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My parents met through a way that was very unusual in terms of meeting the right person. My moms best friend was going out with my dads best friend and when their friends would go out they would sometimes bring my mom and dad along with them. So as time went on my mom and dad started to see more of each other without their best friends around. At this time they were just real good friends that liked to have fun. Soon my mom and dad started a relationship together.

They started going out and everything was fine. Then soon they came to find out that their families were very close to each other. In fact their aunts even went to bingo with each other. Also my moms brother used to hang out with my dads brother a lot. My mom and dad had no idea their families were so close. It was only normal that they went out with each other. It was almost like it was meant to be. Unfortunately my moms best friend and my dads best friend broke up but were still real close because now they went along with my mom and dad as they did before.

My mom and dad went out for quite some time. As time went on something very huge in their life came about. “I was born”. This was a great challenge for my mom and dad because they were so young.

Unfortunately they broke up later on, but still talk because they have a kid together. Sometimes I think it is for the best and sometimes I wish they were still together. But to make things short I am grateful for the loving parents I have and the way they have raised me well.










I have lived in the city my entire life. As a child growing up in Roxbury, a relatively crowded part of the city. There are still places to visit that were natural environments. There me and my friends would play, throw frisbees and just hang out. Nowadays my involvement in these places is less frequent. As I grow older and more mature these surroundings seem of no use to me. Even though I don’t have much use for this place anymore I still go there to do some thinking.

One place I still go is very complete. It is filled with swings ,slides and other fun stuff for kids to play with. It is now winter so this area is rarely used seeing as how it can get so cold. As I walk through the park it is very barren as to say there is no life but the plants and trees. On occasion you might see a squirrel sprawling up a tree or a pigeon looking for food. When I sit down on the swings I see people walk by as if they don’t even see the park. Thoreau said “The light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us”. You cannot always see and treasure what is so close to you.

The park seems very new these days. As a child growing up the park seemed very old and torn apart. Now it has a new playground with lots of green grass all around it. To the side there is open field where a lot of the time the older kids of the neighborhood play football on Sundays. Many of the younger kids sit around and watch their older brothers play, wishing they could be doing the same thing. Many trees and plants now surround this park all over. At the entrance in the summer there are rose bushes. Then close the field there are tulips. Now that its winter these plants have died and won’t sprout again till the spring. Overall it is an “A OK”  park.

This place is very much so an American one. It is just like the Americans back then not knowing we had land out west. Peopled acted like there wasn’t even a park in the neighborhood sometimes. As though it didn’t exist or something. American people passed this place and dint even look at it or in the same vacinity of it. The Americans only knew the land in which they lived in. We as Americans believe in owning land and are protective of it. This is a great thing in the way that people treasure their land and have pride for it. Though bad in the way they are not exposed to new things.  






















     Rancho Kukamunger was a small and relaxing town. Everyone knew eachother. Including the animals because the whole town was basically farmland. There was one high school which everyone in Rancho went to even a few kids in neighboring towns. Two kids that really stuck out in the town were Fidel and Stogie. Everyone knew these too. Fidel was the best athlete in the town and Stogie was just a regular kid but known because he was Fidels best friend. The two loved to play tricks on everyone one. They didn’t care who it was as long as they themselves got a kick out of it. No one dared tried get them back because they knew eventually Fidel and Stogie would definitley get the best of them.

     Fidel and stogie had been planning a huge prank. One that would go down as the best in school and Rancho Kukamunger history. The prank was to be played on their
spanish teahcer Mr.Osaama. He was the meanest and ugliest teacher in the whole state Africa. No one liked him. He was also about 415 pounds and that was freshmen year before he found out about the all you can eat at a resteraunt a few miles out of Rancho. The two prankster couldn’t wait  to pull it off. They didn’t tell anyone about the prank.  So they thought...

    Fidel and Stogie had another thing coming. They thought no one knew about the prank but to no surprise everyone in the school knew about the whole thing. So the whole school had a meeting to play a prank on Fidel and Stoges the same time they planned on playing their prank on Mr.Osaama. Which was at the basketball Pep Rally. This prank
was sure to make Fidel and Stogie.

       It was the day of the Pep Rally and Fidel and Stogie were ready for the prank of the millenium. The football team was beeing called and that was their que to play the prank on Mr.Osaama but it was also the que for the school to trick them. So when Fidel and Stogie got up to get closer to Mr.Ugly a voice from above said “stop right there” and then the whole gym went pitch black. Whe the lights turned on both were covered in tar an chiken feathers. The whole gym erupted in laughter. Stoges and Fidel got beat at thir own game.

     It was a horrible ride home. Fidel said to Stogie “ I told you everyone in our school seemed too nice to us, I knew something fishy was going on”. Stogie said “ you never said anything, your such a loser”, “dude don’t call me a loser, I will end u”.So So Stoges says “ do it then or are you chicken”. Then they both start laughing feathers flying all over
the place and all.























