English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  There was this one time when my mother was cleaning the house and she asked me to help her. So we started on the top floor of my house and were getting things done in a good pace of time. After finishing the top floor we decided to take a brake and have something to eat for lunch. Then we would continue on and we would then move on to the basement of our house and clean the rest of the house. So we go down into the basement and she told me to wash the windows and she was going to do another part of the basement. While my mother and I were doing the cleaning of the basement my sister Allina decided to start the laundry. So when I was finished with washing the windows a thought I would help my mother with sweeping the floor.

So my mother was sweeping the floor in our basement and she saw something moving around in the fireplace. Then she looked closer and closer and she saw two beady looking eyes looking right at her. Then she said Ryan come here do you see something moving around in the fireplace? After that my mother told my sister Allina to go and call my Dad and tell him to come home. When she finally got a hold of my father she had told him what was going on and he said what do you want me to do I’m in a meeting at work! So my mother made the decision to wait until my father got home from work at four o’clock . Then when my father finally got home at four o’clock he made the decision to call the MSPCA to come and remove the animal. So then we waited for the men of the MSPCA to come and take it away. In the mean while my whole family was trying to figure out what kind of animal, that was covered in soot. Then the men from the MSPCA had arrived and they came in with their gloves and big nets. It took about ten minutes for them to catch this little animal that had fallen into our fireplace.

When they were able to catch the animal they had to release it back outside and let it go free. This whole time my mother kept thinking that it was a mouse or a rat. But then when she saw what it was it was just a little baby squirrel. One thing that I have learned from all this is that my mother can get scared by the littlest things. Also that it gave us some time where we could be together and try to figure out what it was. Another thing would be that in my family we are always willing to help each other and to be there for each other at all times. Also that we can handle any obstacle that comes at us, and anything that will occur during our lives together. When we have something fun happen to us we know how to take it and make ever thing for the best and have a good time. Also things like this that gives us a way of how we can joke around with each other in the years later. After this all happened the day after we all just laughed and it brought some good things to talk about. When we tell other people about what had happened to us I think it is the funniest thing.

Then again this was one of the funniest thing that had happened to my family so far. When I ever heard my mother scream I thought she had seen a ghost, and then she said look in the fireplace. When I knelt down and looked into the fireplace there were these to beady eyes looking straight at me. Then I laughed and told my mother that it was just a baby squirrel covered in soot. After I had told her that she still didn’t believe me so I got a flashlight and shined on the fireplace. Then my mother took another look and then she finally believed me that it was indeed a baby squirrel. After she knew what it was she wasn’t as worried as she was before when she didn’t know what was in the fireplace. Therefore, this would be one of the things that was funny that had happened to my family. Analyzing the situation, it was funny because you don’t usually find an animal living in your fireplace inside your home. We first thought it was a rat, but then noticed the fluffy tail so our worries died down. After the squirrel was able to get out, we were happy it was gone and so was the squirrel to be finally let free.













Dear Thomas Hardy,

We the people of the Prentice Hall textbook would just like to let you know that you will not be included in the next years edition of this book. There would be a meaning for why we the people of the Prentice Hall Company would feel this way. That meaning would be that we are not really interested in putting in material that would have the sense of killing or even to the point of death. A reason would be that we want the people who are going to read this to have a good thought about this book and not a dreadful thought in their mind. Also, that we want our textbook to be known today and in the future as respected source of literature. Just to let you know that you are indeed a good writer, but your style of writing doesn’t fit with the other types of writers that are going to be in this book of literature. For example in the poem “ The Darkling Thrush”, you write “ had chosen thus to fling his soul, “Upon the growing gloom”. Our reasons would be that we aren’t ready for putting your style of work in our book and the other reason would be that if you put a more interesting style of work for us maybe we will consider putting you in our book.

The first reason, why we think that we are not going to put your work in our textbook would be that you are showing very different and odd emotions. Meaning that we weren’t really affected by your work so we are sure that the people who are going read this would probably have the same thoughts on your materials of work. For example in the poem “ The Darkling Thrush”, you write “ had chosen thus to fling his soul, “Upon the growing gloom”. Our thought on those words would be that you are showing some sad emotion and that there wasn’t that much happiness in your life. Also that we are looking for the type of work that has good and happy thought that would indeed inspire the people who are going to read this book to go forth and write poetry of their own.

The second reason, would be that if you do decide to write in more interest style of writing, maybe we would consider you as a possible new writer to enter in the next edition of our Prentice Hall textbook. But going back to the thought of this years edition you will not be included, because again your style of writing is not the kind of style that we are gearing our book to be. Meaning that we are more into having thorough and understanding thoughts of words of art that the readers of this textbook will find the book very interesting. Another matter would be that you are basically writing “in the same thought” throughout your work that you have submitted to us thus far. Meaning that in our textbook we like the type of writers that write in different thought and also style.

