English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  This story is a funny story that happened to me when I was three years old. It is funny, and a lot of people find it funny. It Not only happened once to me but twice.

It was the fall of 1991. I was three years old and the cutest thing alive on this planet. My father got a bunch of tickets to the Boston College-Army football game at West Point in West Point, New York. He was bringing my brother Mike, my brother Andrew, and my Mom. Other people who were going, were my cousin Billy and his sister Caroline (her Boy friend went to West Point and was meeting him there), my parents friends and there son also went. They were all leaving on Friday Morning and coming back late Saturday night.

On the other hand guess who had to stay home. That corrects me. I was to stay at my house, and my aunt Mary would baby-sit me. It was getting late and my parents needed to leave. I was smart and did the right thing and cried my eyes out because I realized something was up and did not want my parents to leave. My dad came up with a sneaky plan. He gave my aunt Mary Tem dollars to spend at the local store on candy. Hey I was a big eater back then too. My dad told my Aunt to go to the local convenient store and walk there so my dad and the other people going could leave.

I got back from the store and realized that my parents left. I then cried my eyes out for a couple of minutes. My aunt gave me my candy and I was happy again. That Saturday night I went to my aunt apartment in Newton and stayed over night. My Aunt Mary and I had a fun time by playing games and watching T.V. and sing funny songs that made me laugh. I fell a sleep and that Saturday night, and that Sunday morning my Parents came and picked me up at Mary’s apartment in Newton. About a year later my parent were going out. I was left with my aunt Mary again. Before my parents left I asked Mary “is my mother coming back this time”

This story is funny to many people for many reasons. People laugh at this story because I was 4 years old because I remembered almost a year later that my parents were leaving and leaving me home again. I also laugh also at the way my father left me. He knew that I liked to eat so he sent me to store to buy food. I still like to eat a lot today. It also taught me that that my father is smart. He can solve problems quickly. I also learned on that Saturday afternoon that Boston College beat Army and everyone had a great time.





















Dear Mr. Robert Browning, It was our Choice from Very Cool Blue Textbook that we will not publish you in next year’s edition. A good poet in a textbook has vocabulary that everyone,including a teen in high school can understand. A good poet also has poems that people can easily remember for the rest of there life. Also a good poet has work that people can easily understand. U did not follow any of our requirements, therefore we choose not to publish you.

You had vocabulary in your poem that people, including me could not understand easily. For instance I could not define some of your words. This made it hard for me to understand. In your poem you submitted My last Duchess on The Wall, you used the word Countenance in line Seven. You also use the word hark line 11 on Home- Thoughts, from Abroad. These words i can't define, and i don't have time to look them up.

I also did not like your work because it was hard for the reader to understand what you were trying to say. For example in line 15 in My last Duchess On The Wall You used the line “ Of joy into the Duchess’ check. What are You trying to say. This made me very confused.

I also did not like the fact that you did not make your work so it could be easily remembered for years to come. A textbook has work where people can refer to it. People need to have work where they can easily remember poems. Most of your poems were long and confusing. For example, how are you supposed to remember line 51 in "My Last Duchess"? You write, “Of mine for dowry will be disallowed." Poem are easy to remember when there is ryme sceam, this line had no line sceam. These were many reason why Very Cool Blue Textbook did Not chose you. According to article on you from a biography on you by Nicholas O’Sullivan, he quotes "Both Browning’s are hard ligatures to understand because of there rugged obscurity style of writing". We have to agree on him with that.























There is a lot of confusion about superstion. Superstion can range from black cats, Ware wolfs, and evens the Cruse of the Bambino. To illustrate myths, the poem “The stolen Child” by WB Yeats does the same.

The poem “The stolen Child” is not a supertsion but a myth. The poem talks about going back to a child hood dream/ land you might have gone to as a child. For example look at line (6) “come you little child and go away”. “The stolen Child” talks more about childhood activities than witches or ghost. An activity that a child might do is blow bubbles. For example line (21) “and chase the frothy bubbles while the world forgets there troubles. Yeats wants adults to forget there troubles and admire children who chase bubbles and who are under no stress and wants to have fun. Yeats titles the poem “The stolen Child” as though adulthood is a person and that person becomes an adult, being stolen from there childhood fun. Another example of a myth in this poem would be talking to fish. Line (32) “the flying fish look me in the eye and understand all I say”.

In the early 1900’s people were going off to World War 1. There was a draft of young adults at the age of eighteen, which stold them from there life. These people who were drafted, had to serve Britain, and had no time for fun. Maybe Yeats got inspired to write this poem, from a soldier who had no fun, and wrote it to show how fun a Childs life was. There was also better technology, which made jobs. Probably Yeats wrote this piece of work to show that once you begin to work, you no longer have time for fun.

This poem was probably not taken serious for several reasons. One reason it might not be taken serious, is that people never had time to read this poem. Another reason might be is that people might think going back to childhood dream is impossible and unreal. Dreams are thoughts, and ideas. Childs ideas would be different from an adult’s ideas. Yeats probably had a childhood dream land, and wanted to show that going back to a dream land would take stress away and clear your mind.

