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One day last year I was watching a movie and it was about how this couple met and they fell in love and got married and had kids. So I got thinking and wondered how my mom and dad actually met. So my mom was home and I went and asked her how did you and dad meet. Then I sat down at the kitchen table and she told me a funny story and this is how it went.

My mom and her two best friends Judy and Mary went out to a bar down Fanuel hall on a Friday night and it was Memorial Day weekend. She said there were a lot of people there and the bar was packed and that she could hardly even move. Thatís how she met my dad actually because it was so packed she got shoved and she had two beers in her hand and she spilt them all over my to be fatherís lap. Then after my father cleaned himself off and my mother apologized my father introduced himself to my mom and they started going out. So then they went out for about six months until my father had to go to Scotland for work. So they wrote letters to each for a year and then my dad came home and the next summer he proposed to her and she said yes. So then the following year they ended up getting married.

I think that this is a funny story because that is a funny way to meet your future husband or wife cause if that was me I would have been pretty upset if some girl spilt a beer all over lap.















I hate leaves. Not cause theyíre leaves and the color but because they all fall off the tree in fall, and they all fall into my yard. So my father makes me rake them and put them all into trash bags and I hate it. Why do they have to fall off the tree? Why canít they just stay on the tree all year long? Then it would look better. After watching my place in nature for twelve days all of the leaves fell off the tree and it pissed me off because all the leaves fell off the tree I think it made my backyard gloomy and scary especially when it was dark out.

After reading Walden I reconsidered my backyard. Walden Pond is supposed to be creepy and thatís what I think my backyard is like. Walden Pond when it is dark and there are no leaves on the tree because thatís what it reminds me of. I donít know why? It just does. Itís not really scary but it just looks it. I donít know its weird.

I also hate the fact that leaves fall off of the tree. What is the point of this? Everyone says that God did everything for a purpose. What is the purpose of leaves falling off of trees? Why canít they just stay on the trees all year long? Then it would look better and you would not have to clean your yard in the fall when all the leaves falloff and onto the ground. It is stupid there is no point for them to fall off it just makes me mad cause it causes me more work.

No one appreciates my spot in my backyard basically cause no one can see it because there is a fence around it. The only people who know this tree is there are probably my family and my neighbors. I should appreciate this tree and my backyards too cause most people where I live donít even have a backyard cause I live in the city in Dorchester. It may be small but I have one and thatís better than nothing. There are not a lot of trees in the city either cause most of them have been cut down for building. So the ones that remain everyone should appreciate cause soon it may be gone and then you will realize how much it meant to you when it is gone.

     The Reason why my spot is an American one is cause my spot is a tree in my backyard and where I live there is not that many trees cause I live in the city. Itís all houses and building so the trees that are here we should appreciate more. It is American because back in the day they use to plant trees every where and there was trees everywhere but now there is hardly any left. So that is why my tree is an American tree and an American spot.
So now that you have made me do this essay now I will appreciate my spot more and I will appreciate trees and nature cause when there gone I will realize how important they were to












I was sitting in jug, there was one minute left in detention thank god cause it felt like the longest day of my life because I had been sitting in the office practically all day because of a little incident that had happened that day after lunch. Then Brother calls me up to his desk and hands me a note then is in a cm envelope. I say what's this? He says your suspension letter and I laughed and thought in my head sweet it's just another day off for me. Well that's the way I looked at it. Then Chris and me walk to the bus stop and get on the bus. I sat down and Chris asked what exactly happened earlier today? So then the events that had happened earlier that day started to play in my mind and I said Lunch was over and there was a group of kids including myself walking down the hallway all messing and joking around and being silly. So one kid throws water on another. Then we get to the stairs and for some reason there is a chair at the bottom of the stairs and for some reason I grabbed it and carried to the top. Then dropped it at the top of the stairs it tips over and slides all the way back down the stairs. While the chair is falling down the stairs it takes out about four kids along the way and knocks them down the stairs to it was a pretty funny incident I said. Then Chris laughed and said your retarded and said how you get caught? I said then a few minutes later a teacher comes up from behind me and grabs me and two other kids and brings us to the office to talk to brother. After I told him my story I sat in the office for the rest of the day which was very boring. Then I had to go to jug or detention on top of that and now I am here and cannot wait to get home and the day is over.












