English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  Sometimes you may think that your family is boring but if you think deep down and hard you can find some good thoughts and embarrassing thoughts. When I was think of something funny to write about it thought about a million good things and a million embarrassing things, but out of all of those one of them just stuck to me that I wanted to write about.

It all started off when I was in the cape on vacation with my family and family friends. It all started around when I was about six years old, and it was a get together and it was at a type of dance hall. As I said I was about six years old and it was a family gathering and I couldnít seem to find my father any were so I decided to walk around looking for him. I considered my self back then a little short fat kid, when he walked he wobbled. When I was walking around I was asking everyone in my family I was asking friends and no one could seem to know were he went. Me being the little kid I was at the time never the correctly I always wanted to do what I wanted to do and thatís what I did, so I decided to leave the party and go down to the cottage we were staying at to see if I could find him. When I managed to make it all the way down to the cottage I walked up to the door and it was looked so I came to the conclusion that no one was home.

After that I sat on the steps and tie to think were he could have gone. I decided to go back because I went around the corner and thought that I saw my father walking back up to the dance hall. When I left I decided to run up there because I wanted to catch him and see him. I think back now and I can picture myself running up the hill just a short little fat kid, back then I would have taken it offensive if someone called me fat but now I just laugh about it. When I got back up to the dance hall I thought that I saw my father sitting on to the table across the floor but I was really not that sure. I went over to my aunt and asked were my father was and she said that she had just saw him two minuets ago. When I heard that I walked across the dance floor and went over to a table to see if my father was then when I walked over there and I started screaming ď Dad, Dad, DadĒ, so he didnít answer me so I decided to walk over to him. When I walked over to him I decided to walk over and climb up onto the table and sit on his lap. When I go onto his lap he was looking at me funny, then I finally figured out that the guys lap that I sat on wasnít my father, when I noticed I got up and screamed and my father came over and he grabbed me and asked me what was wrong.

After all that time for a little fat kid to be walking around looking for my father, I probably lost about ten pounds looking for my father. I can proudly admit that I feel pretty stupid that I sat on some guys lap, and having me not knowing that he was not my father. Maybe next time I will be a little more careful whose lap I sit on and make sure that it is the right person not the wrong. Or maybe that I am fifteen I still will not be sitting on my fathers lap at this time in my life. Well that is one of my funny stories in my life that I wanted to share with you thank you.