This is a poem of true and infinite meaning. A poem that one can relate to in everyday life. This poem illustrates how the brain is seemed to be often underachieved. To understand this poem you must read between the lines and take out the true meaning instead of just words. Self understanding is a term this poem can ralate to very much.The Brain is Wider Than the Sky is not taught but but rather self learned or understood.

     The mind is the gateway to the future and more. [The Brain is wider than the sky]. These are more than just words or some sort of phrase or saying. To some they are
words to live by. It means your mind always has room for more. Your mind can expand to the limits and beyond. Your mind is you and no one else can take care of it like no other.
Fill it with as much knowledge as possible. Knowledge is key to the succses in life.

     Your mind is where it feels. Sometimes it is free sometimes trapped with no where to go.[The Brain is deeper than the sea]. Your mind progresses as you go along. If not on land nor sky then where else better than water. Use the brain wisely and see where it takes you. No matter where the setting your mind should always be free to learn and exhbit
new features.

     The mind itself is a gracious gift from God and should be taken care of graciously. Dickinson says [The brain is just the weight of God]. It is to be used to to the best of your
ability in the image and likeness of God. In a sense it has a tremendous amout to do with Gods divinity and power. We are gifts of God and your brain is apart of you there for the
brain is also a gift from God.

     The poem is short in length but full in depth in meaning and action. Words can go a long way if the writer or poet applies themselves to it. In this such peom it can help alot of people in there everyday life. The peom is sort of like words of  wisdom  to follow.  Dickinson really told a story and let the reader go out and figure it out like a















 The word sport generally means  doing a physical activity that is governed by a
set of rules or customs and done competitively. Bobsledding has been around for a very
longtime. It all started in Davos, Switzerland in 1877 which during that time it was just a
steering mechanism attached to a toboggan. The first racing sleds were made of wood but
soon evolved into steel sleds. The word bobsled came to be known because of the way
the crews bobbed back and forth to increase their speed on the staightaways. In 1923 the
Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT) was founded and then,
the following year a four man race took place at the first Winter Olympics in Chamonix,
France. Many years after a two man event was added at the 1932 Olympics in Lake
Placid, New York. Up to about the 1950's the Americans dominated the sport until the
Europeans came up with more advanced sleds. To this day by far the most successful
nations in the bobsledding event are Switzerland and Germany.

     Bobsledding is very much unlike any other high school sport. Except that it is
men only sport. Tow or four man teams fly down a mile long, ice covered course in an
aerodynamic sled that can reach speeds of up to 90 mph. Its simple the winner is
determined by the sled that has the fastest combined time after tow runs. In a two-man
sled, the crewman in the front steers and is called the driver, while the second man is the
brakeman. In a four man sled it's the same except for the other two men in the middle are
called side push men. Everyone must work together even harder seeing as it's not eleven
people or even five in the sportssuch as football and basketball.

      The sport of bobsledding is very complicated and critical. Unlike other
sports such as aforementioned football and basketball, bobsledding is one sport where
you need the be almost perfect to win. Finding the perfect racing line in the ice is key to
the crew. They must find the path or lines that give them the fastest time down the run.
Another important factor to bobsledding is that the driver must keep the sled high enough
to maintain speed but low enough to avoid going extra distance. A lot of critical strategy
goes along with bobsledding because one wrong move can cost the crew their lives. A lot
of the critical thinking falls into the hands of the driver because he is the frontman and in

          The United States  seems to have fallen asleep in the event of
bobsledding in the Olympics. The U.S hasn't won a medal, never mind gold in 41 years.
"The U.S team is the real eye opener in this years U.S Olympic bobsledding event"(said
by critic Bob Fuller of theWashington Post). This U.S team is looking to end that
drought with a young and talented team. The U.S team consists of Chip Menton, Brian
Shimmer, Randy Jones andGarret Hines. They look to turn the tables to when the U.S
dominated the event before the 1950's where now  the Swiss and Germans rule.

     Alot of the professional bobsledders put their blood and sweat into competing in
the Olympics. "Going Into the World Cup season we have assembled the best team
in team history of U.S bobsledding"(said by U.S Olympic coach Steve Maiorca p.5).
"There's no doubt in my mind that we have the best athletes, the best drivers and the best
equipment in the world" (said by U.S bobsledder Randy Jones p.. From this we can see
that team U.S is determined to win the gold for our country like done before, so long
ago. Bobsledding is an interesting up and coming sport. "Every winter I just can't wait  to
get out there on the course and feel the rush you get from reaching speeds of up to almost
85-90 mph"(said by 18 year old, amateur bobsledder Robert Chenowitz). Even the
youngsters are starting to catch on to this fast pace cold weathered sport. The sport of
bobsledding is one sport where u must be absolutly perfect to win.