Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America

















Life can be so short and pass you by before you even realize what is going on. You look back on yourself and realize how much fun you’ve had. Memories last a lifetime and they can be the only things that let you see what happened in your life. It is important to realize this because if you don’t you may look back on yourself and think you haven’t done anything interesting. Later you might be able to see how important memories really are.

 “Time to eat," my mom called. Everyone raced to the table.

We were all excited to see what was prepared. As we sat down to eat everyone was talking. Pass this pass that. Everyone was starving. We were ready for a feast. During the conversation my older sister changed it by popping the question: “How did you two meet?”

Obviously this was unexpected by my parents so they started to think. Then my mom chimed in with the response. She said: “We were both taking lessons at this dance school. I was doing them for an activity for exercise and for fun. On one occasion we happened to be partners. This one-day we had to do this move where the girl had to swing her arm over the guy’s head. Without meaning to I smacked him in the face because he was so tall. Your dad started to make a big deal of it and was giving me a hard time. We started to argue over size. I would say he was too tall and he would say I was to short.

Two weeks later we decided to start dating. One place in particular was this disco place. We went there to practice our dancing.”

When looking at the past I can be fun to learn about it. Jokes, smiles, and even togetherness can come of it. When you look into the past there is no telling how many different stories and memories can pop up. Looking back on this joyous occasion allowed these parents of three to realize what a great time they had trying to find out how they met, and remembering the magic that took place. The birth of a new relationship that would surly last a lifetime.











Land is very important.  To grow food or make housing on for people to live.  For around two weeks I studied the land right outside my house, more commonly known as my backyard.  The bodily senses played a big part in my studies.  They seemed to add a small bit of flavoring to this altogether enlightening assignment.  I was surprised to see what I came up with.
     For me my backyard was a place of fun times, exploring, and looking at the different animals.  Playing on the swing set was a daily routine.  Interacting with the neighbors was a great way to spend time.  Parents viewed our activities as important.  Growing up you need plenty of exercise and interaction with other kids.  We were always getting those things.  Everyday after school sunshine or rain we were out there
     Exploring was always exciting especially when I found the nest and a group of holes.  I found out why the creature of the night did this.  Food was under the ground so the skunk did the only logical thing, go get it.  Finding things in the garden in the ground was fun especially when it was a slimy worm.  Always looking and searching in the ground just feelng those things crawl through your fingures, take my work for it, its great.
     The neighbors were probably the best part about having a backyard.  It was an afternoon hangout for nearly every kid on the block.  The 7 of us would always be having fun.  Weather it was a water gun fight or a snowball fight.  There would always be plenty of things to do.  We rarely were found inside on nice days.  
     Fun things couldn’t always last because our backyard was also the location of my dog’s bathroom.  One of us was bound to step in something.  Luckily though whenever we were bare foot those occasions never happened.  Thank God!  
     Now we all are worrying about school so the kids have neglected the backyard.  Leah is in her junior high year.  Will is in 1st year of college and so is Andrea, my sister.  FJ is in his freshman year.  Everyone is caught up in work that no one has time to play anymore just like me because I’m in my junior year too.  This day had to come some time.  I wish it didn’t though!  I will always miss those days.











"Playstation 2, Gamecube, X-box, oh I just can't decide what to ask for!"
     In today's high tech world, there were four new video game systems made. One from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Christmas came around and Tim got a new Gamecube. John his friend is coming over to try it out.
     "Finally your here. This is so exciting that I just can not wait to show you my new system that I got this morning," said Tim.
     "I ran over here as fast as I could. Have you gotten any new games for it," questioned John.
     "Yeah my aunt got me Super Smash Bros. Melee."
     "Wow! We have got to try that!"
     Tim's mom called him into eat before they got to try it out. PBJ sandwiches which were cut into squares and Cambels soup. Tim and John just couldn't wait to play the new system and their lunch only made them crave it even more.  They rushed into the kitchen without thinking of putting everything away. Tim had also received a puppy not to long ago who was just learning that it was a bad thing to eat slippers. They never said anything about new system equipment, thought Max the puppy. After lunch Tim and John raced into the den only to find that there was no way they could possibly play the Gamecube now. Max had chewed through the wires and drooled in the game.
     "No!" How could you? Why did you? Bad Dog!"
     Tim picked up his dog and forced him outside into the cold snow. He was so mad that he forgot that Max was just a little puppy and wasn't aware that it was wrong to do that. Tim's mom brought Max back in and Tim and John went upstairs to sulk for the rest of the afternoon.
     "You now John animals and vid games just don't mix!"













