English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  It was a fine night at my house. The weather was cold and the oven on and my grandad and cousin visiting. We were cooking food in the oven when we saw a glow in the oven that came from not just the normal flame but the whole thing on fire. Luckily the fire was inside the oven and my grandad decided to take matters into his own hands.

When it caught fire he decided to grab an oven mit and to start whacking at the fire. Every time he would open the oven door flames would shoot out and he would still just swipe at it. My mom thought it might be a good time to call the fire department,but oh no that was the easy way out as we were told. He kept at it for a good ten minutes or so and when the blase was finally out we all had a good laugh over my granddad's firefighting skills. Well, we realized that after all the work put in to fighting the fire that it had also burt our food and it was no good.

This story tells me that my family improvises in a lot of situations. We're all got sharing a laugh at pretty scary moments as well.














Dear Alfred ,Lord Tennyson We have had to make some very difficult decisions over the past few days and this was one of them. We regret to inform you that you will not be included in this years textbook. This was a fairly difficult decision because of how succesful you have been. What we look for in a textbook is literature that will capture students attention and not put people to sleep with boring poetry.

Your focus on love and spirituality has seemed boring to us. Such poems as "The Lady of Shalott" and "Crossing the Bar" are too spiritual for our book. "They heard her singing her last song," this isn't a very interesting part to an ending for our students because of how boring the poem was before then. This is supposed to capture the students attention toward the end, but the poem wasn't that intereting to begin with.

Steve Mirsky doesn't seem to agree with your work either with your poem "Dropping By" saying that it doesn't do a good job of being that interesting. We do hope though that you will find success in whatever othe literary books you apply to. We wish you the best and good luck.-




















Robert Southey,author of "The Witch", shows us a little of the British superstiton. His story is about a witch that must be warded off with the help of good luck charms such as a horseshoe. This allows us to see that belief in witches as well as other superstitous items were widely viewed as actual happenings. These events based in the story can be related to the plotline of "Macbeth". This story has not been read by many people though.

Robert Southey's story offers us a view at Britain's "eerie magic" and allows us to see what goes on in the world of superstition. This han't been a widely viewed story because of how others poets at that time were getting more exposure than Robert Southey. The people that have viewed his work have been taken into the world of witches and demons. They have witnessed the great work of "The Witch". Many British authors have captured their audience with fear and images of the supernatural.

In my opinion the works of British literature in the 1800s has helped to shed light on the supernatural world. The work that I read was interesting and served as a good viewport into the world of superstition.-















Winter Poem

The children wait in anticipation,
for their favorite precipitation.
They watch from their houses with joyous delight,
snow is coming cold and white.

Saturnine skys have ruled the day,
as the snow falls and children play.
It's Christmas Eve the seasons here,
and everbody is full of Christmas cheer.
During this season people ruminate on past years,
thinking of good times that past and good times that brought tears.

The cold is brazen wind is whipping,
people in their homes with hot chocolate sipping.
These are some of my reasons,
why it's one of my favorite seasons.