Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America

















When I was ten years old my grandfather took me out for lunch. My grandfather told me about how he got to America. The thing I remember the most from what he told me was how he spent his first day in America. I found this to be the most interesting because he was ten years old and I was ten years old at the time he told me. At age ten my grandfather was all on his own on the trip to America. He came to live with his uncle who sent for him. When my grandfather got off the crowded boat his uncle was suppose to be there to meet him. After the dock area emptied out my grandfather noticed no one was coming to get him. He told me he was so excited to be in America that he didn’t care at the time.

My Grandfather just wanted to walk around the whole city and explore so he did. He said he got off the boat at like 6 in the morning and probably walked through the whole city until 10 at night not knowing what direction he was going. When he started to get tired he became worried that he had no place to go. I thought of myself being ten years old and how nervous I would be thinking I was on my own with no place to go. He found a park and he fell asleep on a bench. After only a few hours of sleeping this old looking guy with an Irish accent asked him if he was all right and asked for his name was.

My grandfather told him his name and the guy said come with me. Not knowing any better he went with him. When they enter the house everyone starts cheering welcome Matthew and my grandfather recognized his grandmother. He realized that was his uncle who just found him and how lucky he was.












   On earth there are many places that are undiscovered or not noticed by people. These are special places with special features. Next to my house is a place were only the animals roam. After almost two weeks I discovered this more than just a side yard.
    For thirteen days I watched and analyzed this piece of land. On certain days I noticed I noticed big changed and on other days i noticed little change. But on everyday there was a change you would only noticed if you watched it like I did. Changes varied from a new group of leaves, animals, or trash.
   The first week the changes started off minor. Leaves were falling with grass dying and color of leaves changing. The end of the week a major change took place a tree was leaning towards my house and had to be cut down from this area.
   Second week was different it started getting very cold. Everything seemed so bare. there was many more animals than usual. They were preparing for the long winter ahead of them. they were gathering food and looking for a place to hybrinate.
   This was a learning experience analyzing this piece of land. This land is important maybe not to humans but for animals. this is my piece of land in America that I discovered.














John and Timmy were best friends they did everything together. John was a real trickster always playing tricks on Timmy. Timmy was gullible and usually fell for his tricks. This is the time when Timmy got it real bad.
I'll get the drinks you put the movie in, john said. OK, I want a Pepsi, Tim said. A minute later John came in with a smile on his face with the two drinks.
What did u do to my drink, John I don't trust you. John replies, I did nothing to it I swear if you don't trust me don't drink it. After a few minutes Timmy drank the drink. Then suspiciously John got up and disappeared for a few minutes.
John Where are you! Tim yelled. Going the bathroom, yelled back John. John once again comes back with that sneaky smile on his face. Then all of sudden Timmy's face turned purple.
You all right Tim, you look like your about to explode, implied john. Tim got up and took off to the bathroom. John sat in his chair laughing because he knew what was about to happen.
Tim yelled out to John I never felt like this before! John answered, it must be the Pepsi. Timmy laughed and said you got me good. John says in a low voice, you don't even know how good I got you.
Then after about five minutes. Tim yelled, I got a big problem! What is the problem? asked John.
You really got me good this time, said Tim. I'm stuck to the seat!!












Many people have a fear towards death but there are a handful of people that don’t show fear towards it, Emily Dickinson is an example of this kind of person. The poem written by Emily Dickinson is a poem deep about her view on death. Throughout this poem you see examples of how she sees death and how it surrounds her in everyday life. I will be showing how Emily Dickinson views death on her last day.
     Emily Dickinson shows no fear towards death and describes death as being a person. Throughout this poem she refers to death as a he or his.
           We slowly drove-He knew no haste
            And I had put away
            My labor and my leisure too,
            For his civility
This shows that Emily Dickinson doesn’t show a fear towards death but almost as a normal part of her day. She doesn’t show fear by avoiding death so instead she goes along with death throughout her day. In this quote from Emily its showing that she knows it is her last day but doesn’t want to change her day because its her last. She lives everyday like its her last.      
Emily Dickinson treats fear of death differently than other people would view it. Emily describes her last day like any other day in her life.
           “Because I could not stop for death-
           He kindly stopped for me-
           The carriage held but just ourselves
           And Immortality”
Emily sees how death is always surrounding her and it is always with her. She describes death as being kind  not as being scary or evil. This shows how she accepts death because its normal to die.
     Emily Dickinson’s view of death is a brave way of looking at life. She tries to show people how death is nothing to be scared of because no matter what we do it is
always around us. Death is a part of life and we should all learn to accept it like Emily Dickinson shows us too.
“Or rather -He passed us “ she shows us in this poem that you should live everyday like your last day because you never know when death will take you. In
this poem Emily made me think about how death is always with me and will never know when it will take me. This poem made me not fear death as much and see it as a normal way of life.























   Sports have been a major part of everyday life for Americans for years and years to come. The people of America are very competitive this is the reason why sports are so important to us. Sports are a way to bring people together if you are an athlete or a spectator it brings us to like something together especially in America. Training is important in many types of sports especially in track and field events. Running is an event in track and field that I decided to research because of all the training and competitiveness that is required by this sport.
     Track and Field in all events takes large amounts of training to become the best. Running seemed to take the most training and most competitive out of all the events in Track and Field. Running takes long amounts of training to become faster and build endurance. Types of training techniques is required for different events, long distance running or short distance running. Short distance runners’ require a large amount of speed and long distance runners’ must have a high stamina.
     I interviewed a former track runner from Catholic Memorial, L.V. Whentworth. I asked L.V. what running event he took place in and the training that was nesscary to complete the event. “ I ran the 50 which is considered short distance. Training consisted of running everyday to build speed and endurance which I did not enjoy but was necessary for this event.”(L.V. Whentworth)
     As a professional athlete you have to show dedication and consistency .Larry Eder a coach and trainer of professional runner states, ‘The key in any training program is consistency. From 1990-1996, I was lucky enough to coach a fine group of road runners, from a 2:19 marathoner to fine sub masters and masters runners, who ran 30-32 minutes for 10k and sub 3 hours for the marathon. What was like about everyone was that all were professionals, many were married, some with kids and most had about an hour a day for running. We focused on three workouts per week. The cameraderie, and the support that each gave to the others, no matter what their level of racing, was what kept me out there every Tuesday night for six years. As a coach, I was honored and lucky to work with such a wonderful group of people. Here is their simple, yet effective training schedule.” ( Larry Eder, California track and running news) This shows how much goes into becoming a professional and being the best at this event of running by large amounts of training.
     Running is an American sport because of the respect you have for the people who train everyday to be there best. Matt Mcgowan shows a good example of how competitive running is no matter age.
“As a high school teacher and former college coach, I realize youth is really only a state of mind. Sure, many of us have put on a few pounds since college and we run a little slower. However, I know individuals like Jim O'Neil who at the age of 62 still amazes us as he outruns 98 percent of the runners half his age.” (Matt Mcgowan) Respect is what makes this an American sport and that’s all there is to say about Jim O’Neil and L.V. Whentworth who train hard to be there best everyday.