Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America


















How My Parents Met

One dayme and my mother sat down in my living room and she started telling me a lot of stories, all of the stories she told me were wonderful but there is one that struck to my head. That one is when and where my parents neet. This is a funny story because a lot of weird stuff happend to them before thay start going out.

The stori begins when my father was in my granfathers store in the Dominican Republic, and that morning a young lady walk by the store and decided to come in for some food. My father was sitting in the steps and the first thing that came to his head was "who is that." The first thatng that my grabfather said to him was "stay away from that one." My dad said "why" and he said because her mother is a "witch". In his head my father said thats fine i will chande that, and he started talking to her everday, and my mother seemed very interesting as well because she kept coming back everday.

My grandfather keep thinking this will probably work out. But a week later he went to go visit the parents and her mother was very rough with him but he didn't care. They went and moved in together and have never broken up.

This reminded my garnfather about him and my granmother. Because he was telling me that his mother-in-law was also like that and that she didn't like him, but with a few flowers and kisses he won her heart over and she loves him know.

Thier where a lot of people that thought it couldn't happen but they are still together and i dont think that anyone is going to break them up. They have problems like every other relationship, but they aren't going to break up at all. This happens in everyday america because every guy goes through this at every point of his life, but we all get through it and we most of the time get the girl that we want. So it wasn't an unusual story because everyone goes through this.












The setting around is great. You can justsit donw and fall a sleep if you want because its so calm. This pine tree is the biggest one around and it is right in front of my house. It seems like if the tree sees everything because when it is sad you can see it when it is happy it is as green as it can be. Such like in the words of emrson "I become a transparent eyeball; I am nothing ; I see all ." I become one with the tree because no one really sees what I see.

    One day sitting in my porch I saw this beautiful pinetree that noone paid any attention to. But if you look closely into it you just don't see a tree, you see, a house for other animals, you see it give shade to anyone that wants it in the summer. This is why it is not just a tree but a part of our family. The only big problem is that almost everyone ignores it because it is just a tree. Everyone walks by and doesn't think, Oh! This tree is probably hundreds and hundreds of years old? Noone thinks that is has been in the streets of boston for as long as is been there for. We dont think maybe this tree has more history of wars fought in the Americas that we will ever know about. For the time that I was watching this tree I didn't see many people walk by there and the ones that did didn't pay any attention to it or didn't respect it because its just  a tree so they can throw trash all around it. We should appretiate the nature on Earth.

    This tre was put in this world for a reason, you may never know the reason why the tree was put their, but we can't say anything because we dont know the history or the future of that tree. You will never no when this tree might help any of us out one day. We dont know how many wars this tree has been throught. Imagine if this tree knew how to speak just imagine what it would say












One day there were two kids that were born in boston, and there were pete and pablo. Both of them were very bad at the age of twelve they were already getting into problems with the cops. Every day they did a prank to someone and the bad thing was that they only did the prank to someone and the bad thing was that they only did the pranks to old people that they knew couldn't do anything back at them.

    But one day it was sunny and hot and they both decided to go out and find and old person and do the best prank that they have ever done. So they both decided to go take a walk and find a little old lady to go and do a prank to. They ranned after this lady and started to check her out, and were thinking what prank they can do to her, so they satretd thinking what prank they can do to her, so they started thinking and they decided to go and buy some eggs and egg her and any other person they could fing.

    But the old lady had been hit beforeby them and she was thinking, she already had some eggs in her bag. After the kids went to the store they went and hid behind a bush and went the old lady came by they started to talk to her and asked her do you want us to help you cross the street and she said yes knwing what they were giong to do.

    But when the kid came to help her she and ohter friends came and started to destroy the kids with eggs and all the kids could do was cry and cover there faces so the old ladys wouldn't take there eyes out anmd after all of that  happend they said that they are to depressed and had to leave there house so ther  father said that they could stay only if they had a job and the big  problem was that
















Emily Dickinson who was born in 1830 and died in 1886 was stiil a very young woman when she died. She was the type of girl that never came out of her house. Everything that she knew she thought her self. She didn't want anyone to know about her writting. They estimated that she wrote over 1770 poem in her lifetime. At around the age of thirty-two she fell in love with a man but it never worked out.

 Before she died she told her sister to burn all of her poems that she didn't want any on them published, but we still got most of her poems in our hands. Most of her poems are slant rhyme, Quatrines, and most of her poems are very short. She puts all of her though tinto her poems.