Also to follow that meaning, we would say that you could write in your style, but just a suggestion you could start to write in a more joyful sense or state. For example you could write about the wonders of life or even the creations of the earth, and another style of writing would be that you could write about someone that you love or is very close to you. Also we would like to let you know that George Meredith a critic has similar feeling about your work. His criticism would state that you should have “ a more shapely and also less opinionated novels.” One final thought would be that we hope to see a different style of writing from you, but the work that you have given us is not what we are looking for to put in our upcoming edition of the Prentice Hall Literature textbook. The reason for that would be that your work that you have submitted to us doesn’t really interest us and we thing that the readers of this textbook would feel the same as we do. So we the people of the Prentice Hall Literature textbook are glad that you chose to become a poet in life, also that we are thankful for the work you have sent us and we hope to hear from you soon and see some of your new work of art. Sincerely from, Prentice Hall Company























Superstition is an excessive reverence for, or fear of, also that which is an unknown and also has a mysterious sense. A well-known piece of literature on superstition is of William Shakespeare’s “ Macbeth ”. In Macbeth the superstition has claimed that when actors say the name “ Macbeth ”, something dreadful will occur when the play is being acted out by a group of actors. Then there would be a variety of writers whom use superstition in their work such as Wordsworth, Brown, and also Mary Shelley. One piece of work that probably isn’t known that much would be the book Mr. Golightly’s Holiday which is written by Salley Vickers a British author and also a writer of the romantic literary and time.

There would be one main superstition that in this piece of work that makes us believe in superstition. The superstition would be that, ‘One for sorrow, two for joy’ that has a great meaning behind it. It’s meaning would be that this morning I woke up and saw one beautiful red cardinal and right away I thought, Oh God, I wonder what today will bring? What I mean is that seeing two birds would be a good day or seeing one bird would be bad day and bring bad luck. In many peoples’ thoughts is who here believes in the old saying “One for sorrow, two for joy??” Another thing would be that this type of superstition gets us to believe that may they come true or are they just something to keep us thinking and come up with a variety of questions.

This superstition would reveal many things about British people and the Romantic time period were it took place in. One way would be that in different parts of the country in England this superstition would bring out that they have their own particular superstitions designed to bring good fortune, health, and wealth to their house and occupants. The superstition of “ One for sorrow, two for joy” would be one of the main ones that the people believe in. Another revealing would be that they believe the should have two or more rulers so that it would bring the country joy and happiness to the people and that nothing bad would ever happen to the country. One more thing would be that they truly believe in marriage, meaning that you should always be with some one because you will live a better life.

There would be a variety of reasons in how this piece of work wasn’t taken serious over a period of time. Now in today’s time there are still a good amount of people who believe in this superstition and in fact it has been heard to happen, meaning that people have had better luck with a pear rather then a single item. One reason would be that many people didn’t believe in made up thoughts or things called superstitions. Also that many really couldn’t understand why some one would write in this way, meaning that at times their was happiness and in other parts of the story there were sign of sadness. Then one reason why this work should be taken seriously would be that it shows people can be sad and then they can have hope and everything will turn out all right. One more reason would be that it takes someone who is skilled to write this type of story, and that it is okay to read something you don’t understand and that it will get you to think and have ideas that you can change your life for the better.

One critic Pamela Norris of the Literary Review Magazine, says that the Mr. Golightly’s Holiday story was simultaneously funny, sad, and very surprising, also that she notes that it is as fresh and hopeful as one of Shakespeare’s comedies. Therefore, these would be some thoughts on this story and that it does indeed show some signs of superstition.




























There would be many aspects and understanding of a language, which would be that a language could be used to do many things. In theory, a language can be used to communicate, distinguish the type of people that are around you, and to show that you have a skill in an art of your culture. Then going in to specifics about one language known as English, there would be many areas of history. For example, one fact about the English language would be that there is difficulty understanding the language that would be because the English language is constantly changing over the year since it has been created. Now we will move onto the word I chose to do research on and that world would be “ karate ”. One way I have chosen this word would be that for the last eleven years I have been involved in the art of marshal arts karate. Also that now that I’m older, to get a greater understanding of the word karate find out its history. The word karate for example has indeed helped the English language, and the way that it has would by that it gives people understanding that we do need to learn how to defend yourself, in the past and today’s world.

