English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  This funny, hilarious, story that I'm about to explain is goinig to make you pee your pants. I have seven aunts and two uncles and the biggest one of them all(Auntie Mary) is about three eighty pounds.She's so big that when she drives her car, her belly gets stuck on the steering wheel sometimes. She's also so big that Jenny Craig would be embarassed to walk next to her.

The main thind that happened on my 12th birthday, was my aunt broke a wooden chair. When I was younger, I use to have birthday parties at my house and my mom's side of the family always use to come to every birthday party I had. It was mky 12th and we was celebrating my birthday like no ever. It was time to go in the kitchen for the best pard(blowing the candles). We turned off the lights and they were singing (Happy Birthday),How old are you now. As they were singing along we heard something go ba boom. We turn on the lights to see what it was,and my 380lb Auntie Mary was on the ground next to the chair in pieces. She actually broke the wooden chair on my 12th birthday.

This story is the funniest event that occured when our family was together. What I learned from this event is that I was actually be embarassed if Iweighed that much and broke a wooden chair.











Dear Elizabeth Browning, William Shepard I inform that in the next British Literature edition, you will not able to be in it. This was actually not a hard decision, because there was not even enough information on her in the textbook. A good textbook should have a lot of information on each person/poet, and at least have more than 1 poem after his/hers biography. This poet does not fit in my vision for this textbook,because there is not enough data to show who this poet is. I think this is not a good textbook of lessons, because most of the lessons were not fun at all to listen to. I am sorry, but I cannot include you in next year's edition of British poets. I like reading about poets and to know more about them, but when it comes to Elizabeth Browning uninterested and get tired. I don't mean to express my feelings in this way, but when it comes to ( Sonnet 43), I mean what are you talking about? For example, when you said " Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight". Then you wrote your poem, it had nothing to do with the topic. We only went over your lesson in class for about 10-15 minutes. I also deleted you from next year's edition, because every other lesson on a poet was very long and I found it interesting. Browning's was very short, boring, but enough information on each poet so you will know who they are. In this textbook, Elizabeth, you was not making any sense and you know how selfish you could be. When she explains her poetry, it's basically about her in the poem or what had happened to her in the past. As Henry James quotes;" As one might have guessed, the ongoing restoration of Elizabth Browning has focused much of its energies on the political content on her verse, explainig her devotin to the Italian Risorgimento as an etatctment in part, of her own struggle for wholeness and coherance." Elizabeth Browning really don't fit in next year's edition, because her biography and poems are too short, selfish, and she pretty much writes the poem as if she is the only person that can understand it.