiness and a wanting for times of pleasure. During times of pain a person would do any thing to get back to the " good " times.

    Dickinson's most important example is that of love, and the loss of love in a person's life. Everyone falls in love at one time or another , and everyone gets hurt by the loss of love. Dickinson writes   "Love, by memorial mold" meaning sometimes we don't know we love or how much we love someone until they are out of our lives. Sometimes people just don't know they love each other until  they are separated from one another, and sometimes they never get back together , usually by the death of one.

    Emily Dickinson teaches a lesson in " Water is taught by thirst." she tries to teach us that we have to realize what we have before we lose them forever. Too many times in too many people's lives we don't know how important the we have are until it is ultimately too late. Dickinson tries to help us open our eyes and see the real important things/ people in our life before we lose them forever.















   What is a sport? A sport is an activity that test every limit of the human body. A sport brings a person’s body to the edge of breaking , brings a person’s mind to a new
level of comprehension, a sport  is a way to show everyone how far you can go, what you are truly made out of. Rugby is a sport. From afar rugby looks like just a bunch of big
guys running up and down a long field, chasing this odd looking ball, and beating each other senseless, with no type of padding what so ever. From afar that’s all it is, but when
you are on the field, rugby will undoubtedly change anyone who dares attempt it. According to myth the mammoth game was founded in 1823 at the Rugby School in England when a man named William Webb Ellis was playing a game of football, or soccer. And disregarding the rules picked up the ball and started running around with it and was tackled to the ground by the other players on the field. This is said to be the birth of rugby. And throughout the years it has become one of the toughest sports in the world, a sport that brings out the toughest in every person, a sport that truly test the limits of the human body.
     Rugby has been called an addiction. Throughout the world millions of people play this sport risking severe injury, more so than any other sport because of the lack of
padding, but people just don’t care. All kinds of people can play this sport, young or old, big or small, strong or fast. All you have to be to play rugby is tough, and if your not
rugby will make you tough extremely fast. In one case a forty three year old man named Jack Clark joined his local team in Virginia as a rookie! While channel surfing one night
Clark came across a rugby match and can remember saying “Oh this must be rugby I’ve heard of this.” and turned it off after twenty minutes. Then waking up the next morning
and thinking about the matches the night before. So then Clark tuned into the matches the next week and watched the entire thing.(McLain)Interested in what he had just seen Clark
looked into rugby locally and found a team. After talking with the coach he decided to watch the team practice. Clark says “I watched the practice session, thought this was nuts.
I’m too old for this crap; I’ve never done anything like this before in my life. Then I watched a game and said to myself ‘No I definitely do not want to do this.”( McLain)
Clark was still attracted to the game however and after thinking it over for the summer he decided to attempt the insane sport. There are millions of people throughout the world that are just like Jack Clark who just get a little look at the game and become infatuated with it, risking so much in their lives. They play the game to show themselves how far
they can be pushed , the rush of playing with people who are feeling the same energy running through their body that you are.
     Rugby is an addiction, but it is a tough addiction. People risk so many injuries to their bodies during their careers and having nothing to show for it after. Rugby has only
been on a professional level for a few years and many of its players are to preoccupied with playing at a professional level that they forget that their careers are short lived, due
to the extreme toughness of the sport,  and do not plan properly for after their careers. This dilemma has caught the eye of many rugby critics saying “ Due to its rising
popularity, the sport is being contaminated with uneducated Neanderthals.” This has opted the NZRFU ( New Zealand Rugby Player’s Association )to implant training
programs that help players after their careers are over.( Sanson ) This is not an easy task however says Sanson “ People think that these players have so much free time when
actually they have very little during the season. Its usually in three or four hour blocks that these players must learn to manage their futures.” In its early years rugby is hitting a
few bumps, but in hopes to insure a good life after the sport for the professional players is why these types of organizations are working for.      
     This incredibly tough sport has a way of making its players have very short careers. It takes a severe toll on the people that attempt to master it. And with the sport
rising on the professional level around the world your favorite player one week may not be there the next. People battle back from every type of injury to keep playing the game,
its the addiction of seeing how much the sport can bring out of you. In one case a professional England by the name of Mike Tindall is coming back from a sever knee injury to play against Scotland. Tindall says “ During my injury time which was about seven months in all, there were points when I thought it wasn’t ever going to get better. It was hard but now I have changed a lot of things in the way I think about rugby. I go out there now to love rugby and to love what I am doing. Sometimes you forget that but now I think about playing the game in front of 70,000 people. It’s just a challenge, something I enjoy. It  has been a refreshing look at it.”( Mowbray )
     A lot of people are skeptical of people that play rugby. They think they are nuts and just like to hurt people or get hurt. That is not it at all, rugby in my definition is sport.
It will test anyone in every way possible, test that show a person’s true character. Rugby has inspired many things around the world whether it be sports like it for example
American Football which many Europeans say is the rugby with pads, or more importantly the people that play it to strive to become stronger and better than they were before.