Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America

















When I sat down to dinner, at the dinner table, one night I thought of some sort of question to bring up a conversation, in school that day I watched a movie on Irish immigration and the movie was about northern Ireland also, So I wanted to find out more about it, I watched the movie in Mr. Ryan’s morality class, and I found the movie rather interesting. So knowing my father was from Ireland. I knew he could help me with what I wanted to know and all the things I found interesting and I wanted to know more about so I asked a simple basic question. I asked , what it was like when he fist came over to this country? he looked at me and kind of laughed a little, and replied by saying "things were a lot different back then" with is Irish broag.

He told me he came over to this country at the age of 16 all by himself on the plane. In Ireland for the past 4 years before he came over to this country he was in the military in Ireland. When he came over in the beginning it was hard for him, really hard. The Irish people and the Irish culture were hated and discriminated against. he told me there was no work for anyone. nobody would hire anyone from Ireland or with any Irish blood in them, some stores wouldn’t even let the Irish people go in their stores to buy things, things such as food and clothing because the Irish were thought to be "dirty" and they talked different. the only jobs that were available, and most of the time they weren’t even available for them but hard labor for construction companies was pretty much their only choice. My father, since there was no money over here.

Him and a lot of his friends had to live in small apartments with no heat during the winter. Him and probably fifteen more of his friends from back his place would pile into these apartments for shelter, times were hard. Things eventually got better now and my father now owns his own successful business, but it took a lot of time and hard work to get there. By doing this essay I learned a lot about my fathers past. How things were different back then, compared to now. Racism is everywhere. A lot of people are discriminated against, but the thing is I didn’t know it happened to him, but now I know.












Such a place to be unseen, never used by humans, but at the same time rather interesting. This certain place I observed  is not important to humans, but noone realizes that it contributes to keeping us alive every day and every night. This wonderful object provided us with oxygen so that we may breathe, without it we have no chance of surving in this beautiful world.

     Over my time of observation of this object, I realized what it actually does for me, and I also realized what I do for it, absolutely nothing, which now I believe is extremely selfish on my part, seen as this object provides me with so much.

     This place is so beautiful and amazing, but also unappreciated at the same time. Ive gotten to know many things about this certain place that I never would have known in my whole entire life. Ive gotten the opportunity to study this tree’s structure and its surroundings and im very thankful for that opportunity, it helped me realize what life is all about, and now I look at the world from a whole different view point sometimes.

     Over my observation, whether it was windy, raining or it was warm, this tree stood strong and tall, and so beautiful. This tree has so many features that noone knows about, they are completely unseen and unappreciated, and ive gotten to know them. This tree contributes to keeping the american society alive and going, foor that we should appreciate it.












Jack and Devin were online buddies, they talked all the time and shared several wonderful memories together, but they never met each other. Jack lived in Alaska and Devin lived in California, it was impossible for them to see each other, but they believed they were destined to be together, as the years went by they got to know each other through american online. Jack and Devin were truly pathetic.
     One day  online they started talking about the future,Jack sayed,
Jack: I love you Devin, and I believe we were meant to be together, what would you say if I sayed it was time  for us to finally meet each other and start a life together.
Devin: that’s a wonderful Idea but I don’t know if you want to meet me, I love you jack and I feel like I know you, you are the one  for me she says, weve talked for several years now I also think its time.
Jack: how about I move to California on the first of next month?
Devin: sounds good
     So over the 28 days of febuary, Jack quits his ice fishing job in Alaska and says good bye to his friends and family, his friends and family tried to get him to stay. They explained to him that this was a crazy idea and they didn’t aprove of the decision he was about to make. But jack says  I really don’t care im crazy about her  and that’s all that matters. So jack moves out meanwhile jacks online lover susan gets ready for jack and wants to make this long awaited confrontation of the two special  so she tells him on the phone on the night of his flight that she had a surprise for him. The next day april first also known as april fools day jack gets off his long 10 hour flight to find to his surprise, a big three hundred and fifty pound  African american male weightlifter known as the notorious homosexual wwf wrestler “Devin the dude” also known out of the ring as “Devin” the love of jacks life,
At the confrontation of the two***
Devin says hey you studmuffin in a feminine voice,  surprise, surprise.“come give Devin some sugar”
Jack has a heart attack and dies right there at the airport.