         One way that Emily Dickinson writes her poems is by slant rhyme. "My life closed twice before its close/It yet remains to see. This shows us that you dont have to have exact rythm to make a poem. Using the title in the poem will even bring more meaning to the poem because it will explain what the title is all about. Also by using the title as on of your line it will help the reader know the meaning of the whole much easier because it is explaning what the title means as well as the whole poem. These two lines also show that slant rhyme can also be no rhyme at all like you see in the two lines above.

         Other ways that she writes her poems is by exact rhyme, because it might sound much better. "As these that twice befell/and all we need of hell". Hears befell and hell are the perfect rhyme. Befell has fell in it and hell is as low as you can get. This also shows she writes her poems in different ways so that the reader wont keep listening to the same rhyme over and over. Here it shows that she mixes her poems in the way that she writes them because previously i showed you that she was using Slant rhyme and now she has exact rhyme and still her poems are still great.

         Another way that she writes her poem is that in quatrines, and that lines one and two rhyme and that three and four rhyme.

                  "My life closed twice before its close,
                              It yet remains to see,
                           As these that twice befell
                              And all we need of hell"

In this she shows us in how many different ways she can write all her poems. In every single one of them she has something different so it makes it intereresting to read her poems. Also everytime thatshe mixes them it gives us something new to looke at. By her doing these we cant wait to read her other poems because we are loking which other way she is going to do her poem in.

         This poem is great because it uses so many diferent kinds of rhythmic ways that she uses in all of her poems. She makes her poems sound so much better than a lot of poems out there. All of her poems sound so much better because there are very short but they get to the point very quick and it also teaches us a lot of lessons that could even helps us out in life and just while being with your friends. Most of Emily Dickinsons's poems are very inspirational because she is writting about stuff that is happening in evevryday life, to all of us.

















         Bobsledding it is not a sport that is very fun, but there are a lot of athletes that have worked their whole life just to become the best that they can be in bobsledding. There are a lot of athletes that at first didn’t even know what bobsledding was or if it was a sport. Athletes like Vonetta Flowers first start off being track stars winning every track event that they do, and then hear about other stars like themselves that are trying out for a bobsled team and they all try it out. The thing is that they all become stars at bobsledding as well. Definition of sports is designed or suitable for outdoors. Just like bobsledding that is designed or suitable for outdoors.

         Bobsledding was developed in Switzerland in the late 19th century; first someone tried it in a toboggan to get more speed down hill. The sport first became popular with British and American visitors. The word “bobsled” came from people trying to bobb their bodies back and forth to get grater speed, but it didn’t work and the name stuck with it. In 1898 the first competition was held, and it was five-passenger sleds and two had to be woman. With this design the sled became dangerous fast, and so in 1902 a gentler slope was built so speeds would go as high. In 1932 they changed the rules and made it a four-man sled for safety reasons.

         One of the best African American bobsledders Vonetta Flowers had a similar path to bobsled as many famous track athletes had. She was competing in the 2000 Olympic track and field trials in the long jump, when she saw a flyer that says Bobsledding tryouts. So as a competitor that she is she decided to try it out with her husband. She was such a good athletes that are her first year she mastered it and broke the world starting record in October of 2000 at a park in Utah where the 2002 Olympics were held. She said, “I always tried 150% but I never knew that I would’ve broken a record.” Vonneta is still trying to get an Olympic medal, and says that she “will get it in the next Olympic.”

         There are a lot of amateurs bobsledders out there like Julio Hernandez (a friend of my uncle’s). He says “Bobsledding is a sport like any other that just takes your mind out off problems.” Julio was telling me that he has being messing around with bobsleds since he was a teenager but never got into it so seriously as to take it to another level, like the Olympics. Julio says “that he does it for the love of the sport, and that he is going to try to tell his son to give it a try. Julio got very emotional because he says.” all that he wants is for him to see one of his family member just quality for the Olympic.” This is his long dream.

         Bobsledding is an American sport because the first artificial bobsled run was built in Mount Van Hoevenberg, in New York. The two-man bobsled was developed in the United States. Until the 1950’s, the U.S. bobsledders were the best in the world, because we had better technology innovations The U.S. won at least one gold medal in bobsledding at each Olympic until 1952, when they won Silver Medal instead. Two Americans Bob and Bill linney were the first to develop the all-steel steed with shock absorbers to increase speed, in 1946.