Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America


Pleasant Remembrance

















I ask my grandfather if he would tell me a story about when he was growing up, he looked at the wall for a second his facial expression showed that he was in deep thought. He told me about his great grandfather who once was the President of Liberia. He said that his great grandfather was very much alive when he was a little boy. My grandfather dreamt about being like his great grandfather. He said that my great, great, great grandfather Joseph Jekins Roberts was born in Petersburg Virginia a free man.

When Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and decided to send the Africans back to Africa, Joseph Roberts, his mother, and his brothers were on one of the first ships out of America. Roberts was an educated man that had his mind set on making his people a strong country. He quickly became the first appointed governor of Liberia. Roberts didn’t feel that it was enough just being governor, he needed to change the country of Liberia as a whole. He was liked by all and many thought that he should become the president of Liberia. He was elected the first president of Liberia and was known as one of the best presidents Liberia has ever had in offices. He served as president of Liberia for six terms. Both America and Liberia had monuments made honoring him for his achievement while he was in offices.

One of these monuments was and airport that was called “Roberts Field” which is in Liberia. In addition, a monument in America which is called “The Monument” it is located in Petersburg Virginia, Liberia has many more monuments in his honor that are not mentioned above. I then realized how important his story was to and my generations before me. This story opens my eyes and showed me the beginning of the Liberia government. I will never forget this and it will be told by me when my grandsons ask to tell them a story.











Pleasant Remembrance

  Nature is one of the most important parts of the earth.  I myself have neglected nature and its beauty.  It took me a long time to realize that nature has a very special smell and color during each season.  Nature has a large variety of animals that inhabit it.  Nature is something I think every one over looks and doesn’t notice the true value it has.  We must look deeper into nature and see what it wants us to see.  I have and it has shown me another out look on life it self.  
      I spent time in the wilderness and learned a lot about myself.  It is so peaceful out here it makes pondering so much easier.   My imagination is full of new ideas and my hands are trembling with happiness because they can’t wait to write these ideas down.  From the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The eye was placed where one ray should fall, that it might testify of that particular ray”.  I feel that I have found that ray; and it has shined upon this spot.  This ray has opened my eyes and has shown me my area on which I’m going to write about.
     I picked this area because I know my brother and sisters have come to this very same spot.  There is a tree that looks so familiar to me like I’ve seen it before.  I began to write about this tree because I feel like its trying to tell me something.  The tree is only twenty-five feet tall and it is smaller compared to the rest of the trees.  It even looks to be younger then the rest of the trees because it is not as tall and as wide.
   Summer has gone and fall has set in.  The leaves on the majority of the trees are turning their beautiful shades of orange, red, yellow, and different blends of these colors.  I always thought to myself why tree leaves couldn’t have the same colors as they have in the fall.  I think the leaves on the trees in the fall are so soothing and that they create bliss for those that are in search of one.  The leaf colors I believe remind us all of a time when we couldn’t wait when the leaves had fallen.  I wonder if we can remember the times when we would rake leaves that had fallen from the trees, because of the harsh breeze that fall would bring.  Do we remember the times when raking leaves where done for pleasure not as a chore, we would put the leaves into a pile and then get to the highest thing possible, then jump from it and land into the leaves.  These thoughts hadn’t been remembered sense I had come to this area.
    I then realized why I remember this place and why my imagination has been completely off the charts.  This is the place were I would play the games that a child would play like hide and go seek.  I then ran to the tree that reminded me of what happen long ago.  The tree looked so familiar because I had carved my name into it.  It was the tree I used for every hide and go seek game, I played this game as a young lad.  It gave me many victories, and so I would never forget were it was I carved my name into it.
     From the words of Henry David Thoreau, “I left the woods for as good a reason as I went there”. I feel that we all have to go to some place to fined ourselves again.  We all have to leave our areas full of childhood memories.  Although we leave these places of remembrance we most remember the importance of going there.












Things that are said by students if they have a teacher that can't hear or maybe dont look around enough.  Here is a student that was busted by a teacher that looks around; but can't hear a thing.
Jim says whats up Dre.  Dre then replied and says whats up Jim.  Dre asked Jim if he did the math homework?  Implying that it was a dumb question, Jim says to Dre do I ever do homework.  Dre thought to himself what a dumb question he had just asked Jim.  Jim asks Dre what he had next?  Dre replied in anger if I'm asking for the math homework what do you think.  Jim calmly says don't get mad at me because you don't have a free period before it.
Five minutes have past and Jim is now asleep.  Dre whispering says Jim...Jim...Jim...!  Jim uneasy from being awaken from his daily slumber says what!  Dre asked Jim if he know how to do number seven?  Jim tells Dre to ask someone else, English is his sleeping period.
 English teacher looks upon the seen and sees that Jim's head is comfortably placed on his desk.  English teacher says Bradley Jim it would help if you look at the pages.  Jim replies I am.  English teacher then tells Jim no you're not your sleeping.  Jim says I'm not sleeping.  English teacher asks Jim then what is it called when you have your head on your desk.  Jim says I didn't know that they had a specific name for it.  English teacher says see me at 2:20 and we can make a name for it.