Emily Dickinson was born in 1830 and died in 1886. She lived a private life, few people outside of her family and a few friends knew of her poetic genius. But today she is widely regarded as one of the greatest American poets. Few of her poems were published while she was alive. Most were published after she had past away and one was Thereís a certain Slant of light. In this poem she talks about the light and she is talking about the light of God and how it shines down on us.
     The reason why I like and picked this poem is because it has different kinds of rhymes in it that makes the poem sound good. In this poem Emily Dickinson uses exact rhyme. This occurs when two words have identical sounds in their final accented syllables. Poets use exact rhyme to create pleasant musical sounds and to unify groups of lines or stanzas. An example of exact rhyme is

     When it comes, the landscape listens-
Shadows- hold their breath-
When it goes, Ďtis like the distance
On the look of Death-

This is an example of exact rhyme in Emily Dickinsonís poem Thereís a certain Slant of light. Death and breath are examples of exact rhyme.
     In the poem Thereís a certain Slant of light Emily Dickinson uses exact rhyme and she also uses slant rhyme too. Slant rhyme is when the final sounds sound alike but are not identical. An example of slant rhyme is

When it comes, the landscape listens-
Shadows- hold their breath-
When it goes, Ďtis like the distance
On the look of Death-

Some slant rhyme in this poem is the words listens and distance are an example of slant rhyme. They sound alike but they do not have the exact vowel sound so therefor they are slant rhyme and not exact rhyme.
These are some of the reasons that I like the poem and why the poem sounds and rhymes good because of the different rhymes she uses in the poem.






























   The sport that my paper is on is golf. Golf fits the definition of a sport because the definition of a sport is physical activity engaged in for pleasure. During Golf you are engaging in physical activity engaged for pleasure. The definition of golf is a game in which a player using a special club or clubs attempts to sink a ball with as few stokes as possible into each of the nine or eighteen successive holes on a coarse or is it. Back in the day it wasnít like that. It had five rules number one you play with a small round ball that is lying on the ground. Number two you hit the ball with a stick that has a head on the end of it. Number three the object is to put the ball into a hole in the ground that is some long distance from the place where you started to play. Number four there are multiple holes that make up a round. And number five the opponent does not influence your ball by hitting or stopping it.
     Golf began sometime during 1457 since then, the game has developed from featherie balls and wooden play clubs to the gutta percha's and niblicks of the 19th century, and on to the Haskell ball and other sophisticated equipment we play with today. In the process it migrated off of the east coast of Scotland to other areas of that country, then on to England, the continent of Europe, North America first in Canada, then the United States and to nearly every corner of the globe. A golf journalist says ďthat historic evidence cannot conclusively determine when golf actually did startĒ (Bill nelson). Many golf analysts say that no one will ever know exactly where or when golf started but they can trace it back to Scotland during the 1457 and no father back than that. So they believe that is the year and where it did actually start. But you never know it could of started before that they could of never wrote or talked about it. So therefor they would not know about it. But 1457 is farthest back they can trace the game of golf back to.
Golf is an American sport. It did not originate in America but many of Americans play the sport of Golf. Golf is played around the world in many different countries. In the PGA there are people from many countries and people of different ethnic groups but most are American and all except a few tournaments are all played in America. Even though this sport was not first played in America it is a very popular game here now. It is even broadcasted on national television. Golf Is a widely played sport and is played all over America weather it is serious in a tournament or playing with your friends for fun Golf is played by everyone. There are golf courses are over the place in America. It is easy to play, not that hard to learn, exciting to watch and to play. Any sport that is fun and exciting to play Americanís will play it. (Paul McDonald) that is why we play sports to have fun and for excitement and that is why we Americans play golf.  This is how golf has been Americanized.
Golf is very popular sport in America now compared to back in the olden days. Before only few people played the game. But now it seems like everyone plays it. Even lots of kids play it now not just adults. Back in the day golf was not that popular but now it has become very popular over the years because it fun and exciting to play.
     In conclusion over the years golf has changed in many ways and is played all over the world now. But that is all because of the people who invented the game back in Scotland.