Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America

















About eighteen years ago my uncle Kenny, got into a severe car accident while he was drinking and driving. He drove himself into a brick wall and paralyzed himself from the neck down. This a perfect reason why you shouldn't drink and drive. he does many things on his own though, dispite this car accident. I feel bad for him because of his disability, but he doesn't want anyone to pity him.

My uncle Kenny is now working for the Boston University hospital and plays wheelchair rugby for team U.S.A. He once went to Australia to play. He's now thirty-four years old and you wouldn't think that he is disabled because of his intelligence and mentality. If i were him i'd feel very upset and mad, but he isn't. he now speaks at school and confrences for alcoholics anoynymous about the dangers of drinling and driving because of what happened to him.

He's a great influential person to look up to,as is a great role model and someone whom you'd like to know and talk to. I was told this story about seven years ago from my mother. She was told this story from her brother Kenny at the hospital he was at after the terriblr car accident happened. He now teaches children and adults not to drink and drive because he gets mad when he hears stories about drinking and driving accidents.

The significance of this story to my family and myself is that he's is no less of a person than anyone due to his disability. Also, he's no less capable of doing things as anybody else. It helps everyone elsein my family to know that they shouldn't drink and drive because of what happened to my uncle Kenny because of drinking alcohol while driving. i think what i will recieve from my uncle Kenny is his courage to fight dispite his disability. I usually help him get out of his car with my brother Bobby when I see him and he gladly appreciates it.











Bushes, theyr'e usually green, are cut well, and watered many times, and end somewhere in the bushes. By the end of Savin Hill ave is Auckland Street, where I live and isthe most playful area of my neighborhood. There i was for about 13 days watching, tasting, smelling, with my senses and taking all the data in which the rythm of a quiet American spot is in.
Thoreau sai "money isn't required to buy one necessary of the soul". For all of this time of taking data in a busy street in which children play, and cars go by a lot and is the strret in which I residein the beggining of winter,I observed and found many changes. In all that was loving along with these peaceful, unappreciated bushes.
What I noticed now that my bushes with my mind is that these bushes are unappreciated. Why is this so? Are the bushes not anything? or aren't colorful? Or do people just like things that are entertaining and fun besides that this ia an American place because it's quiet just as the night are in the suburbs, country side in the midwest, and just as animals live in the woods, middle of nowhere in the beautiful nature.
Birds and cats play and rest on these bushes sometimes though, so at least some animals don't overlook the bushes which my father grew about 20 years ago A little while after i was born. Maybe everybody just has to muchto do and doesn't have the time to do everything or doesn't appreciate evrything.
The major changes that occured in the bushes were the amount of times they got wet and dryagain and more people and cars came by as i tookmy data , maybe thats's just a coincidence though. The name of my spot is called "Unappreciated America".











One night Fred asked his friends do you wanna go the red sox game tonight and amos and jim said yes sure why not who are they playin and fred said their rivals the d**n yankees.
So they took the trainto the bar near fenway park to hang out with each other and meet some girls and have some beers before the game and grab something to eat, because the prices of food and drink at fenway park are ridiculously high for anything.
Then they went into the baseball game at around 6:30 to watch batting practice and to make fun of Derek Jeter, Roger Clemens and the other Yankees  as well. The game was very boring and it was a pictures dual through seven innings with the red sox down 2-1.
So during the game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees jim asked Amos if he would jump onto the field for seventy-five dollars and amos said yaeh sure. So during the 7th inning stretch amos hopped over the railing and jumped onto the field and went into the yankees bench and pured water all over Derek Jeter because he's actually overrated.the game had amos on the big screen next to the score board of amos being arrested and the whole stadium was going nuts cracking up at what amos did.












      Emily Dickinson was a religious girl growing up and learned by a memorization method, when she was dying she told her sister to burn all 1,775 poems, but she published them and this is one of them which makes itís message clear that itís her diary to us who she cannot see. I choose This is my Letter to the World by Emily Dickinson because itís a short poem, which tells a lot, it uses a quatrain and it uses mostly all of the tools that good poets use.

       I like This is my Letter to the World by Emily Dickinson because it uses a quatrain, which is a poem that contains four stanzas and the format is 8, 6, 8, 6. The syllables are set up and uses exact and slant rhyme.

       Dickinson also writes to us upon this poem by using exact rhyme by ďwith tender majesty and judge tenderly of meĒ. This exact rhyme works by setting moods and rhymes to Dickinsonís poem. Which creates rhyme and makes the poem flow in a very good way that she wanted to do and that she did.

       Emily Dickinson also portrays an act of slant rhyme in This is my Letter to the World by saying ďthis is my letter to the world and the simple news that nature toldĒ. This displays that slant rhyme makes a poem sound and look better and goes with the flow of the poem and itís something thatís a little different.

       This is my Letter to the World is as if we are reading another person my story or diary because she didnít want or know anybody else was going to read it but we are and we didnít get to write anything back to her, but if I could Iíd say I think of you Emily as a very brave women and I am very sorry that I am reading your poem. But I enjoyed it very much and I like interpreting what I think of it into my essay.  















A sport is an activity or recreation that challenges you to use your physical,
emotional, and mental abilities. What makes rugby american is that itís a very
tough sport and physical one as well, it pits big men against big men and rugby is
played very similiar to football which is one of the most popular sports in the
             Lisa Miller,a Senior Writer (Daily Illini Online Sports) writes that the
spring season started a little muddy for Illinois menís rugby team. The field
conditions were poor the entire match and Illinois overcame these terrible field
conditions en route to a 15-5 win over Southern Illinois, and Southern Illinois
scored all there points in the first half but nothing after that.(Lisa Miller 2001)
           L.M. Longwell whom has been on the national representative scen since
1991, stands at 6 feet 7 inches has the raw material boasted by an excellent lineout
presence and good mobility. He said ďI came back from development tour in 1993,
but I didnít play very well at all and didnít train hard enough either. Longwell says
that he pays tribute to contribution of Ulster management team and increasing
demands that they placed on him this season.(John Daniel Null 2000)
               The Minnesota Amateur Rugby Foundation was created by a handful of
individuals nearly 15 years ago as non-profit organization to raise funds for Old
Boys rugby tours. The MARF has been active since the late 1980ís in sponsoring
players selected for all star play, coaches and referees attending clinics, and fund
raisers and rugby events. The Minnesota Amateur Rugby Foundation (MARF) is a
charitable foundation committed to promoting leadership, quality, viability, and
recognition for the game of rugby in Minnesota.
     It maintains an active business operation in the form of charitable gambling,
for which it qualifies under Minnesota state law. Pulltab and other games are
conducted at four sites in the Twin Cities. In addition to its volunteer gambling
manager, Paul Johnson, the foundation employs two assistants to the gambling
manager, and eight pull tab sellers. MARF is held in good standing by the federal
government, the State of Minnesota and the various participating city governments
in which MARF has operations. MARF is always looking to add additional quality
gaming sites(Rob Clarno President MARF)
     In conclusion itís a very tough sport to play and one of the hardest as well, I
encourage many to play if you are tall, tough and/ or strong or if you like to get
into fights or dirty. Many Americans play Rugby as well as some
African-Americans but the majority whom play Rugby are Europeans because they
like the tough aspect of the game and itís rough and very challenging. It was first
played by a group of Europeans and is popularized by the Irish and Europeans
where they have hundreds and hundreds of different Rugby leagues and programs.