Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America

















What was my grandfather like when he was young? That is a question I always think about. I have always wanted to find out if he was ever in trouble or did anything cool when he was younger, so I decided to go to my mother and ask her what the earliest story she remembered about her father getting into trouble. She paused for a minute and began to tell me this story. It was about 1929 and your grandfather was about 17 I think and lived her in South Boston. He was trying to help the family pay the rent so he was working day in and day out. One day he was on his way home from work when he saw a man selling chickens at a stand in town.

My grandfather Charles Roche, later said he was sick of eating soup and bread every night, waited until the man turned his back to help someone and grabbed a live chicken and began running. Once the man saw him it was a full out chase. My grandfather was going in and out of alleys and street to street trying to lose the man. Finally my grandfather ran into an area which a house was being built and the man chasing him slipped and fell into a small ditch. When my grandfather got home his mother saw how dirty he was and out of breathe and realized what he had done. She to was sick of eating just soup so she scolded him and said they would keep it, but he would have to go and pay the man back once he got paid.

About a week later my mother thinks it was, my grandfather walked up to the cart and gave the man the money to cover the cost of the chicken. Then the man walked into the open and my grandfather found out when the man fell he had hurt his leg. From this story we should get that stealing something is stupid. If you really want something then you should just save up. This would save the time you take running from the man and then having to pay for it anyway.











As I stood there gazing up at the old Wise Tree which stands tall in my backyard I began to see the many changes it is going through preparing for another harsh winter. The leaves have taken there last breathe and have fell to the ground. The tree seems to be growing stronger each day and  
is awaiting the winter. "Nature always wears the colors of the spirit." Emerson said this and I believe it because the tree is wearing the colors of the spirit, which is winter.

    I realize places like this are never looked at as important and they are the places which our lives revolve around. Everyday lives we see these things and just pass them by, but we have to realize how important they really are. Without these trees we see everyday how many animals could survive. In the one tree in my backyard there are two birds nest and squirrels living on and inside it. These animals depend on this area to survive each day.

    We must look at these places as important because these places also serve us. Everyday I see little kids climbing on trees and having fun. Just like we were taught that we should respect others peoples stuff, we should respect nature. This way we would all be able to live together and keep it that way.












" C'mon Jim you are the smartest kid in our class and I know you can help me past this exam." Chris said.

"Well, I guess I can tell you what I think will be on it, but I'm not to sure if i will be exact. I have the test first period. I think I only will study Ch. 3 and 4." Jim responded.

"Thanks a lot man" Chris said.

Jim goes home that night and studies only chapter three and four thinking everything will only come from that. The next morning after first period they meet up in the hall and  Chris is asking Jim about the test.

"Jim how was it?" Chris asked.

"Not hard if you no what your doing, but its pretty simple if you studied." Jim answers.

"Good I studied ch. 3 and 4 all night and got all the formulas and understand all the terms."

They both take the test and return to class the next day to recieve thee grades. Jim got a 95 and Chris failed miserably.

"How did you do so well if you studied the same material as me and I asked you what you thought would be on it." Chris asked.

"Well, I said I only need to study ch. 3 and 4, you should have studied the rest of the chapters we covered this term. I guess you got taught the lesson about paying attention in class." Jim replied.

"Yeah, I guess your right Jim I should pay more attention in class and maybe I wouln't have this problem." Chris said.

"Yep, but it's to late to regret it because now you will be in summer school all summer while I'm out at the beach all day long." Jim replies laughing.












     Trapped and locked away from society, Emily Dickinson lived in the shadows. She wrote a total of 1,775, but only seven were published during her lifetime. Dickinson led a very mysterious style of writing, which constantly dealt with death. In many cases she wrote as if she had already died. This method of poetry I think can get a reader into the poem and allows them to explore the poets’ mind. This method is displayed incredibly in the poem "Because I Could Not Stop For Death." The poem gave Dickinson's views on how death will come upon us and take us away. Through this she is able to capture the readers mind and force them to think about life after death.
   Human beings have to accept the fact that we do not control death. Dickinson pulls the reader in when she talks about death coming quickly but patiently. "Because I could not stop for death- / He kindly stopped for me-" Death comes upon us and has the patience to let us live our lives until end, but then it has to do it's job and take us away. Dickinson gives this great line which tells us how death is always right with us waiting and waiting for our moment and then it comes upon us.
   Our lives on earth begin to end before we die in reality. We as people over time deteriorate. Dickinson views death as a slow procedure, which takes time. "We drove slowly- / He knew no haste-" Such a line tells us that death comes upon us slowly and then from inside take life away. It is a process in which your body is taken away piece by piece until you don't have enough pieces to control your live and that is when death comes upon you.
   What is God? No one will ever no until they die. We must wait our time to find out what kind of mystical being controls all. Dickinson in her view believes God is a human being and is male. "He knew no haste-" That is describing the higher power as a man. We as humans can not fully understand what lurks in the after life and what we can expect. We must take views from other people such as Dickinson to get a picture in our head of what we want God to look like. We will never actually know until the day death haunts us and takes us away.
   When we realize what can be taken out of a poem, we realize there is so much more then what is written on paper. You can practically go line by line and take the words out of context and come up with many possible explanations of what is trying to be said. We take these images which are created by these words to get a feeling of what one mind expects. We must look inside our own minds to find out how we view death. Dickinson is only giving a view of her idea of death. If you think about it, Dickinson did not want these poems published after she died. She did not write for an audience, she wrote for herself.