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Uniting of Angels

When I was seven, I was interested in why my dad said “it has been eighteen years to the day that we have met”.My mom loved to tell me stories. She would tell me stories of holidays, and her child hood. My mom sat me down , and started with “your father and I always loved each other” then paused, before telling me a story about love at first sight . In 1973, my mom and dad worked together on the M.B.T.A . They never really talked to each other , until a party in South Boston or Southie. Anthony, who is my dad had on a silk shirt and dress pants “he was a young elvis”. His friend (Johnny Ashe) told him to walk around, this is where he met my mom. Her name is Margie, a tall blonde and skinny woman , who had on a red dress and fit for a beauty pageant. After a few minutes of talking and flirting they went for a walk on the beach . She knew he was nervous, there was a light wind, it was very cold being only in the 50’s . Tony had beads of sweat on his head. I do’t know what was said, but I do know he told her she was gorgeous in the moon light and kissed her. They dated for about nine years off and on before getting married on October 16th,1982. I love this story , because it’s my parents . it’s just another story that makes up southie’s history .But it’s also a story about love at first sight , which happens all over America and continues to do so today. To marry who you want is just part of what our four fathers dreamed up many years ago. As long as we are free, life will be great. For no one should be able to control what we do, or say.














On the edge of South Boston is a unique park.   Inside the park there are several sections. The first is a general park that is intended for whoever wants to swing and play
like they did in their childhood which is connected to a kiddie playground, this is  much smaller and would be safer for children under four.  Then there is a soccer field and a hockey rink.  The designer of the park made it so that all walks of life would enjoy this spot.  But he or she did leave one spot open in the middle of the general park, they left a tree alone to grow as it did for hundreds of years before.  “For a man is rich in proportion
to the number of things he can afford to leave alone.” It’s a place were love will spark for generations to come, and children will grow up to be Kings and Queens.

For three days it rained,  each day it got muddier and muddier,  the once perfect looking grass now looked like it was home to a battle.  The same people were there day
after day as if it was a painting.  After the storm had passed I went back to the spot  it was a mess,  winter was starting  to take its toll on it.  The grass had been destroyed and what was left of the flowers had died .  There were two whiskey bottles on the ground, I feared
that there had been a homeless man looking for shelter the night before. It is weird because unemployment is down and you don’t see too  many homeless now a days,
besides those looking for cans. 10 minutes later a woman sat  on the bench to watch her son and his friends play on the monkey bars,  was surprised.  I was usually the closest one to the bench, everyone else usually is on the grass or with their kids in what ever they were doing.  

She had on some strong perfume that I did not recognize. The woman had a eather coat on to keep warm in on what seemed to be one of the coldest days of the year. On Wednesday more of the leaves fell,  it covered most of the really bad spots.   My eyes could not believe the beauty nature revealed to me.  “The eye is the best artist” Even though the weather was better no one seemed to want to go out.  The last time I was there
there was a group of friends sitting on the bench trying to figure out what they would do that weekend . There was a man cleaning up the leaves so when it snows they wouldn’t have a hard time picking it up.

     I enjoyed my time at the park, and the change from fall to winter.  “I am monarch of all that I survey, my rights there are none to dispute.”  My only regret is that I didn’t get to do this  summer.  The park is where we develop our ability to make friends and our imaginations.















    Johns family wanted to see him. It had been close to
the holidays and almost a year since the two families had
seen or even spoken to one another.  “Come up here, Michelle
wants to see you, and I will be working over the vacation.
We won’t be able to exchange gifts if you don’t,” said his
aunt. “We will come, but I am not going on the lake I don’t
care how frozen it is.”
     Later in the visit, a storm that should have gone  out to sea didn’t it hooked up to the north, and dumped just
over a foot of snow over night.  “look it’s a winter  wonder
land, but the city did a crapy job clearing the road.”
“Thats ok we have  the sleigh.” said Michelle. “Huh? What
about a snow mobile?”  “Nah they are to much money, we like
sleighs because they are so easy to manage.” “I knew you
were twisted but this is too much, let’s let them set it
up.”  “We just like to have a reliable way to get around,
that’s how often it happens.”  Steve came up with an idea to
have a snowball fight while his parents set up the sled.  n
hour later they returned wet and beaten but in good spirits.
They were out numbered three to one.
     “Kids we are ready to go, go put some dry clothes on other wise we will be leaving” said his uncle.  “Hahaha as
long as we keep getting more and more modernized inventions you guys will always be one step behind, remember two years ago when Michelle thought the ejection button was the coolest thing” “shut up” as John was pushed onto the sled. “Well it’s true.”                                      
    They went to a families friends house next. John and
his sister were surprised by the fact that there were a
number of other people out and couldn’t wait to go tell
their friends about it. “If not for the cars I would have
thought we were back in the colonial days” Sarah told their
mom when she came to pick them up a day after the roads were



















     Phillis Wheatley  was a slave who learned how to read and write from her owners. Born in 1753 , she was brought to America when she was eighth, was married to John  Peters.  Phillis’ works was published when she was only fourteen.  She wrote about stories that had to do with religion  .She incorporated religion and American pride into "His Excellency General  George Washington.”

