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I went down stairs to my grandmother’s house and asked her, “Do you know any stories about Papa Courtney.” She told me that she knew about when he came to America and what happened when he got here. I said, “can you tell me the story,” and she said, “sit down.” I sat down and listened to what she had to tell me. “Papa came from a family of ten and lived in Cahirciveen, County Kerry Ireland. His family was poor and that is why he left to come to Boston when he got older. The trip to Boston took Papa 3 weeks to get here by boat. When he got here he needed a job so he went and got a job at a train station in Boston as a track man. While he was working at the train station he met a women named Anna Courtney she was also from County Kerry, Ireland but ironically they were not related. She was from Glenbiegh,

I asked her, “can you tell me more about him,” and she said, “sure.”“Papa and Nana got married and had three kids me, Daniel, and Dermott, who you know as Brendan. Papa was still working at the train station when he was hit by train and got his nose broken, after that he got a job at the Watertown Arsenal.

My great-grandparents lived for a while in South Boston until my great-grandmother saved enough money to buy a house in Cambridge, where they raised there three children. They all went to St. John’s school in Cambridge.

My great-grandmother died young and papa was left by himself to raise three kids on his own. At the Arsenal he backed up into and elevator shaft when there wasn’t an elevator and he broke his leg.”

Nana told me that papa was a great man and he loved children very much, I wish I had meet him, he was funny but aggravating

I think that everyone can learn a lesson from this story, if you move from another country to another and start a family and do work, and soon have generations of family living in the country, just like my grandfather Papa Courtney. Immigrant had a large effect on America, America is not like a lot of other countries that a mostly one nationality there are a lot of different nationalities in this country, and it is because of all of the different people from different countries that came to this country to start there family here and then Generations were raised in a America and that’s what I think is so special about America.













Emily Dickinson is a poem writer that isolated herself and never came out of her house. She wrote a lot of Dickinson about the mind and death. My favorite poem written by  Dickinson that you will be reading about is “I Heard a Fly Buzz-when I died” Dickinson writes this poem from the perspective of someone who is dead, and she used tricks while writing her Dickinson.

Dickinson changes traditional notions of the nararrator by writing from the perspective of someone who is dead.

I heard a fly buzz-when I died-
The stillness in the room
Was like the stillness in the air.

In this part of the poem she has already died, and if you are already dead you cannot hear of feel the stillness in the room.

  Dickinson used to memorize passages from books, and it shows in her Dickinson. She ises trickes in her Dickinson that speech writers use. “The stillness in the room/ was like the stillness in the air.” In these two lines she uses stillness two times which makes it easier to remember. I think that, she was influenced by authors and poem writers that she used to read.

 In conclusion I think that Emily Dickinson was one of the best and most influencial poem writes in American Literarture. I do not really like poetry too much, but  I think that she was one of the greatest poem writers of all time.