      “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe; I found was a brilliant, “well-rounded” poem. It had a variety of different characteristics, which makes this poem intriguing and “amusing to read”. “The Raven” presents a different category of poetry. “The Raven” is more of a dark, gruesome,and haunting type of poem.“The Raven” is one of the most well-known poems, due Poe’s “deranged” style of writing.

     Edgar Allen Poe is an excellent, expiring poet, in my perspective(my word does not show for all). With Poe’s innovative, “gruesome” style-- I believe he’s the  most “superlative” poet there is,or ever was. Edgar’s unique style capture’s the reader’s attention instantly-- when just finishing the first line, “once apon a might night dreary”. This opening line appoints a “picture”, for all of us, the “readers” to see.

     “Quote the Raven, nevermore” is an extremely well-known phrase in which leaves his readers thinking, “what does he mean by this”. I for instance, became “stumped” with a mental block--this is why “Edgar Allen Poe” is such an innovative poet.

     “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered week and weary” is his opening line; which had a great rhyme scheme, followed with great vocabulary,  and word usage. These characteristics are why Edgar Allen Poe is known to be “one of the best poets of all time.”

















  Many watch it on television, some participate in it, this sport like all other sports is tough and challenging, and takes a lot of  hard work and practice, but the spectators I believe underestimate, “what It takes” to be not only a professional boxer or even just an ameutur but “what it takes” to last in the ring and participate in this sport, this is one of, if not the toughest sports that has evolved in society over time.
    Boxing  began as a sort of combat between Greek and Roman empires, somewhere around 4000 BC, now it is one of the most popular,and most watched sports in our world today and is practiced in nearly every country throughout the world also.
    Boxing in the early days of its arrival to society was a extremely brutal sport, contestants at times often died in the ring, due to the use of metal studs and spikes, but now modern day boxing is all about the safety of the contestants,
Now contestants use gloves without spikes and the winners are determined by the use of a computer, rather than by death.
    Boxing over time has changed in many ways, but in many ways it hasn’t it still is “hand to hand” combat, and the two contestants taking part in the boxing match usually possess similar characteristics, they both are usually around the same weight and same height, that part of boxing still hasn’t changed.the boxer who can combat the other's defenses and offenses shall in turn be declared the winner. As simple and pure as it was in 4000 BC.
    “In order to be a boxer you must be in “tip-top” shape, you must have determination, motivation and also endurance, its not about the muscles,you  must be quick” states detective Martin Brooks. A Boston police officer, who in his late teens, and through his early twenties, before being enlisted in the police academy in hyde park was a boxer at a gym in Dorchester. Brooks didn’t have the heart to make it big he sayed but he always had the love for the sport, and still does today.
    Boxing is one of the hardest sports to par take in, the talent in this sport in most cases is not that easy to work towards, a lot of the times its got to be in you, or in your blood, you must be an all out fighter, otherwise theres no point in trying, it is a extremely dangerous sport, where is something goes wrong during the combat, the results could be fatal.
    Boxing consists of many leagues, for all ages, and for both genders and races, there are just as many female boxers out there as male boxers, just as many white fighters as black fighters, which I believe is excellent for society, although America is not the location of the founding of this sport, boxing still is one of the “most watched” and one of the most popular sports in our diverse country, From California all the way to Massachusetts in our country, not to mention overseas from Ireland to Africa. Kids, adults, men and women participate in this hard, tough sport. Leading me to the conclusion that this sport is “well known” and is participated in around the globe.