        Wheatly uses divinity in her poems to tell astory:  “Thy every action let the goddess guide.”  This indicates that she wants god to show us the way to victory as  do we all in our everyday activities.  Another example is ”celestial choir!Enthroned in realms of light , Columbia’s scenes of glorious toils I write.”  This makes the USA seem unbeatable because it is a god fighting a mortal soul, protect us  from all who want to hurt us.  Colombia ,a Greek goddess of war, she would protect the Caesar and his soldiers.

            Wheatley uses nature to represent the soldiers’ actions: “Enwrapped in tempest and a night of storms , astonished ocean feels the wild uproar ...” The attack on the
British, Wheatly predicts will be so fast, so furious that they will have no clue as of what  hit them.  Another line that shows natures comes from a result of fighting:   “Anon Britannia droops the pensive head, While round increase the rising hills of dead.”  This exhort is saying that maybe in a few days or weeks the British will have serious doubts about being in a war with the colonies .  This statement became famous and is later used to describe the huge number of dead in battle (rising hills of dead).

        Wheatly,  for a black woman in an era of slavery writes about a new country before it was created shows a lot of pride,  calling it one of the most powerful in the world.   It only took a hundred years for it to happen.   “A crown, a mansion, and a throne that shine, with gold unfading,  Washington be thine.”  This is an interesting statement because at the time she did not know what type of rule would be set up, but knew that someday we would have a great empire filled with joy and freedom that is not given by
the Brittish.  Wheatley thought that we would set up a Monarchist rule.

     Wheatley created a patriotic poem about the war while it was still happening using religion and nature to get her point across.   Our country was destined to be great but it
took alot longer then I think she planned for.  But we also can be hurt, proof of this is nine eleven.  It is weird how Bin Laudin can be talking about a holy war and how Muslims  are protected by god because they are doing his bidding , and we see him as a terrorist.  We don’t refer to our men as something in nature anymore.   I am happy we don’t because to do so is to be bragging that we are the best.



































lacrosse is one of Americas oldest sport.  It has become so popular that it has spread all over the world.  It was invented in the 1600’s according to Jessica Crowley.  A sport is
competing in something.  You use your talents to accomplish a certain goal.  lacrosse is an American sport because it has been created to quench our thurst,  for big hits and
blood and improve our skills as members of society.  The 2002 NCAA season ends Memorial Day weekend .  
     Jessica Crowley goes to Boston Latin Academy, she is a Junior there.  Jessica was born in Dorchester and moved to South Boston when she was five.  “I play  lacrosse
because it’s my way to practice for hockey in the off season and because I find it to be a fun game.”   All walks of life are welcome to play this game no matter  what reason they
wish to do so.  Its fast pace makes it an exciting game.   Proof of this comes from her response to why it is fun .  “It’s fun because the rules are simple and the penalties don’t
cut into the playing time.”  Jessica wants to go to school on a scholarship for hockey or lacrosse
     Dominic Starsia is  from Long Island New York and began to play lacrosse in his freshman year at Brown University.  “I got talked into playing lacrosse by a friend on the  football team”  he began  to play in 71 and fell in love with the sport when he picked up the stick.  He was so good that he had to come back and become an assistant “and so I
became a coach in soccer and lacrosse.”   He acceled in everything ,  he brought the soccer team to two final fours.  Anyone would love to step into something and help make
a great team with absolutely no knowledge of the event.   I bet they would give an arm and a leg.  Dom went to become head coach of the Virginian Wildcat team that won it all
in 1999.  lacrosse is one of those sports that you can play forever , he played in the Good Will games a few years ago.
     Jessica Garcia is now a sports reporter  for TMJ4 but she spent her high school and college days writing about lacrosse.  ‘I always wanted to be a reporter for lacrosse”
showing that even those who couldn’t play the game could still reach out  to interest those who don’t have a regular exposure  to a sport like this.   She went to BU to study
journalism.  “I signed up for the school paper the first day of classes”  her love of the game was so strong that her articles ran more than two pages in each addition.  ‘I may
have gone to bigger and better things but my heart still goes out to one” she now lives back at home .
     Many generations  have been mentioned in this article all of which  share the same thing,  love for lacrosse .  lacrosse has always been in the center of our hearts it’s hard for it not to be, it’s a very physical sport played in an aggressive society .  I myself am thinking of taking up the sport this summer but I will never try out for a team .  On a side note the Syracuse Orangemen won the championship.