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On a Saturday evening it was still light out. I walked to a room where my mom was doing some work, I walked up to her and said “ Mom where did you first meet Dad? Because I need to write an essay for English on this topic”. She went on and said I met your dad at a movie theater down the cape. She went on…………..

I was down the cape with a couple of friends for a weekend trip to the beach. One of the nights I went to the movie theater to see a movie with two of my friends and I walked into the theater and saw your father. I didn’t say anything to him but he walked up to me and asked me if he could join me with the movie and I replied, “Yes you can”. After the movie he drove me home and we exchanged numbers. We dated a lot and had a great relationship. It led on to marriage and a family.










As you walk out the door of my home in Dedham about fifty feet away is the street.  It is a newly paved road, most times when I walk out to the streeet in the morning it is covered with a thin layer of water because of the early morning mist.  In the fall when you walk out to the street it is blanketed with leaves.
  The street is a very important part of life.  "No Traveller Returns"- Hamlet.  This could mean that If we didn't have any streets people wouldn't return to there destination because they didnt know where to go.  Many people I think take the street for granted.  An that is why this is such a special American place.  
  There are many dragities on the street because people under estamate what it can cause.  People should take care of the street so that the United States doesnt have to use so much moneyt to repair them.












One day before a ski trip Harry and Billy were playing hockey.  Billy said to Harry “ let’s go check that kid over there at the other side of the rink” Harry answered “O.K. Billy sounds good”.  Its happened to be that the boy they checked on the other side of the rink was the coaches’ son.  When they checked him he hit the boards and got knocked out cold.  The coach kicked them off the team and took away their privileges to the ski trip.  Harry told the coach “Billy was the one that gave me the idea and made me do it” then Billy said to the coach” It was all Harry’s idea and I didn’t mean to do it and hurt your 3year old son” The two of them were just getting in more trouble by lying to their coach. In the end they both decided it was a bad decision.
           Then Billy said to Harry” maybe next time we should think about our actions so that next time we don’t make the wrong decision and get our privileges taken away from us again”. Then Harry said, “ It was all your fault Billy you made me do it”











      A line from this poem that Discuss is “ I heard a Fly Buzz When I Died”.  I don’t understand how you can hear a fly buzz when you are already dead.  I think that it is impossible to hear a fly buzz when you are already dead.  Maybe she is using her imagination in this poem by stating that she heard a fly buzz when she died.
     Emily’s poems always refer to death.  She has written many poems and most of them have to do with being dead.  When reading this poem people would think that she doesn’t want to live and that she wants to die.  Maybe her life is bad and she is going through harsh times and she thinks maybe she wont get through these and would rather die.

     Another line from the poem that I would like to discuss is “Between the light and me”.  This line could mean that when she is dying and she sees the light of God and she goes into that light of death and heaven. This is what I think that line means in her poem.

     These are the two lines that I had problems understanding.  The thought given were my thoughts about the two lines from the poem and what they mean.  She always discusses death and that is how you can figure out that they are written by Emily Dickinson




























       A sport as defined in the dictionary is a “Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.”  A sport may also be considered “An active pastime; recreation.”  Rugby is considered a sport because it is a physical activity that is governed by a set of rules and is played competitively.

Last Century’s game of rugby was played under totally different conditions than today.  The game of rugby started at an English Public school in 1823.  A pupil, William Webb Ellis got upset because he could not kick the bouncing soccer ball so he took it in his hands and ran down the field.  In a way the sport of soccer accidentally led to the game of rugby.  In 1839 during the inter-faculty matches at the University of Cambridge students were allowed to run with the ball if the ball was caught and held on the first bounce.  In 1872 the Rugby Union standardized the rules of rugby, and in 1895 the rugby league was created.  In the same year the North and South of England had a major disagreement about the new rules established regarding professionalism the new rules made it practically impossible for the workingman to play rugby, because they would not be paid for the work missed.  In 1922 the rugby union was renamed the rugby leagues, and this name was taken from Australia.  
During the 1906-1907 rugby season the 13-a-side game was established.  The scoring system also changed and the three points were given for a try and two points were given for a conversion.  In 1908 the first competition in Rugby league was held in Australia.  Today international matches are held between Australia, New Zealand, and France and Great Britain.  In 1954 the world cup series started, and these countries would have a playoff for the rugby league world cup.  
           As Rugby originated from the sport of soccer and football, the rules are a mixture involved in both sports.  The object of rugby is to ground the ball on the opponents in goal to score tries and to kick the ball over the cross bar to score goals.  A team gets four points for a try and this is when a player grounds the ball in the opponents in-goal , after scoring the try the player will attempt a conversion (2 points) .  On a conversion a player kicks from a spot where the referee has awarded a penalty.  One point is awarded to a team for a drop kick which must make it over the cross bar and the team that has gotten the most points over the playing time is awarded winner.  The game is played over a two 40 minute half’s.  Rugby is played between two teams of thirteen players and four interchange players.  
           I  used to work in a sports store called Play it Again Sports.  My boss was Dan Crane. He played rugby in college for many years.  We used to toss the rugby bal around in work sometimes and he would tell me about the sport.  He would say it’s a tough sport and hard to stick with.  He made a lot of friends playing the sport and he is still friends with most of his old college team mates.  He says if there were “Old Man leagues” he would still be playing.
           In an interview with Rob Burrow he says “ I love being 5ft 5inches, it makes it harder for the other men to get me because they have to lean over” also it talk about how much he loves the sport and how he signed with the Rhinos for the next 3 years.  He hopes to continue his season on the right foot and play as best as he can.