Critic Steenie Harvey says “the Emerald Isle in Ireland is thought to possess the ancient lore between the visible and the unseen world”. He also says “Everything is charged with symbolizing the supernatural, gentle, and magical powers”. This poem has illustrated those two quotes trough going back to a childhood land, and talking to a fish. This poem has also helped me realized that we should think about fun times while we are under stress.




















































Everything in the world has its own unique language. For example: cows moo, cats meow, dogs bark. Strange as it sounds even humans can communicate, through their own language. There are over 1000 languages in the world that are foreign and widely used. One of these thousand languages is English. The English language has over 800,000 words in its language. One of the 800,000 words is “apple”. Throughout history “apple” has helped the world become a better place trough communication of English. English has made it better so we don’t communicate through ways such as sign language, symbols, or caveman language.

According to Merriam- Webster dictionary the word “apple” means “an edible red, yellow, green, and round fruit that grows on a tree.” Another dictionary, The American Heritage Dictionary definition of “apple” was “a red, green, yellow fruits that grows on a branch of an “apple” tree.” According to a third dictionary The Cambridge Advanced Dictionary, “apple” was defined as “red, green, or yellow skinned fruit, sweet with a tart, and with a crisp white edible flesh”. “Apple’s” main definition is a noun. “Apple” is also used as adjective that describes “apple” red. The word “apple” is singular and plural, and in the singular form “apple” is spelled “apple”. “Apple” is also plural and is a spelled “apples” with an s ending. There is no other way to spell “apple”. “Apple” helps the world because it is easier to have only two ways to spell the word. These definitions of “apple” are also identical too. This helps all speakers and writers define the word the same way.

According to www.O.E.D..com “apple” was first used circa 885. It was first used by K. Elfred in Gregory’s Past Xv pg 94. “Apple’s” first sentence recorded was used the following way readan apla [v.r. appla, L. poma granata] on emang æm bellum. The first Definition of “apple” according to the O.E.D.com is “A round firm fruit of a Rosaceous tree, found wild as the crab “apple”, in Europe, and Caucasus and cultivated in numerous varieties all over two temperature climate zones. “Apple” is a noun. “Apple” also has some crazy meanings such as “apples and pears” meaning “stairs”. “Apple” was also used in a phrase “the eye of the apple”. “Apple” was once used as a unit of measurement of yarn. “Apple” is also used as another weird word “apple”- head. This refers to “a type of rounded skull found in certain small dogs”. “Apple” also helps us to understand something round such as a round skull or a ball of yarn. This helps some people to remember “apple” because it is round.

Out of twelve people interviewed on what they think about when they hear the word “apple”33% of the people or four people: Mr. Joe McGonegal, Ostap Nykaleski, Cedric Lopes, and Andrew Ziniti referred to Adam and Eve sin by eating the “apple”. 16% of the people or two people Brendan Formloon and Joe Ziniti referred to “apple” “as a round red fruit that grows on trees”. 25 % or three people: Thomas Ziniti, John Delaney, and Harold Delaney referred to my Aunt Donna Ziniti’s yummy “apple” pie. 8.5% or one person Mike Butler made a great comparison to an “apple”. Mike refereed to the “Big Apple” (New York City) and how it is it has so many people, and the city is an “apple” tree and the “apples” on that tree are the people living. 8.5% or one person AJ Colin, referred to “apple” as his “apple” I-Pod. 8.5% or one person Dan Tompkins referred to “apple” as a healthy saying. He stated “an “apple a day keeps the doctor away”. These forms of “apple” all help people. People can be creative and even come up with an “apple” dish. They even have a famous saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Maybe doctors were tired of seeing patients so they came up with this phrase to keep patients away and to save money.

“Apple” is used in the best selling book the Bible. It is used in the Seven day creation story with Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve sinned by eating the “apple”. “Apple” is used in the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carl. Carl uses “apple”, on Thursdays he ate through 5 “apples” but he was still hungry. “Apple” is also used in the story Johnny “Apple” Seed”. (23) Johnny loves to plant “apples”.

“Apple” is used many different ways in the O.E.D. Dictionary. There were 3 people who used it and it was not in the O.E.D. definitions. In the Wall Street Journal author Rekha Balu used the world “Apple”-jacks referring to the cereal “Apple” Jacks. She Stated “K-Sentials,' an advertising and marketing campaign of Kellogg for its supercoated cereals which include Froot Loops, “apple” Jacks and Cocoa Krispies” (32). Another writer used the word “apple”-chip Dan Konopacka. He referred to “apple” as “Fat free “apple”-chips are an interesting form of ready-to-eat dried snack food” this was found in Drying Technology March 2004 (78). This was one of the newest ways “apple” was used. Foreign speaks also speak well when using “apple”. Ostap Nkliskny used “apple” this way. He states “my body is healthy because I eat “apples.” Ostap was born in the Ukraine and speaks English as a second language. Another Foreign speaker Salverio Conte was born in Italy. He states “apples are good to eat.” He speaks Italian and English as a second language and attends CM as a freshman. If you are bilingual you are helping the world. Bilingual is when you know and speak more than one language. You can travel and live in more than one country, you can meet new people, and you can use bilingualism to get jobs such as a spy or be a foreign language teacher. These ways help English so we can all communicate. English should be the official language of the United States. Everyone should be able to understand what other people are saying without them talking in a foreign language. If everyone speaks English than companies, airports, restaurants, and hospitals can save money by printing one language signs. Only a few thousand should be bilingual to help business with foreign countries. Finally “apple” has helped English because it “apple” is a simple word that everyone can remember and understand.