We should feel that Emily Dickinson is one of the great poets of times present and past.  She makes us think about life in a different way.  Her poems are about death and she speaks as if she were a ghost or spirit.  She seems to be an extremely miserable and lonely person.  Which makes you understand how deeply involved she was with her work.  When reading “ I died for Beauty” one feels that she is ready for death but then contradicts herself.  “I died for beauty” is poem that makes you think about the thing that mean more to you then living.

People say that arguably Mark Twain is one of the best American storywriters who ever lived.  Well there is no doubt in my mind that Dickinson was one of the best poets to have ever live. Just reading the title of the poem “ I died for beauty” I new it would make a reader think differently about the people they love in life.  The poem has three quatrains in it.  This poem follows the quatrain form perfectly.
Dickinson is saying that dying for truth or beauty are not as important as dying for something else.  These lines come from the above poem “Until the moss had reached our lips, and covered up our names”.  These two lines are extremely important to the poem.  People who die for beauty or truth are forgotten and never remember for their deeds.  In the end it is figured that since both truth and beauty are not something worthy enough to die for they should be forgotten.  For this they are then bind as equals and share the same dilemma.

Dickinson wrote these poems to enlighten her reader on what she felt was needed to in her day and aged.  To show her readers that everything you do in life will not be recognized.  Dickinson makes you think about what you feel is important in your life and were your priorities are.   Her poems are more like metaphors and they should be looked at if someone has a problem.

Emily Dickinson didn’t like to come out of her house often; she spent most of her time in her house.  Dickinson wrote many poems and most of her poems break quota for the ways poetry should be written.  I like this in a poem writer because poetry should flow out of the poet’s mouth as it’s said.  Dickinson poetry was a style people didn’t really think about writing in the way that she did.  Her style made you visualize a setting and you felt that you were apart of her poetry.















The sport of boxing is defined as brutal and senseless sport. Boxing is not for everyone, you have to be tuff enough to punch and be punched.  This sport causes you to be in great conduction mentally and physically. Boxers go through harsh training to be at their best. Some fights take them weeks and months o prepare for. Though history shows how far boxing has come it still one of the most brutal sports to watch.

(Smith, DeWayne)

Before there was Mike Tyson and Lewis Greece had man that would fight for glory. This sport was considered to be one of worst sports at that time. These sport origins go as far as 688 B.C in Greece. This sport was played in ancient Olympic games. Back then they would fight to the death. They would knock their opponent out for good. Though America didn’t pick this sport up until 1800s we have dominated it for the past two hundred years. Though everyone wants to start at the top, you start at the bottom were the amateurs play.

(History of boxing, http://cbs.sportsline.com)

Fernando Vargas is an amateur boxer who is coming up in this sport. Fernando Vargas says “that it hard in this business because young have to start at the bottom and you don’t make enough money.” This is true in a lot of cases; many boxers have terrible managers and are stuck with them so they don’t make any money. He also says, “that the sport of boxing is corrupt”. Boxing is considered to be the most corrupt sport going now. It has no rules and they don’t have one govern body. Though there is corruption in amateur boxing there’s even more in the pros.

(Miller, Ron interview, ron@boxingsfinest.com)

Though April Jones is a woman she is known for strong left hock that puts you down and out.  April is a fan favorite and is on top of women’s professional boxing. April says “that it is hard to box because it’s hard to get use to hitting other people and them hitting you back”. She also says “that she will never try to make friends in this sport because it would seem weird hitting a friend”. In both of these cases it is hard because it is not our nature as human just to hit one another. None of these boxers would be anything without interviewers.

(Williams, Dee interview, http://www.geocities.com/)

Angle Rodriquez is a sports writer for Ring Talk magazine. He loves the sport of boxing and has been writing for about six years. Angle says, “Most people think everyone that does boxing has no education. I believe that wrong because I was once a boxer and I have my masters in criminal justice”. He is saying that you shouldn’t judge anyone because they do something different.

(Rodriquez, Angle Interview, http://www.ringtalk.com/)

Boxing is a popular sport in America. Boxing crowds can range to two hundred to tree hundred people. It has millions of viewers around the country. Boxers that are popular with the fans or champions make lots of money in this business. It is rather scary to say boxing being one of the most violent sports it is one of the most watched sports. It basically describes America’s general way of life violent.