     Phillis Weatley had a love for sunsets. She was an African slave who was known in Boston for her poetic gift. At age thirteen her first poem was published. She has two children and both of them died at infancy. Her life was filled with many hardships and obstacles. The feeling that the beautiful evening would bring about a better day tomorrow was brought out in “An Hymn to the Evening.”
     Time is unavoidable and during rough points you just need to ride it through till it passes by. “Exhales the incense of the blooming spring.” thinking towards the next season presents the reader with the feeling that she is wishing for her hardships to pass by. For her, the thought of the next season coming is a dream come true.
     Colors of the sky can exhibit the need to be with them, especially during the night. “But the west glories in the deepest red...” These vivid descriptions of color in the sky give the reader knowledge, of the desire, the narrator has to be in that place. The darker the colors, the worst the writer’s attitudes would be at the time. The sunset must get her through the day, just thinking of the colors coming up.
     Every night the narrator hopes that the next day will be easier than the last, as seen in the succeeding quote:
Draws the sable curtains of the night,
Let placid slumbers soothe each weary mind,
At mourn to wake more heavenly, more refined...
Sometimes the best thing that can calm you down is the thought that the next day will shortly be arriving as the quote demonstrates.  The day turning to night deal is that closing of the day allows the narrator to start her dreaming.
     In those days when there was slavery it was rough to get through the day without being insulted by racism. There were different ways to deal with your feelings, and for Phillis Weatley thinking of the crisp, fresh sunset of the night, maybe the only thing that she looks forward to during her day.






















   A sport is a physical activity engaged in for pleasure.  Cricket is one of those sports many people play.  Unlike baseball and football, it is one of those sports that not many people pay attention to, but its popularity is growing.  Two teams play cricket with eleven people on each level.  The ball used is covered in leather.  The players move around according to the batsman, which is were the physical part of the game comes in.  Substitutions are only allowed if someone takes a serious injury.  That is the reason for the padding.  Also one game can take up to several days to complete!
     Due to some compelling evidence, it is believed that the game cricket was started in England around the 12th to 13th century.  Clubs were established for this sport and ever since the sport has grown and people are getting involved, thanks to the British Era.  The Americans have been getting involved, and that’s how the sport, Cricket, was adopted into our world.  Many People from Ireland have come here and that is one of the main ways America has adopted the sport of Cricket.
     One of the great batsmen, Rahul Dravid of the Indian team has a great style. He is the vice-captain of the Indian team.  He was once regarded as to slow for the sport of cricket but after lots of practice he became the great player that he still is today (www.cricketzone.com).  
     Another player known well on the Queens University campus, Ivan Anderson, had a great record.  Ivan is not yet a top player in the field of Cricket.  He was a "…one time holder of the record number of caps and the record number of international centuries" (QUB Cricket Club, players, Ivan Anderson).  His position on the team helped them win a great number of games.
     Stephen Lamb recently wrote an article about England’s remarkable recovery.  They were having a rough time trying to win a game and they finally did it.  Stephen had the scoop saying: "England's escape from the jam in which they found themselves here at Lord's on Saturday evening is an achievement in which they can take a fair measure of pride," (Stephen Lamb).  England has much to look forward to now that they may be able to gain a little more confidence.  As Stephen described in the article they just need to step it up a little and they will have it.  With writers like Stephen there can be an even greater hope for Cricket, becoming one of the most adored sports.
     Cricket is definitely one of the older sports and is seen as a great sport in Britain.   Even if its popularity does continue to grow, it will never be considered better than any of the major sports like baseball and football in America.  I believe that this fact is supporting evidence to my opinion that Americans like new things.  Living in the past is boring and even though history repeats itself, new events seem to be more enjoyable.  Also, the rules are hard to comprehend for some people, and this also takes away from its popularity.  Americans enjoy easy concepts, and rules that are simple.  Just like technology, the newer the better, they think.
     While Cricket cannot be as popular as baseball and football, it will always be the type of game that many will enjoy.  It is an interesting sport that people just are not familiar with, mostly because it is played in Asia and Europe, but with its popularity only increasing the enjoyment of Cricket should stay with us.