Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America


















   Days on end,I see people go by.Not even looking sometimes.maybe on their way to work, maybe on their way to a better life.But always passing not stopping to look at this beautiful sight of nature. This tree with its leaves hanging over the sidewalk producing shade in the summer and blanketing you, for that brief five seconds, from the blistering snow in the winter. This tree with its trunk so wide that it would need three people holding each others hands to circle around it. A stem on this tree tat is so large that it comes out from the tree then shoots down to the ground and back up again.

           When I go to this tree I get a sense of feeling “ That I am a transparent eyeball through nature.” I notice many things. How the wind, when as it hits the leaves, pushes them as if a group of people were on each side pushing and pulling the tree back and fourth. As I walk towards the tree I feel the ground beneath me like a rock. The leaves brushing over my feet when the wind pushes them and cracking under my feet as I step on them. The bark of the tree so cold because of the fridged air. When I touched the tree I noticed that my hand stayed glued on the tree because my warm hand had over shadowed the cold bark warming it to a sense that the tree was thanking me for my comfort. Winter was approaching and the tree knew it and had nothing but its bark to protect it. That tree had survived many years and would get through this year too.

           When I step out onto the sidewalk I see a view of the ocean sparkling as the sun beams across it. I see a great vie of the John F. Kennedy Museum. But it seems to me that every time I go there the taste in the air is the same. Stepping up to it or walking away, I’m always reminded of when I was a kid and how I would always go down to the beach and play. And even though this tree does not have human qualities, it gives you that sense of how old this tree is and of the many things it has seen over the years. “The tree that has seen to much” they should call it. Over the years this tree has been a protector of the secrets that lay throughout South Boston.

           Maybe people are to busy or maybe they just don’t have time to acknowledge this tree that has been standing in this virsinity since my great grandmother and grandfather and maybe even before that. But it will always be there waiting for the next person to walk by and notice it elegance. But to me this old tree will always be important to our nation, it will always be important to South Boston, it will always be important to me. And being a “Transparent eyeball in nature” is what its all about. We should walk down the street and be able to notice small trees or the large fields of grass. Nature surround us and we should make use of the many beautiful things it has to offer to us.









Throughout the years of my life I have had one competitor. His name is Joe, he is my best and closest friend. Our favorite sport is basketball we play it all the time in the summer and even shovel out the driveway in the winter so we can get one game in. But the challenge we like most is the slam-dunk contest.

Steve: “ What do you want to do today Jim?”
Jim: “I don’t really know want to have a game of b-ball?”
Steve: “Your gunna get smoked.”
Jim: “We’ll see.”

Narrator: So we went into my backyard and we both decided to have a slam-dunk contest. This was after we shoveled out the driveway too.

Steve: “Your up first, three rounds ok?”
Joe: “Suits me.”
Joe: “ No you know what, I always get first you go first this time.”
Steve: “ Ok, fine.”

Narrator: Before we started we packed the back of the audible hoop so that it wouldn’t move when we dunked. We started off and I won the first round with a straight up dunk. I lost the second round because of a near collision with the ground. If you don’t know what that means ill tell you , I tripped.

Narrator: When you get to a third round situation things always get interesting. So both of us were going to pull good moves out of our sleeves.

Steve: “Ok, watch this.”

Narrator: I ran up and gave myself an allyoup of the backboard and slammed the ball of the rim making it bounce and then fall into the hoop.

Joe: “Come on will ya.”
Joe: “ This games over right now.”

Narrator: Joe runs up to the hoop jumps into the air and does a helicopter dunk slamming it into the hoop. Joe won the match and thought it would be a smart move to hang on the rim with both hands. If you could’ve only seen the look his face when the hoop started to fall forward right into the ground.


Narrator: The thud sounded so loud, but I still couldn’t help myself because I had to laugh at Joe shaking frantically to get out from underneath the heavy hoop.

Steve: “Good thing you decided it would be a good idea to go last huh Joe? HaHaHa, yup you took a lot of weight off of my shoulders.

Joe: “Real funny. Now get this thing off of me.”











       James Russell Lowell has never picked out what life really is until he wrote this poem. I’ve never been a person to read a poem and after sit down and think and be astonished by the words that I have just assorted in my head. The First Snowfall was the “First poem” that had brought that type of felling to my attention. A father now just a man without one of his darling little daughter. In the poem the man has another daughter but could he really be called, in full a father if one of his daughters is gone. Yes, maybe to the other daughter but in his mind he truly is a father that has lost a piece of his life. Maybe he lost her when the birds were singing there songs on the branches of the summer trees or maybe when The leaves were slowly developing piles onto the ground, but either way whether in the summer, spring or fall he lost something that can never be replaced. This poem really made me think about what life is really about and I started to wonder what I would do if I lost someone that close to me and I honestly don’t think word can explain the way someone would feel.
          The First Snowfall Is a poem that relates to how precious life really is and the pain someone would go through if they lost a life that meant so much to them. I’ve been fortunate not to lose a parent or a sibling. Though I still wonder what I would do and how I would react to such a tragedy like that. This poem shows us what life really means and how we should cherish it while we have it with us. Life’s to important to let slip by our hands and this poem has shown me that its much to precious to pass us by.