There would be many meanings to the word karate, but in some sense they all come interlinked to be understood as the same meaning. Then there would be the etymology of the word karate, which would be that it has a Japanese origin. The way to translate the word karate would be “kara”-empty + “te”-hand and if you put then together you will get the meanings empty hand.” Now going back were I said that this word “karate” had many meaning these would be some dictionaries that I can use to back up my statement. The first dictionary would be American Heritage, which would define the word karate as “ a Japanese art of self-defense in which a sharp blow or kick are administered to pressure sensitive points on the body of an opponent.” Then there would be the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which gives the definition of karate as “a Japanese art of self-defense employing hand strikes and kicks to disable or subdue an opponent.” Next there would be the ask Oxford.com dictionary which gives the meaning of the word karate as “ an oriental system of hand, foot, and body movement that takes skill in order to over take your opponent.” Therefore, with having an aberration of meanings of one word it will give a better understanding of the word and the English language.

Next, we will go into the meaning of the word karate from the authors of Oxford English Dictionary and understand the history of the word karate. The meaning of the word karate according to the OED is “ an oriental system of unarmed combat using the hands and feet to deliver blocks and blows. Also a thing to this word is used in a verb and noun tense. Now from having this definition we can have a very direct understanding of the word karate. At this time we will go into the history of the word karate, which I have chosen. When researching on the word karate I had realized that it is fairly new word to the English language. For example, the first time it has been noted to be used was back in the year of 1955. Which was used be E.J. Harrison in “Fighting Spirit Japan”(ed.2) vii. 74 “ karate resembles both jujutsu and judo. Ibid., A single karate technique.. is capable of inflicting fatal injury upon its victim." The most recent use of the word karate would be in the year of 1971 according to OED. Which would be used by Jay Steffy Ink 12 June 17/4, “ He floored the guard with a karate chop.” So this would be a meaning of the word karate and when it was used in history of the English language.

“Karate” is used in speech through many different people who speak the English language. It would be that when I started my research on the word karate I went for and asked about eleven different people when they heard the word karate what came to their mind. To have an idea on the type of people I asked the age range was from about 3years old to about fifty years old. When asking the kids in my research some didn’t really know how to define the word and others said, “isn’t that the sport that you learn self-defense.” Then I had moved on the age group known as the adults and I asked the same question when you hear the word karate what comes to mind. For example, most of the adults said, “karate is an art were you learn self-defense and also become a better person because you have a chance over time to build up courage and to believe in yourself.” It would seem that the word karate in a positive way had helped the English language move on and still be used in today’s times.

Then there would be when and how the word karate has been used in literature on a positive note. According to the OED the word “karate” was first used by E.J. Harrison in the year of 1955. It would be in the story “ Fighting Spirit Japan” (ed.2) vii., were E.J. Harrison had used the word karate where stating “ Karate resembles both jujutsu and judo. Ibid., A single karate technique.. is capable of inflicting fatal injury upon its victim.” Also there would be a writer named J. Potter who had used the word karate in the year of 1966 in the same tense. The writing that he uses this word it would be “ Sour Cream ix. 126” were he states “ She probably knew the lot: unarmed combat, judo, karate.” Another person who had used the word karate in their writing would be T. Pynchon in the year of 1966. The story that this writer used the word karate was “ Crying of Lot” 49 v. 134 were he stated, “ I’m unarmed. You can frisk me.’ ‘While you karate-chop me in the spine, no thank you.” So these would be some areas in the subject of literature were the word karate has been used on a positive note.

Next would be the part in how the word karate can be spoken through foreign language speakers. The first speaker would be Lisa Neff of the Chicago Free Press where she uses it in a different tense that which would be karate-chop. In fact she uses it an article about a person who had impersonated the King Elvis Presley. In her article where she states, “in his signature song he punctuated with the essential below-the-belt gyrations, karate-chops, and sentimental pleas”. (59) One more thing this article was written in 2003 in the hands of Lisa Neff. Then there would be a second speaker would does indeed use the word karate in a different tense who was Elysa Gardner. The way that she uses it would be karate-studio that does bring a different meaning to the word karate. In her article she had stated, “ the place also used to be a karate-studio, and a Chinese laundry.” (01d) These would be two foreign language speakers who have used the word karate in a different way.

Now I have come to the conclusion that word karate has in a way helped the English language and the other languages of the world. One reason in how we can see that the word karate has helped the language to be in today’s times it is still being used. The way to show that it is still around would be that more and more people are practicing the art of karate. Another thing about the word “karate” and its origin would come from the land of China and Japan. Therefore, I still believe that the word karate does indeed helps the English language in the past and still in the present times.





























































“ The Karate Man ”

He was one that looked normal. But he was indeed a strong man. He brought many surprises to all. He was also on to not get angry. Because if you got him really angry. Then he would inflect some harm on you! But then again he was one to help if you are really in time of need. When people recognize what he was doing, they saw him as a hero. Soon as he got word of this, he then stated his thanks of grace. Meaning that he was honored to be known as a true hero and leader. This would be the story of the Man that people truly didn’t know and was never seen again after he went into the mist of the night.